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OnBuy Order Management Integration: Here’s What You Need to Know

Grow on OnBuy with a order management integration!

Canary7 - Onbuy Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
OnBuy Order Management Integration: Here’s What You Need to Know

Grow on OnBuy with a order management integration!

eCommerce appears to be incredibly challenging to do. And it is, for the most part! Before you can reach the point where everything is as flawless as you want it to be, you will probably have to overcome a number of obstacles if you want to cultivate success in this area. 

Order management connections are a crucial component of your company. They not only significantly enhance your engagement with any eCommerce platform, but they also ensure that your business’s internal processes may be carried out with the utmost precision.

Well, now, OnBuy sellers can also benefit from order integrations. If you own a business on OnBuy, you can simplify your operations and make sure that each item that leaves your warehouse reaches your OnBuy clients in perfect condition. 

Would you want to learn more about how an OnBuy order management integration may assist you in managing all of your orders? Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about OnBuy order management integration!


  • What is Onbuy?
  • What to Keep in Mind Before Selling on OnBuy?
  • OnBuy Order Management Integration
  • Benefits of OnBuy Order Management Integration
  • Conclusion

What is Onbuy?

Although relatively newer in comparison to giants like Amazon and eBay, OnBuy is a promising eCommerce platform that is focused on bringing business together to provide customers with a diverse range of products to choose from on a single site. 

It was in an effort to level the playing field for all online merchants and improve eCommerce overall that was established in November 2016. In this regard, anyone wishing to sell on OnBuy will only compete with other sellers, not the platform itself, as OnBuy never holds any of its own retail stock and every product on the site is listed by a separate company. The business model of this particular website is not different from that of Amazon or eBay, and hence it can be considered to be in the same league as one of the top guns. 

Following this, it can also be confidently stated that OnBuy gives sellers the perfect opportunity to grow their business and be a part of an eCommerce that can actually add to its growth quite seamlessly. In addition to that, why else should people pay attention to OnBuy? 

OnBuy Order Management Integration - What is Onbuy_

For those sellers who haven’t yet signed up, OnBuy is now too large to ignore after growing by more than 24,000% since its creation in 2016. That is particularly the case in light of OnBuy’s continuous internationalisation, resulting in the marketplace becoming operational in more than 140 nations by the end of 2023. This sort of unparalleled growth makes OnBuy a definite contender to be a part of your sales channels list, and if you take it seriously enough, it can actually enable you to achieve whatever goals that you have set for your business. 

One of the biggest reasons behind why OnBuy is as great as it is, is the fact that it is versatile. Yes, the adaptability of OnBuy as a marketplace is one of its biggest assets! The website was developed to offer a venue where businesses of all shapes and sizes could compete on an even playing field, and that’s exactly what it has been doing from 2016 till now. 

The same tools, resources, and support are provided to all firms selling on OnBuy in order to help them expand their enterprises. This idea is still valid today.

What to Keep in Mind Before Selling on OnBuy?

Not familiar with the platform and don’t really know what direction to take when it comes to being a seller on OnBuy? This section will make a lot of it clearer for you, and not only will you have more awareness about the nature of OnBuy as an eCommerce platform, but you will also know exactly what to do to kick start your success on it. 

Now, the thing is that on OnBuy, there is a major chance that a seller will succeed. This is mainly because from the ground up, OnBuy has simply been created to support the success of sellers. Therefore, it’s simple to understand for both individuals who are new to selling online as well as those who decide to sell on OnBuy after using other marketplaces. 

OnBuy is not a retailer, unlike other marketplaces, thus it will never carry products that are in direct competition with the products that you offer as a brand. All of its efforts are instead directed at increasing your sales. What’s even more is that the platform is now quite popular: with over 600% year-on-year growth over the last three years in a row and a client base of over eight million in the UK alone, OnBuy’s growth, potential, and worldwide ambition have made it a remarkable marketplace!

Yet, the fact that it is not as popular as Amazon and eBay means you can get in, dominate the space, and still expand your sales exponentially. Sounds like a win-win to us.

How to Get Started?

Getting started on OnBuy is not hard at all. All you need is a business PayPal account, an established company name, and a barcoded inventory – that’s it! As long as you have these things sorted out, you can just jump on and start your eCommerce journey today. 

What Kind of Businesses Succeed on OnBuy?

The short and simple answer? All kinds! On OnBuy, you will find multinationals, SMEs, family businesses, and even independent traders. Just anyone and everyone that has a working inventory can partner up with OnBuy and get to selling their products. Customers have access to approximately 35 million goods across 17 divisions, giving them many options to choose from. Needless to say, for your business, this is great because no matter what your niche is, there is a little something for everyone! 

The categories are as follows: 

  • Household essentials
  • Gardening products
  • Home fitness equipment
  • Pet care products
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment (movies, music, books and video games)
  • Home furniture
  • Office equipment

The common misconception is that since OnBuy is in the UK, it is only UK businesses that can benefit from it. This is not true, considering that the platform is not growing across the globe and will soon have its operations to be as big as some of its bigger competitors. So, if you decide to be a part of the OnBuy community now, you’ll be able to sell to more than 8 million clients in the UK, but you may also join OnBuy as it grows into some other notable markets such as the US, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Singapore, and many other countries. 

You basically have no restrictions on what you may sell on OnBuy because of the wide variety of products the marketplace offers. However and this is pretty obvious, there are some products that can’t be sold on the platform. These include dangerous chemicals, weapons, gift cards, and counterfeit items. As you can tell, this is mainly to maintain the security and safety of the website and to ensure that none of the customers are exposed to products that are unsafe or harmful for them.

OnBuy Order Management Integration - Cost Considerations

Cost Considerations

And now, onto cost considerations. What should you expect?

With only 5% for consumer electronics and 9% for everything else, OnBuy provides affordable selling costs. There are also no listing fees, regardless of the number of things you list. So, as a whole, it is pretty affordable and actually quite light on the budget.  

Because of the marketplace’s clear fee structure, sellers that sell on OnBuy know what to expect and won’t encounter any unexpected costs or income deductions. This is also a huge plus point. This is supported by its Transparent Fee Guarantee, which guarantees that all sellers—regardless of the size or nature of their business are subject to the same rates! 

You can choose from two packages when it comes to your retailer account:

  1. Standard, which comes at £19.00 plus VAT per month
  2. Partner, which comes at £39.00 plus VAT per month

Other than that, another aspect that makes quite unique is the PayPal partnership it offers. This partnership ensures that companies that sell on OnBuy get immediate access to the money following a successful transaction – which makes everything way more convenient, as you don’t have to wait for your funds to be processed for longer periods of time. You can finally bid farewell to conventional models of weekly and monthly payment cycles, and get hands on your funds ASAP.

Additionally, this means that you can manage everything from a single dashboard and take payments from practically anywhere in the globe, regardless of whether you sell in one nation, ten countries, or all 140+ by the time OnBuy is completely globalised.

OnBuy Order Management Integration

One way that you can make your OnBuy experience even better is by paying attention to the way you manage orders on the website. One way to do this is by attaching an OnBuy order management integration to your processes, which will make everything smoother and better. 

If you are not sure of what order management is and how it can help you, let us summarise the concept and its importance so that you can be able to make it a much more active part of your business.

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Understanding Order Management

Order management is a process you set up to ensure that every order that leaves your warehouse reaches the customer safely and with as few complications as you are capable of handling. Order management, thus,  includes keeping track of orders, controlling inventories, processing client information, and even continuing to provide customer service following delivery. 

Your regular inventory monitoring should be the main component of order management for you. By doing this, you can make sure that orders and inventory are in line with one another and that your customers receive exactly what they asked for. Naturally, this also involves making sure that your sales people handle the products properly and that the pick, pack, and ship processes you have in place are efficient and don’t unduly obstruct the operations of your company.

The Importance of Order Management

If you are not familiar with the importance of order management, you should get to know an order management system. This is because, in essence, an order management system is what makes it possible to carry out exceptional order management. With the help of it, you can actually achieve the kind of order management you actually want to integrate into your business.

In general, order management is indubitably necessary if you want to be sure that you are maintaining your customers. By consolidating all the little components, order management greatly improves the order processing process in your supply chain. Your turnaround times are shorter and the quality of the product you deliver to your customer is unaltered.

But things don’t stop there. You can handle a variety of extra problems with your fulfilment processes thanks to order management. Order management, for instance, can be helpful if you’re having issues with stock level issues. 

By managing your orders properly, you may avoid problems like overstocking, dead stock, and under stocking. These situations have to be avoided since they might lead to financial losses and incorrect management of your warehouse and inventory. By utilising order management and order management systems, you can make sure that this never happens.

Order management also helps to minimise delivery errors. Again, it is essential to avoid shipping errors wherever you can since they are not only costly but are also notorious for slowing down business processes and causing inefficiencies that influence how you engage with customers. 

All said and done, the one thing to keep in mind is that order management is essential to assisting you in time and money savings. You don’t want to waste these resources since the amount of money and time you finally save will be a reflection of how well your business venture is doing!

OnBuy Order Management Integration

So what precisely is going on with this whole OnBuy order management integration thing? One of the most important aspects of establishing your business is understanding that OnBuy order management is an essential part of your entire OnBuy strategy. 

Order management is the procedure that streamlines each step required in processing an order. This means, to be successful on an eCommerce platform like OnBuy, you will have to start focusing on order management. The ultimate way to do this is by bringing an OnBuy order management integration into the picture.  

With the help of an OnBuy order management integration, the instant a customer places an order on your eCommerce site, it will be connected to your back end processes and you will have a seamless, remarkable flow of information.

Benefits of OnBuy Order Management Integration

Other advantages of integrating OnBuy order management include:

OnBuy Order Management Integration - Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Due to the lack of back end assistance by OnBuy, there is a chance that  the performance of other areas of your business may be significantly impeded. However, by using an OnBuy order management integration, you may swiftly combine the front end and back end of your business as well as other areas that require that degree of automation. With the help of such automation, there isn’t much you can’t do with your OnBuy business. So, for businesses that are constantly striving to achieve more connectivity between different areas of their business, an OnBuy order management integration will be completely indispensable.

Cutting time

Given how time-consuming ensuring your success on OnBuy can be on its own, you might profit from saving time in order handling and other areas of running your eCommerce site. By connecting them with the help of an OnBuy order management integration, you can get the necessary information from a single spot rather than having to deal with two different data sources, which makes navigating the eCommerce environment much easier. This is one of the most important aspects of an OnBuy order management integration.

OnBuy Order Management Integration - Cutting time
OnBuy Order Management Integration - Boosted profits

Boosted profits

If money is your top priority, then an OnBuy order management integration is even more important. Your eCommerce business’s operations will become even more automated and efficient with an OnBuy order management link. You may ensure that you are processing things quickly and receiving payment by doing this. It also implies that you’re removing any flaws or mistakes that can prevent your business from growing. You can be sure that you are cutting expenses everywhere and doing everything you can to increase your margins by integrating OnBuy order management.

Successful returns and refunds with reverse logistics.

Once you discover that managing orders on OnBuy entails more than merely accepting and dispatching orders, it gets a little more difficult. Managing orders that need reverse logistics and refunds, which are rather often, might also be difficult. OnBuy order management integrations, however, may make it simple to enable the two-way communication channel that guarantees that orders are shipped out and that any potential returns are handled properly.

OnBuy Order Management Integration - Successful returns and refunds with reverse logistics.


From everything we’ve said so far, it appears that integrating your order management with OnBuy is the best way to modify how you manage orders on the platform. You can quickly streamline all of your eCommerce activities while ensuring that your OnBuy sales aren’t harmed in any way with the aid of the proper order management integration! 

Canary7 can help; our integration with OnBuy order management will drastically change the way you operate your online business. With our guidance, you can be confident that the unique gifts you provide your customers will remain unique and will really aid in the expansion of your business. 

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