Not on the High Street Order Management Integration: How it Works.

Any eCommerce business will tell you this: order management integrations are life-savers. Not only do they make your experience with any eCommerce platform a lot smoother, but they also ensure that the back end processes of your business harbour productivity and can be executed with utmost perfection. 

If you are a vendor on Not on the High Street, then you will be pleased to hear that you too can benefit from an order integration! 

Want to learn more? Keep scrolling and find out everything that you need to know about Not on the High Street order management integration. 


  • Understanding Not on the High Street
  • What is Not on the High Street?
  • Tips for Selling on Not on the High Street
  • Not on the High Street Order Management Integration
  • How Do Marketplace Integrations Help 
  • Benefits of Not on the High Street Order Management Integration
  • Conclusion

Understanding Not on the High Street

If you want to make sure you know exactly how to make the most out of a Not on the High Street order management integration, it is important to understand what Not on the High Street is and how it works as an eCommerce platform. 

What is Not on the High Street?

The first point of discussion for us, therefore, is what Not on the High Street is. Not on the High Street is an online marketplace that hosts “epic gifts and small business magic.” Essentially, think of Not on the High Street is an online gift shop that specialises in bringing small business products to people like you and I.

There are quite a few elements that make Not on High Street a unique platform. For example, they claim that they provide you with “zero-stress shopping,” thanks to flexible payment options, gift edits, free delivery, and a fast order processing experience. 

Not only that, but the selection of products offered by Not on the High Street is also pretty impressive. There are more than 5,000 small businesses that can be found on Not on the High Street, and each one of these adds to the diverse range of products available on Not on the High Street. The best part about this is that Not on the High Street is the kind of platform that supports creative entrepreneurs, and makes sure they have just the right resources available to them in terms of channelling their eCommerce dreams. While most online marketplaces turn out to be more favourable for bigger businesses and enterprises, Not on the High Street makes sure that is available for any small business that wants to make it big and get hold on some real clients who appreciate their products

Tips for Selling on Not on the High Street

If you are planning on branching out adding Not on the High Street to your list of sales channels, you will need to make sure you have a few tips and tricks in mind. These will help you not only get onto Not on the High Street, but also making your selling experience on the marketplace a lot better, and certainly more productive

Research your competition.

This is a tip that any business would benefit from, especially those trying to make it big on Not on the High Street. Since it is a popular marketplace, there are going to be a lot of competitors, and unless you take them into account, you can’t possibly achieve the precise level of success that you are hoping to reach. 

The solution is competitor analysis – a competitor analysis will help you gauge the nature of your competitor’s business activities and then accurately compare them to yours. This analysis will most likely spread across four areas: product, price, saturation, and offers. As such, here are the main questions you should be asking yourself: 

  1. Is the product that you offer the same as or similar to what your competitors offer? 
  2. Are the prices of your products reflective of the current market? Does the quality you offer justify the price tag? 
  3. Is your product niche? Is the area you’re targeting already saturated? If yes, what sets you apart from those who are already targeting this particular area of your business. 
  4. What kind of offers do you have in place? Are they better than what the competitor’s have in place? Consider shipping, gift wrapping, seasonal promotions, and other aspects that play into this.

Invest in the aesthetic appeal of your shop.

Imagine you are out there, shopping for a gift that you wish to give to a loved one. What’s the first thing you’re going to be concerned about? Most probably, it is going to be how the product, or the shop itself, looks! Without aesthetic appeal, it would be very hard for any business to sell anything. As a vendor on Not on the High Street, this is even more important. At the end of the day, your customers’ first impression of you will only be formed by visuals. 

For this reason, photography is important. You need to take clear and aesthetically pleasing pictures of your products. A few aspects that may help in this regard are using a clear background, showing the products in action, following seasonal themes, and ensuring that the visual appeal of your product photography remains consistent throughout. 

If you follow these tips, you can make sure your products look just as good as they are, which will help you attract just the client base you are hoping to attract.

Tap into the personalisation hype. 

Personalisation is big with consumers today, across different businesses. However, on Not on the High Street, personalisation is even more important. Remember, the customers that come to Not on the High Street are looking for gifts that have some sentimental value to them, and that is only possible to provide if you have the right personalisation mechanisms in place. 

One thing that you can offer is adding a name and message to your product as per the client’s wishes. Similarly, you can offer gift wrapping and birthday cards as complementary additions to the product itself. These may sound like trivial things, but they add a wonderful personalised touch and are likely to make your brand resonate with the customer far more! 

Therefore, personalisation is something you definitely should focus on.

Focus on maintaining a positive reputation.

Word of mouth can do a lot of good things for your business, but one wrong move can also do a lot of harm. Therefore, having to maintain a positive reputation for your shop should be on your top list of priorities, especially when it comes to Not on the High Street. 

You can do this by making sure that your customers are happy and satisfied with your job, and that they don’t have to face any issues during their shopping experiences. You can do this by keeping a clear line of communication with them – in fact, you should encourage your customers to come to you with any problems that they might be facing, additionally, you should also indulge in post purchase satisfaction, which means that you should monitor that the completed order has satisfied the client’s expectations. This will surely help you boost up and maintain your reputation as a Not on the High Street brand that actually cares.

Make use of social media.

Social media is the most powerful tool in the world. This is true for Not on the High Street shops as well! You should link your store with your social media pages, because this will help you increase your sales. 

A few things to keep in mind for this would include making sure that the social media icons are visible in your shop, using an efficient social media management tool, and of course, thinking outside the box when it comes to your posts! Use social media to up sell your products, and see the trajectory of your Not on the High Street store improve for good!

Use an order management integration. 

An order management integration will transform your eCommerce experience forever! This is because the entire purpose of an order management integration is to push your business forward, and make sure that all the processes are perfectly streamlined. 

Sounds good? Head onto the next section to learn more about how a Not on the High Street order management integration can help you transform your business.

Not on the High Street Order Management Integration

Before discussing the benefits of adopting an order management integration for Not on the High Street, we must look at marketplace integrations.  The functionality of the marketplace of your choice must be properly connected to all of your business’s back-end operations, including inventory, which is one of the most crucial components in order to manage your orders. This is why marketplace integrations in general are a crucial component of your online business. 

Therefore, any online marketplace you add to your sales channel is a crucial component of your network and will help your company get the finest outcomes quickly.

How Do Marketplace Integrations Help

Here is a summary of all the advantages marketplace integrations often offer stores in case you’re wondering how precisely they do so:


The secret to success in the twenty-first century is connectedness. not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of how various components of your organisation are connected to one another. You may accomplish connectivity across all aspects of your organisation with the use of marketplace connectors. Your inventory will be connected to your warehouse and your warehouse will be connected to your eCommerce activities, giving you the best of both worlds.


Integrations with the marketplace help you understand that time is money. You may save more money and increase your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend on tasks. Saving time gives you more time to concentrate on those aspects of your company that genuinely need development. You may be sure that your efforts are helping to advance your company’s performance and the achievement of your objectives in this way.


Another crucial component is consistency, which you should strive to create in all facets of your organisation. But isn’t it easier said than done? When a marketplace is involved, consistency is challenging to achieve. You only have a few alternatives, after all, to make sure that information is sent properly. Using marketplace integrations, you can also quickly guarantee this component. They will assist you in achieving the same degree of consistency throughout your whole organisation, not just one part of it! As a result, you must make sure that, with the aid of a powerful tool like a marketplace integration, you are making every effort to create consistency in your organisation.

Customer Service

When it comes to the customer experience, customers in the twenty-first century are accustomed to perfection. However, perfection is difficult to attain and, in some circumstances, may even be unachievable. Not if you have access to the appropriate marketplace integrations for your company. You will be able to improve your company in unfathomable ways with the aid of these potent software marvels, and this will show in the services you really offer your clients.

Benefits of Not on the High Street Order Management Integration

So, how does an order management integration fit into all of this? After all, the benefits discussed above are more catered to marketplace integrations in general, as opposed to the particular advantages offered by Not on the High Street Order Management Integration. 

Let’s have a look at those.

Improved Tracking 

You can keep better track of your items and orders with the aid of the Not on the High Street order management integration. You can easily ensure that the appropriate items are being processed as orders and that the right orders are being delivered out to the right users because the whole idea of these connections is to tie your warehousing and eCommerce activity together. Because you can maintain tabs on costs, track deliveries, keep buyers informed, and utilise information to your advantage to guarantee that all of these procedures are successfully leveraged to provide you the most advantages, this will also help you boost your fulfilment rate.

Higher Profits 

Your company operations will become even more automated and efficient with a Not on the High Street order management integration. You can ensure that you are processing things quickly and receiving money quickly by doing this. It also implies that you’re reducing any flaws or mistakes that can prevent your business from growing. You can ensure that you are making financial savings on all fronts and trying to increase your margins in every manner by using Not on the High Street order management integration.

Integration of Several Platforms 

The fact that Not on the High Street can be connected to your warehouse management software, which can then link you to other platforms, is perhaps one of the finest aspects about the order management integration. You can more easily concentrate your efforts and manage everything from one location rather than having to do it all from many locations thanks to excellent platform integration and connection. In conclusion, Not on the High Street order management integration may help you link all of your platforms more effectively.

More Effective Reverse Logistics 

When you understand that managing orders on Not on the High Street is more complicated than just receiving and dispatching orders, it gets a little more difficult. Additionally, returns are relatively frequent, and managing orders that require reverse logistics might be difficult. However, if Not on the High Street order management interfaces are used, it may be simple to streamline the two-way channel of communication that not only guarantees that orders are being shipped, but also that any potential returns are properly handled.


Do you want to make changes to the way you process orders on Not on the High Street? According to what we discussed above, an order management connection with Not on the High Street seems to be the most effective approach to do this. You can streamline all your eCommerce activity while ensuring that your sales on Not on the High Street don’t suffer in any possible way! How phenomenal is that?

Canary7 can help you – we provide a Not on the High Street order management integration that will forever change the way you run your online store. With our help, you can make sure that the unique gifts you provide your customers will remain unique, and actually empower your business to become a better version of itself. 

Have any additional inquiries about obtaining a Not on the High Street order management integration for your store? Come see us here!