Meet Canary7
eCommerce warehouse management has never been easier.

Partner up with Canary7 for the best eCommerce warehouse management strategy.

Meet Canary7
eCommerce warehouse management has never been easier.

Partner up with Canary7 for the best eCommerce warehouse management strategy.

Handling an eCommerce business is no easy job; but with Canary7, it can be. Keeping in mind the special needs of eCommerce ventures, Canary7 provides solutions that help you navigate the various challenges of your industry with just a few clicks. 

From streamlining the pick and pack procedures to ensuring that the shipping process has no errors, eCommerce warehouse management software by Canary is designed to help you achieve optimal results with the lowest possible effort required. 

What we offer is nothing short of perfection – and now you can access it too. 

eCommerce warehouse management can be challenging.

At Canary7, we understand that eCommerce warehouse management is tricky to perfect. This is because as a part of the eCommerce world, there are many challenges that businesses have to actively tackle in order to emerge as an industry leader and as a business that is worthy of the customer’s attention. 

Tackling the lack of warehouse visibility. 

In order for you to fully streamline eCommerce warehouse management, it is important for you to actively make an effort to increase visibility within your warehouse. However, this is definitely easier said than done. This is mainly because eCommerce involves rather uncertain fluctuations in both supply and demand, and it can be hard to make sure the inventory that is present in the warehouse actually aligns with the needs of your eCommerce activity. In addition to this, any company that has not yet adopted a digital approach to eCommerce warehouse management will notice that it is not easy to introduce visibility to your warehouse complexes.

eCommerce warehouse management - Accommodating widely different order sizes

Accommodating widely different order sizes.

Over the years, eCommerce has only become more complex. One of the reasons behind this is that the proliferated range of products as well as eCommerce methods gives consumers a wider selection to choose from, which also means that there are different order sizes, requirements, and other specifications that need to be accommodated. End result? There is an ever-existing pressure on eCommerce businesses to fulfil this vast and varied range of sizes efficiently and in a way that constantly meets consumer demands. Needless to say, it is quite a difficult burden to bear, and it’s not surprising that many eCommerce businesses buckle under the pressure.

Implementing seamless reverse logistics.

In eCommerce, reverse logistics are a very important part of the entire fulfilment procedure. Many people only choose to buy from a brand if the return policy is convenient for them to turn to in case things go wrong. Because online shopping is still considered to be less reliable than brick-and-mortar store shopping, customers really focus on how good your reverse logistics is when deciding if the purchase is worthy of their money or not. However, many businesses fail to take this into account or realise the power of reverse logistics too late, thus transforming reverse logistics into a downright challenge for businesses. 

eCommerce warehouse management - Implementing seamless reverse logistics
eCommerce warehouse management - Optimising labour resources and deployment

Optimising labour resources and deployment.

Another challenging aspect of eCommerce warehouse management is optimising labour resources and deployment. For businesses that rely on manual management of the warehouse, it is more or less impossible to analyse labour and task performance in the most effective manner. A failure to do this means that you can unintentionally cause your operational costs to increase, as well as experience a drop in your overall employee performance, which is not something a budding eCommerce business can afford.

Perfecting last-mile logistics.

Last-mile logistics are important, and perfecting them is even more important. Yet, considering the increase of smaller individual deliveries from warehouses, the last mile aspect has the potential to become a major bottleneck. In this regard, choosing the courier that can help you with last mile logistics and also align itself properly with the needs of your warehouse and labour force can be quite a struggle, especially if you don’t have the right kind of automation to support you through it.

eCommerce warehouse management - Perfecting last-mile logistics

Canary7: eCommerce management solutions for all your challenges.

No matter how hard and complicated your eCommerce challenges seem to get through, Canary7 has just the right solutions to get through them. And the best part? All you have to do to get your hands on them is to get in touch with us – so do it today!

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eCommerce warehouse management features by Canary7

Features created and curated especially for you.

eCommerce warehouse management - Holistic Inventory Tracking

Holistic Inventory Tracking

Warehouse management, at the end of the day, depends on inventory management. Inventory management and the general profitability of your eCommerce business both depend on accurate inventory tracking. If you don’t keep track of your inventory, there will be significant gaps in the processing of your orders, which could eventually have a negative effect on your overall customer success rate.

As a result, keeping track of your inventory is crucial. It is simpler to keep track of your inventory and ensure that you are never ever under stocked or overstocked using Canary7’s eCommerce inventory management system. Canary7’s technology is a crucial match for eCommerce firms like yours since it can help you combat several shrinkage issues like breakage, spillage, misplacement, and theft.

Barcode and RFID Technology

Barcode and RFID technology are significant factors to consider when it comes to organising your stock and inventory. A fairly typical method of ensuring that your supply is exactly where it should be is by scanning barcodes. Pick and pack procedures can be accelerated, and shipping is made noticeably smoother with the help of this technology. Additionally RFID is also utilised to better maintain your inventories and establish an organised front for your eCommerce warehouse overall.

If this is something you’re interested in, Canary7 should be your top choice for eCommerce warehouse management because it enables you to get the most out of both of these types of technology.

eCommerce warehouse management - Barcode and RFID Technology
eCommerce warehouse management - Accurate Stock Calculation

Accurate Stock Calculation

Inventory is an important part of overall warehouse management. Additionally, calculating inventory value is crucial for a number of reasons. It not only allows you to assess the current state of your company, but it also enables you to forecast how far your sales will be able to take you. But it would be crucial for you to determine the value of your inventory precisely in order for you to have that specific level of understanding. 

That is not possible using manual methods. Calculating the worth of your inventory, however, is simple because of the automation that Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system provides to the overall framework of your eCommerce business.

Proper Warehouse Reporting

Good eCommerce warehouse management should also involve inventory reporting. With Canary7, you can now produce customised reports that you can use as a basis for future decisions. 

Making decisions that contribute to the success of your company will be simpler for you if you have a comprehensive understanding of where your company is headed. Furthermore, it guarantees that you maintain total control over your warehouse throughout the fulfilment process, which is crucial for any eCommerce business.

eCommerce warehouse management - Proper Warehouse Reporting
eCommerce warehouse management - Mobile Optimisation

Mobile  Optimisation

Everything must be mobile in the modern era since that is the only way it can be practical and available for constant use. It is for just this reason why Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management solution is mobile- and smart-device oriented. Now, from anywhere in the world, you can access your inventory with just a few clicks! Who could possibly say no to that?

Additionally, all the updates you require from your warehouse will be sent directly to your phone, allowing you to keep track of your inventory, warehouse, and all other assets that require regular monitoring on your part. 

Support for Multiple Sales Channels

The road to success in the world of eCommerce is not easy. In order to make sure that your eCommerce venture takes off successfully, you might even need to experiment with many sales channels. However, the requirement for several sales channels may also mean that your warehouse management procedures will need to be far more elaborate and complicated than you are used to them being. 

Not with our eCommerce warehouse management solution for online stores. No matter how many eCommerce outlets you use, Canary7 will help you get where you’re going because our capabilities support omnichannel retailing.

eCommerce warehouse management - Support for Multiple Sales Channels
eCommerce warehouse management - Compatibility and Integration with Other Platforms

Compatibility and Integration with Other Platforms

Any software you use to navigate the eCommerce world should be compatible with the eCommerce platform of your choosing. In essence, you want to centralise all of your data and establish a smooth information flow between two different data sources so that your eCommerce business’s back end and front end can work together seamlessly. 

Fortunately, you can accomplish that with the aid of Canary7’s leading integrations. Whether you wish to use WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or Amazon, Etsy, or connect our eCommerce warehouse management system to your website, Canary7 can assist you.

Cloud Technology

eCommerce companies choose cloud technology over on-site alternatives because it requires less maintenance and is simpler to manage. We recognise this, which is why Canary7 uses cloud computing. Not only is it safer, but it will also enable you to reduce your spending by a little amount and, as a result, increase your profit margins. 

If you’re used to dealing with on-site software, which is more expensive to install and maintain and takes more time and effort to operate properly, you’ll notice that you only pay per head – which can help save a lot of money!

eCommerce warehouse management - Cloud Technology
eCommerce warehouse management - Efficient Order Management

Efficient Order Management

Only one element of efficiently processing eCommerce orders is warehouse management. For the best results, warehouse management needs to be integrated with order management for the project to be successful. This will allow you to combine the best of both worlds into a single solution and make it simpler to process and handle orders.

Why Canary7?

There are many things about Canary7 that make it the perfect fit for your business. It is affordable, unlike on-premises software, so if you are planning to save a few bucks and optimise your budget, Canary7 is the best option. Not only that, but it is also user-friendly, so you and your staff don’t have to spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to learn it and use it properly. 

But most importantly, Canary7 is a holistic eCommerce warehouse management solution. What this essentially means is that you get a whole package with the features provided by Canary7, instead of just one or two helpful elements.

Be a part of the warehousing revolution with the best eCommerce warehouse management solution in the market.

Canary7 ensures that the changes made to your warehouse revolutionise the way you carry on with your business. Our aim is to allow our customers to scale up limitlessly and touch new horizons with their eCommerce ventures.

Does that sound like something you are looking for? Well then, don’t wait too much! Partner up with Canary7 and turn your eCommerce warehouse management strategy into a fool-proof winner of a plan.

eCommerce Warehouse Management | FAQs

What is eCommerce warehouse management?

eCommerce warehouse management refers to the process of managing the warehouse activity for an eCommerce business. eCommerce warehouse management procedure requires you to shape up your fulfilment experience in accordance with the needs of eCommerce customers. It involves a lot of sub-processes, such as inventory handling, order processing, pick and pack, shipment, and last-mile logistics. Overall, eCommerce warehouse management is all about maintenance and ensuring a smooth and seamless functioning for all your eCommerce processes, in a way that improves your journey and opens you up to new and better prospects.

Can I manage an eCommerce warehouse without a dedicated eCommerce warehouse management software?

Well, technically you can. But effectively? Definitely not! The needs of the eCommerce world are way too advanced for you to rely on manual or paper-based processes, as it will only lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Therefore, for better eCommerce warehouse activity, you are advised to utilise a dedicated eCommerce warehouse management software system, that can help you improve the entire fulfilment experience. For example, a dedicated eCommerce warehouse management software can help you with increasing your efficiency and bringing more productivity into your 3PL activity.

How to pick the right eCommerce warehouse management software?

The key to picking the right eCommerce warehouse management software is to pick a system that aligns perfectly with your needs. For example, if you are a small business, you don’t need to splurge on big, on-premise software. Similarly, if you are a business that is focused on saving money, you would prefer an integrated and centralised solution that can help you tackle multiple issues without having to divide your attention. So, the best advice we can give you is to really understand your needs as a business, and then make your choice of eCommerce warehouse management software in accordance with that.

How to improve my eCommerce warehouse management strategy?

Again, this also depends on your business and your particular needs. However, a general tip is to bring as much automation as you can to your processes. eCommerce is all about digitisation, which means that the more you are digitised yourself, the more you can execute your eCommerce processes effectively. Automation also allows you to keep up with the pace of the eCommerce world, and ensures that all your warehouse processes are aligned with the ultimate aim of impressing eCommerce customers and leaving an ever-lasting impression on them.