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Wayfair Order Management: What Do You Need to Know?

Grow on Wayfair with a order management integration!

Canary7 - Wayfair Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
Wayfair Order Management: What Do You Need to Know?

Grow on Wayfair with a order management integration!

eCommerce seems like it is very hard to achieve. And for the most part, it is! If you are looking to foster success in this area, there will likely be quite a few hurdles that you will have to overcome before you can get to the point where everything is as perfect as you want it to be. 

However, every eCommerce company will agree that order management is one of the only factors that can make your eCommerce success completely bullet-proof. Order management integrations, therefore, are an indispensable part of your business. They not only greatly improve your interaction with any eCommerce platform, but they also guarantee that the internal operations of your company may be carried out to the highest standards of accuracy and productivity. 

It will please you immensely to know that an order integration is available to Wayfair vendors as well. That’s right: if you have a store on Wayfair, you have the opportunity to streamline your sales and ensure that every product that leaves your warehouse reaches your Wayfair customers in pristine condition. 

Want to know more about how exactly a Wayfair order management integration helps you take care of all the orders you send out? Discover all there is to know about Wayfair order management integration by scrolling down!


  • Wayfair as an eCommerce Platform
  • What is Wayfair?
  • How to Sell on Wayfair?
  • Why Wayfair?
  • Wayfair Order Management Integration
  • What is Order Management? 
  • Why is Order Management Important?
  • Wayfair Order Management 
  • Using a Wayfair Order Management Integration
  • Benefits of Wayfair Order Management Integration
  • Conclusion

Wayfair as an eCommerce Platform

Before we get to discussing Wayfair order management integration, let’s try and understand what Wayfair does as an eCommerce platform.

Wayfair Order Management - Wayfair as an eCommerce Platform

What is Wayfair?

Wayfair is an American eCommerce platform. It is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and provides a space for the selling of home goods and furniture online. They claim to provide customers with products that enable them to “create spaces that reflect” who they are. As such, they offer an unparalleled selection of goods that can be picked by people in accordance with their preferences. Anyone from any walk of life can log into Wayfair, and find exactly the piece of furniture they have been looking for. 

Although the company started in the USA, it has now expanded to Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. They have worked on making improvements to the logistics and infrastructure so that every sort of product that is shipped out is done so smoothly and quickly. 

According to their website, the 6 brands included in Wayfair Inc are Wayfair, All Modern, Birch Lane, Joss & Main, Perigold, and Wayfair Professional. The names Wayfair and Wayfair Professional are self-explanatory in terms of what these brands offer. All Modern specialises in modern furniture and goods, whereas Joss & Main and Birch Lane are somewhat the same as they both offer traditional furniture. Perigold, on the other hand, is Wayfair’s luxury brand – the pieces you will see on this channel are more fit to be sold to people who own castles and huge bungalows. Either way, as one can tell, there is a little something for all sorts of furniture and home goods buyers, which is definitely one of Wayfair’s most liked elements.

How to Sell on Wayfair?

But where do brands like yours come in when it comes to selling on Wayfair?

It’s simple! Wayfair has a partnership program, which allows businesses to take advantage of Wayfair as a platform and sell their products. Among other things, the site promises that being a a part of the Wayfair community will help businesses grow. To that end, Wayfair equips their vendors with personalised recommendations and robust learning programs, resources to launch their products, and streamline many business processes with the help of in-depth insights and industry-leading tools. 

What’s more is that the sign up process behind becoming a Wayfair partner is also quite simple. All you have to do is sign up on their website, add your catalogue, and start selling! Wayfair will help you optimise your merchandising and allow you access to 24 million plus customers, so you know you don’t have to go through this alone. 

Wayfair partners benefit from logistics, merchandising, advertising, and training help which means that being a part of this platform is not a one-dimensional experience; instead it is akin to having unlimited access to a holistic hub of support and productivity which is geared towards making your warehouse operations grow in the right direction. 

Why Wayfair?

Think of Wayfair as an eCommerce platform like Amazon – but only for furniture and home goods! 

This is the ideal location for you if your goods were created to enhance the beauty of homes. Although the website may not be as well-known as Craigslist or eBay, it is ranked ninth among US businesses with the highest eCommerce sales in 2020, with a total of $9.42 billion USD. 

Not yet persuaded? Let’s examine the platform and discover why it will be the most beneficial development for your company ever.

Wayfair Order Management - Target Audience

Target Audience

As previously said, the finest destination for customers to purchase home products that will turn their homes into a heaven on Earth is Wayfair. The target audience base is ideal for anybody looking to give their home a little more sparkle. This means that as long as your products have the ability to make people resonate with them, chances are that you will have loyal customers on this platform that actually appreciate your work. As such, it is the perfect option if you are looking to grow, specifically by expanding your customer base.


Every area in a normal house is targeted by Wayfair’s product listing, including bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, living spaces, and others. 

Customers may discover furnishings for newborns, children, and even pets as well as beds, bathroom accessories, showers, couches, and cushions. Wayfair is a fantastic option if your company sells anything that can be placed inside a home. Like we already mentioned, there is a little something for everyone, which means no matter what your niche is you can fit in with the platform and make a home for your home products.

Wayfair Order Management - Niches
Wayfair Order Management - Customers


It’s true that with more and more people wanting to sell on Wayfair, you will have more competition to deal with which is certainly not an easy aspect to deal with. However, the good news, which is also more important to know, is that there are more than 30 million active customers who can sell your products too. Again, if you get your sales right on Wayfair, then you can grow in the right direction, which means a better cash flow and considerably more revenue for you. As a business that is prioritising growth, this can really be the only opportunity you need.

An Opportunity for Everyone

On the subject of opportunity, Wayfair provides an opportunity to everyone. From freelancers to large corporations to property investors, Wayfair is the perfect place to buy furniture from. But it is also the perfect place to sell furniture! No matter how big or small your business is, you can get onboard with Wayfair and sell your products using the website. This is perfect if you have the inventory but don’t know which sales channel to trust properly. For home goods and furniture suppliers, Wayfair seems to be the best choice (especially considering that the platform’s sales exceeded Amazon’s sales for home goods and furniture at one point!)

Wayfair Order Management - An Opportunity for Everyone

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Wayfair Order Management Integration

So, where does order management come into all of this? Let’s have a quick rundown of what order management is in general, what it does, and what advantages it offers before we turn to Wayfair order management integration in particular.

What is Order Management? 

Order management is a procedure you put in place to make sure that every order that leaves your warehouse reaches the client securely and with as few issues as you are able to handle. As a result, order management includes tracking orders, managing inventory, processing client data, and even maintaining customer care relationships after deliveries.

For you, order management should primarily entail the constant monitoring of your inventory. By doing this, you can make sure that your consumers receive precisely what they requested and that orders and inventories are in sync. Naturally, this also entails ensuring that your reps handle the items appropriately and that the select, pack, and dispatch procedures you have in place are effective and don’t unnecessarily impede your business’ operations.

Why is Order Management Important?

If you are unaware of the significance of order management, you need to familiarise yourself with an order management system. This is because in essence, it is an order management system that helps you accomplish good order management and hence why it is important to have excellent order management in the first place. But what is good order management?

Well, generally speaking, it’s just that order management is essential if you want to make sure that you are keeping your clients. Order management makes your supply chain’s order processing process considerably smoother by streamlining all the minor parts and pieces. With no differences, your delivery times are quicker and the quality of the product that is delivered to your client is unaffected. final outcome: a delighted client who will return time and time again.

However, things don’t end there. Order management helps you solve many additional issues that may arise with your fulfilment procedures. For instance, order management might be useful if you’re having trouble with stock level problems. 

You may prevent issues like overstocking, dead stock, and under stocking by handling your orders appropriately. These circumstances should be avoided since they might result in financial losses and improper management of your inventory and warehouse. You may ensure that this never occurs by using order management and order management solutions.

Additionally, order management aids in reducing delivery mistakes. Once more, it is crucial to prevent shipping mistakes wherever possible since not only are they expensive, but they are also infamous for slowing down business operations and creating inefficiencies that affect how you interact with clients. 

In conclusion, order management is crucial to help you save both time and money. Since the amount of money and time you ultimately save is a reflection of how well your business is performing, you don’t want to spend these resources needlessly.

Wayfair Order Management

What is the deal with Wayfair order handling, then? It is crucial to think about Wayfair order management as an indispensable element of your overall Wayfair strategy, making it one of the most crucial components of starting your company. 

The method that simplifies all the steps involved in processing an order is called order management. According to Wayfair, this implies that in order to ensure that everything proceeds without a hitch, the moment a consumer puts an order on your eCommerce shop, it must be connected to activities that take place in the back end. 

Having a Wayfair order management integration is crucial because Wayfair doesn’t have any built-in capabilities that can assist you with this.

Using a Wayfair Order Management Integration

A Wayfair order management connection is simply a data integration that links Wayfair to your order management system, in case you’re wondering what that even means. Its major objective is to combine two sources into one and make it simpler for you to acquire pertinent information without having to switch between two whole distinct software programmes. 

It will be simple for you to capitalise on your success and make sure that your organisation is headed in the correct path if you are able to smoothly integrate Wayfair with an OMS with the aid of a Wayfair order management integration.

Benefits of Wayfair Order Management Integration with Canary7

Other advantages of integrating Wayfair order management include: 

Wayfair Order Management - Reducing time

Reducing time

You might benefit from saving time in order handling and other elements of running your eCommerce site, given how time-consuming Wayfair can be on its own. By integrating them, you can obtain the pertinent data from a single location without having to deal with two distinct data sources, which makes it much simpler for you to traverse the eCommerce environment. This is an issue with the Wayfair order management integration.

Increased connectivity 

Wayfair doesn’t offer back end support, which might seriously slow down other parts of your company. However, you can quickly integrate your company’s front end and back end as well as other areas that demand that level of automation with the use of a Wayfair order management connection. There isn’t much you can’t accomplish with your business on Wayfair with the assistance of such automation, and no new eCommerce firm can say no to that.

Wayfair Order Management - Increased connectivity
Wayfair Order Management - Increased scalability

Increased scalability 

Perhaps one of your company’s top focuses should be growth. Your goal in all you do is to promote unrestricted eCommerce growth. However, it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to allow your venture to develop without a Wayfair order management integration. This is due to the fact that a Wayfair order management integration enables you to enhance the customer experience you offer your clients, which raises client retention. When your consumers are pleased with the services you offer, they will return to you for business, recommend you to others, and have far greater confidence in you to handle their orders!

Higher profits 

A Wayfair order management connection will further automate and improve the efficiency of your business operations. By doing this, you can make sure that you are processing things and getting money swiftly. Additionally, it suggests that you’re eliminating any defects or errors that can prohibit your company from expanding. Using Wayfair order management integration, you can make sure that you are reducing costs on all fronts and working to raise your margins in every way possible.

Wayfair Order Management - Higher profits
Wayfair Order Management - Impeccable reverse logistics

Impeccable reverse logistics 

It becomes a bit more challenging once you realise that handling orders on Wayfair involves more than just accepting and sending orders. Additionally, it might be challenging to manage orders that require reverse logistics and refunds, which are rather common. However, if Wayfair order management APIs are utilised, it could be easy to streamline the two-way communication route that ensures that orders are dispatched as well as that any potential returns are appropriately handled.

Monitor your stock levels

The whole purpose of a Wayfair order management integration is to connect your Wayfair activity with your warehouse and one of the most important insights you will receive by doing this is being able to monitor your stock levels. A Wayfair order management integration with Canary7 means you will have full visibility of all your stock levels, ensuring that you have enough stock at all times to the fulfil the orders coming in. Monitoring your inventory through Canary7 means your customers can be updated automatically so there is no miscommunication, ensuring smooth customer experience.

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According to what we described above, connecting your order management with Wayfair seems to be the most efficient option to adjust how you handle orders on the platform.  With the help of the right order management integration, you can easily simplify all of your eCommerce operations while making sure that your Wayfair sales aren’t negatively impacted in any manner! 

Canary7 can assist you; our Wayfair order management integration will fundamentally alter how you handle your online business. With our assistance, you can be sure that the special presents you give your clients will stay special and will really help your company grow.

If you want to find out more about Canary7 and what we do, visit us on our website!