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Etsy Order Management Integration: How to Seamlessly Manage Orders on Etsy​

Are you looking to improve the way you handle orders on Etsy? Then you need an order management integration!

Canary7 - etsy Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
Etsy Order Management Integration: How to Seamlessly Manage Orders on Etsy​

Are you looking to improve the way you handle orders on Etsy? Then you need an order management integration!

As consumers, we know Etsy as the shop that provides us with handmade, vintage, custom, and unique items that can add an extra flair to our lives. Whether you want to buy a pair of cute earrings for yourself, or give your best friend a personalised journal, or even buy a new collar for your dog – you can simply go onto Etsy, and it is guaranteed that you will find one thing or the other that you are truly looking for. 

However, on the seller end, managing Etsy orders can be chaotic. Because they are likely to get a high volume of orders, sellers have to make sure that their order management game is simply top-level. To dominate the Etsy space with your products and services, you have to take the plunge and get to fixing your order management methods as soon as possible. 

The best tool for an elevated order management strategy, especially on Etsy, is an Etsy order management integration. 

Never heard of it? Well, today you are going to learn all about it! If you want to find out exactly how an Etsy order management integration can help you enhance your Etsy selling experience, then keep reading.


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Etsy eCommerce

Before we find out more about how to manage orders on Etsy, it is important to understand what it is and why it is such a prominent part of the eCommerce world. In this section, we look at all the relevant information about Etsy as an eCommerce platform, and hence, this will help you strengthen your knowledge about this global online marketplace if you are planning to use it to sell your products.

What is Etsy?

That is an easy question. We all know what Etsy is! It is an online platform that hosts thousands of products from businesses around the world. Sounds a lot like Amazon and eBay, right? It is definitely similar, but there are a few things about Etsy that make it specifically unique and hence, a little different from other eCommerce platforms we know. 

The thing about Etsy is that it is a retail platform that accommodates independent creators and small businesses, at least for the most part. Instead of hosting big names and selling high-end commercial products like Amazon and eBay, Etsy attracts sellers that are home-based or smaller scale businesses. 

Another thing that makes Etsy wholly unique is the products it offers. Most products on Etsy have a sweet, almost whimsical tone to them. You can buy anything from home to jewellery to clothing to art right down to toys and stationery supplies. The seller pool behind this interesting collection and range of products offered by Etsy is 80% women, which is yet another aspect that sets it apart from actors like Amazon and eBay.

Etsy Order Management Integration - What is Etsy_

Flashback: How Did Etsy Start?

Do you ever wonder how Etsy became Etsy?

In 2005, three entrepreneurs called Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schopikk started the Etsy venture in a Brooklyn apartment. Following that, just by May of 2007, Etsy had already surpassed $1.7 million in sales. By the end of 2007, the company would have sold more than 3 million items that were bought for a total of $4.3 million by buyers. 

In January 2008, Etsy received $27 million in funding, and has been one of the most important eCommerce stores in the eCommerce space ever since. In fact, in 2008, eBay went through a lot of trouble due to the rise of Etsy sales, which, in light of the dissatisfaction their customers were expressing, was very problematic for eBay. Even now, anyone who is interested in buying handmade, meaningful items is likely to explore Etsy, as opposed to eBay or Amazon. This shows that the small company that was started out of a Brooklyn apartment is now one of the most undisputed fan-favourites in the world of eCommerce, and has definitely influenced global eCommerce activity.

Etsy as an eCommerce Platform

If you enjoyed learning the above-mentioned details about Etsy, then you will also enjoy learning the following facts, figures, and stats: 

Etsy Order Management Integration - Millions of Active Sellers and Buyers

Millions of Active Sellers and Buyers

An eCommerce platform is only as good as the buyers and sellers present on it, right? Well, there are 4.36 million active sellers on Etsy, and around 82 million active buyers on the website! This shows that sellers and buyers both trust Etsy when it comes to their needs. It also means that the sellers have a huge audience to tap into, and that the buyers can have a very diverse range of products to choose from.

Fastest Growing eCommerce Company

According to 2021 surveys, Etsy is the 4th fastest growing eCommerce company! It is just behind Apple, Chewy, and Amazon – but to think that Etsy, with its curated catalogue of items and support for small businesses is capable of giving these big tech giants a run for their money is truly astonishing, yet exciting. 

Etsy Order Management Integration - It Rains Dollars

It Rains Dollars

The highest earning sellers on Etsy make more than $10,000 annually. That’s a lot of money, especially considering that there is not a lot of investment you have to do to set up an Etsy shop. Therefore, for any business that wants to expand margins but also not invest a lot of money into their projects. Etsy retail is quite a lucrative option.

Lots of Choice

Consumers in the 21st century like having options, and that is exactly what Etsy provides them. There are more than 60 million products listed on the website, and these products can be broken down into 50 or more categories. So, no matter what you are looking for, chances are you may just find it on Etsy. Considering that 80% of the overall gross merchandise sales are from home wares, jewellery, craft supplies, apparel, beauty, and paper supplies; look into these during your Etsy shopping experience.

Etsy Order Management Integration - Lots of Choice

Selling on Etsy: What You Should Know

Since Etsy accommodates independent sellers mostly, the whole selling process is relatively simpler and more convenient than on other sites. However, there are certain guidelines you have to follow for each product that you list. For example, if you are selling a vintage art piece, you have to go through a verification process for that piece that will start by confirming whether or not that product is at least 20 years old. If you want your selling experience to be seamless and free from any hiccups, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with such guidelines beforehand. 

An Etsy account is free to set up, so you won’t be spending a lot of money in terms of setting it up. However, do remember that you will have to pay for listing, selling, and shipping your products. Other than that, Etsy will also require the following information from you: location, shop name, payment methods, and bank information. Keep this information ready to put up, and there are no problems you would face with your Etsy journey!

Other than that, it would be good if businesses focused on their digital appearance and prices when setting up the shop. The more authentic feel your brand has, the more customers you are likely to attract. Get some high-quality images of your products and implement SEO techniques all over your shop, and you will see that your Etsy shop gets all the attention it deserves. 

Yet, Etsy selling can get a little complicated, especially considering that Etsy businesses don’t necessarily have the resources to streamline inventory and order management. So, when it comes to the area of order management, you have to be extra careful and make sure that you are not making any mistakes that cost your store or Etsy customers, time, and money. 

Not sure how to do that? 

We are here to help.

Managing Orders on Etsy

Managing orders on Etsy is no walk in the park, there are a range of different factors that you must keep in mind before you get to the job of managing all the orders you get, because there is considerable space for things to go wrong. 

However, if you bookmark this page and note the tips we are going to discuss in the following subsections, you will be making sure that you do everything right, and that there are no hold backs between you and your success.

Etsy Order Management

Let’s start with what Etsy order management actually is. It is the process that streamlines all the orders you get on Etsy and makes it easier for you to keep track of everything. The definition is deceivingly simple, but when you actually get to the point where you have to manage hundreds of orders everyday, you will find that it is actually easier said than done. 

Etsy order management is challenging, and one of the biggest reasons behind this is that inventory management and order management for Etsy are linked together. If you can’t manage your inventory properly, you can’t expect your orders to be managed properly either. So essentially, what you have to do is connect the two and make sure that each of these aspects of your business is executed properly. 

If you are a big business with all the right resources at your disposal, this might even be easy. However, with Etsy sellers, this is rarely the case, and can become very hard very quickly to manage your inventory, warehouse, and orders altogether.

With just a little bit of help and push in the right direction, you can master your order management, seamlessly connect it to your inventory, and make sure that you never miss an order again.

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Etsy Order Management Tips

Here are a few Etsy order management tips that will help you improve your business and make sure that you are sending out your orders exactly on time: 

Etsy Order Management Integration - Give Fast Responses

1) Give Fast Responses.

Your success on Etsy is all about how well you interact with your customers, as well as how fast you do it. Therefore, your response rate both in terms of messages as well as order processing should be fast. The more you wait to start your order processing, the more complicated it gets to get done with your order management. 

If you start processing orders as soon as you get them, you will essentially be cutting down waiting times for your customers, which is one of the best ways to ensure that you are accommodating them and that they come back to do business with you.

2) Optimise Your Storage and Inventory. 

For order management on Etsy, storage and inventory are very important. You want to optimise your storage in a way that you are always stocked up on your popular products, so you don’t miss orders or have to deal with delays. 

Your inventory should also be organised in a way that order processing as a whole, from start to finish, is a seamless process and doesn’t involve many hurdles that you have to work through in order to get your products out on time. These elements may seem minuscule to begin with, but they can greatly impact the way you deal with your Etsy shop.

Etsy Order Management Integration - Optimise Your Storage and Inventory
Etsy Order Management Integration - Get an Etsy Order Management Integration

3) Get an Etsy Order Management Integration. 

An Etsy order management integration is more or less a must for your Etsy shop. We say this because the purpose of an Etsy order management integration is to connect your Etsy shop and orders to your inventory activity – it helps you form a cohesive bond between integral elements of success on Etsy, and is hence not something you should steer away from at any cost. 

An Etsy order management integration will greatly simplify many Etsy challenges for you, and therefore, we will look at it a little deeper, so that you can fully ensure that your business on Etsy implements this wonderful tool in the best way possible.

Etsy Order Management Integration

As mentioned earlier, an Etsy order management integration will help you in many ways, and is hence the key that ties your whole order management strategy for Etsy together! Let’s have a look at exactly how it helps businesses like yours.

What is Etsy Order Management Integration? 

But first, what is Etsy order management integration? It is a software solution that connects Etsy, or any other marketplace of your choice, with other areas of your business. For example, a courier integration with Etsy would connect your shop to the various shipping processes you need to be mindful of. An accounting integration will connect your Etsy shop to various accounting solutions. Similarly, an Etsy order management integration serves the purpose of managing your orders with hassle.

It does so by bridging the gap between your business and your warehouse/inventory activity. When there is seamless integration between these two elements, managing orders on Etsy, no matter how many there are and how few resources you have, will become a breeze!

Why Your Business Needs an Etsy Order Management Integration

As mentioned earlier, managing orders on Etsy is a little different because inventory management is so heavily involved in it. You have to manage your inventory properly if you want your customers to be happy with your services. And while this is not hard at all with a lot of money spent, it can be a little hard to do if you are working with a tighter budget. 

To counter this issue, it would make sense for you to invest in something that ties all of it together: which is an Etsy order management integration. Such an integration will ensure that the Etsy experience, both for you and your customers, is nothing short of perfect.

Other Benefits of an Etsy Order Management Integration

If you’re still not convinced on using an Etsy order management integration, then maybe these other benefits it provides you with will help you change your mind:

1) Efficiency

An Etsy order management integration is great at boosting efficiency of your order processing and other order handling processes.

Etsy Order Management Integration - Efficiency
Etsy Order Management Integration - Connection

2) Connection

An Etsy order management integration helps your business become more well-connected. Not only are you connected to your inventory, but you are also connected to other areas of your business and are able to simultaneously and consistently ensure that everything is on the right track.

3) Scalability

The life-long dream of any business is to grow and expand its operations. On Etsy, growth means dealing with more orders, and the only way you can do that is by investing in an Etsy order management integration.

Etsy Order Management Integration - Scalability

Etsy Inventory Management

To define Etsy inventory management, we need to keep the general meaning of inventory management in mind. Etsy inventory management, quite simply, is the process you implement to ensure that you have the products your customers want and that these products are being delivered to the customer on time. It helps you meet customer demands without carrying too much or too less stock.

Inventory management is a core operation that all Etsy ventures must focus on. It is important to remember that it helps you stay in touch with not only your stock, but also the overall progress of your business. Etsy inventory management is the foolproof way of understanding your sales pattern, identifying gaps, and optimising your strategies for even better results.

Inventory Management Software

As the name suggests, a inventory management software is a software system that helps you streamline all your inventory processes as a real business. At the most basic level, such a software can help you keep an accurate stock count for your products. However, thanks to the technology we have available in the market (for example RFID Etsy inventory management), Etsy inventory management software is actually advanced enough to take care of everything (yes, everything!) that we have talked about in this guide.

Every Etsy seller that aims to streamline their selling procedures needs a inventory management software. You can benefit from integrating a good inventory management software in your operations.

Simply put, such a software solution is the best answer to “how to manage inventory for Etsy.”

Summing Up

Etsy is the dream shop for independent creators. You get to cater to a large customer-base without spending a lot of money, and that is the perfect set up for businesses that are working with limited funds. However, when it comes to order management, you are more or less alone on Etsy.

Well, not if you have an Etsy order management integration. With the help of an Etsy order management integration, you can streamline not only order management, but also improve your whole business along with its fulfilment properly, from start to finish! 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and learn more about Canary7’s Etsy order management integration, as well as hundreds of other integrations our solutions can introduce you to.