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Canary7’s order picking system: the key to successful pick and pack fulfilment

Successful order fulfilment is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment to perfect order fulfilment processes; especially the pick and pack procedures. 

Sometimes, order picking processes require so much effort and energy that businesses end up neglecting them all together. This is detrimental; the picking process is crucial for the overall success of your business and hence, should be paid due attention. The good thing, however, is that just because it’s tricky to master does not mean it cannot be mastered… 

With the help of Canary7’s automated order picking system, you can completely transform the picking experience within your warehouse and make it bigger, better, and considerably more efficient. 

Importance of an efficient picking process

Your picking process can more or less break the entire fulfilment process; the success of your fulfilment process is indubitably dependent on how well you execute the picking of your orders, which is why it is important to focus on creating an efficient picking process. 

If the picking process lacks in any regard, it can take an adverse toll on your business which will eventually lead to many problems that every business would ideally want to avoid. 

On the other hand, an efficient picking process will bring more beneficial and help things to the table; which include but are certainly not at all limited to the following advantages:

Canary7 - Order Picking System - More advanced customer order management

More advanced customer order management

Did you know that the picking process is directly linked to customer satisfaction? The better your picking process is, the more control you have over customer order management, which means that you can really drive in the effort to create a positive customer experience for all your clients.

In this regard, it can also be said that a more evolved picking process will help you not only grow your customer-base, but also boost your customer retention. In simple words, an efficient customer order management process becomes a reason for your customers to stay, and there is nothing else that could be better for your business!

Motivated workforce

An efficient picking process is not only beneficial for your customers, but it is also beneficial for your employees. The better, more evolved and streamlined you can make your picking process, the easier it is for your staff to engage in it and deal with it. 

Where a haphazard, all-over-the-place picking process would be problematic and more or less a burden on your workforce, an organised and well-sorted one would only turn out to be a means of motivation for your staff. So, if you are looking to boost levels of productivity within your warehouse, there is no better way to go than a warehouse order picking software.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Motivated workforce
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Faster deliveries

Faster deliveries

Your customers want their orders, and they want them fast. As a business, it is up to you to satisfy that need and make sure that your deliveries reach the intended recipients on time. By making the picking process more efficient, you can achieve this as well. 

This is because inherently, the picking process, which is more manual and labour-intensive than any other fulfilment process, tends to take a while to execute properly. However, if it is made efficient using the right tools and technology like an automated order picking system, it can be executed at a lightning-fast speed which would mean that your deliveries can be quick and speedy too

Convenient reverse logistics

An efficient picking process is not just important for forward logistics; it will also help you with better reverse logistics. So, if you are a business that is focusing on providing a better returns/exchanges experience to its customers, you will see that working on your picking process will not only minimise the need for reverse logistics, but will also help you perfectly execute the process in reverse if there is a need for it. 

A win-win situation for everyone involved, especially considering that customers really value brands that provide a seamless, hassle-free return/exchange experience.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Convenient reverse logistics
Canary7 - Order Picking System - A cost-effective fulfilment process

A cost-effective fulfilment process

If you are planning to future-proof your success as a business, you will know that being fast, efficient, and accurate in your processes is certainly not enough. You also have to be cost-effective. If you are spending tons of money on your picking process and it is still not bringing in the results that you want it to, then you are doing something wrong and that too with a good amount of money at stake! Yet, if that money is gone towards building an efficient picking process that can improve other segments of your business in the future, then you are doing the right thing and it is a cost-effective decision, as the money you spend will enable you to bring in more money!

Picking methods; which one is the best for you?

An efficient order picking journey means choosing the right method, as well as the right order picking system that can help you implement that method. For best results, you need to make sure that both these elements align perfectly with your business and that you are advanced enough to help you meet all your needs.

Familiarise yourself with these picking methods

Method 1: Discrete order picking

Discrete order picking is an order picking method that requires a picker to go through each order one-by-one, and select and scan the items required one by one too. Needless to say, this is the simplest and most straightforward of all order picking methods. 

It would be great for small businesses that don’t have to process too many orders at once. However, for a bigger establishment, discrete order picking may not be the right method as it can be slow, inaccurate, and troublesome for the individual employee. 

In general, discrete order picking is better when done with a scanner as not only does this automate the process, but it also makes it much more accurate and hence, generates a lesser number of mistakes.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Discrete order picking
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Batch picking

Method 2: Batch picking

Batch picking refers to a warehouse order picking method that involves pickers collecting items for multiple orders simultaneously. It is a lot faster than discrete picking, and reduces warehouse travel time for the picker. 

In batch picking, the main goal is to create a pick path that allows pickers to pick as many items as possible from a single location without having to visit it time and again for different orders. This makes the job a lot less laborious, and hence the picking process a lot more efficient. 

Method 3: Cluster picking

This particular piece picking process allows pickers to pick items in “clusters.” It is similar to batch picking in the sense that it reduces the travel time for pickers and doesn’t require them to visit the same location once. 

However, where with batch picking many of the same SKU are collected in one tote and then separated for different orders, cluster picking requires the SKU to be picked in several separate totes – which means that multiple order containers can be filled and the picking process becomes even faster. 

This one is obviously the best option for businesses that have to deal with a large number of orders repeatedly.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Cluster picking

Method 4: Zone picking

Zone picking is an order picking method that divides items into multiple zones, and each picker is assigned a separate zone to pick from. This is a pretty straightforward and simple way for employees to execute the picking processes, and make their job quite easy. 

In a large warehouse with a wide variety of products, zone picking can improve the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Like batch picking and zone picking, it also reduces employee travel time and in addition, also helps you avoid unnecessary staff congestion. 

Method 5: Multi-batch picking

This is batch picking, but a more advanced version that involves picking lots of batches at the same time. Like normal batch picking, the main purpose behind this picking method is also to pick orders as efficiently as possible and reduce travel time for employees. 

A big business that wants lightning fast picking processes would benefit from multi-batch picking the most. Also, if you have limited workforce, then multi-batch picking can be the go-to option for you as it will enable you to do more with less staff involved, and will hence be helpful. 

Order Picking System - Zone-batch-wave picking - Canary7

Method 6: Zone-batch-wave picking

And of course, as the needs of a modern warehouse evolve, so does the need for more evolved methods. By amalgamating all the methods mentioned above, we get somewhat of a zone-batch-wave hybrid that can really push your business in the right direction and enable you to create the most evolved and efficient picking fulfilment experience ever. 

We advise all businesses that are growing and have an expanded set of needs to take care of to take a look into this method, as this is the most advanced of all the ones we mentioned today and hence can prove to be a good fit for your business. 

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How can an automated order picking system help?

An efficient picking process is not something that will fall into your lap one of these days. You have to create it; and you can only do that with the help of an order picking system. 

The best warehouse order picking software, namely Canary7, will be your key to success when it comes to picking within the fulfilment experience. This is because our picking solutions are specialised and fully dedicated towards transforming the way you manage your orders and will help you create an experience that is fully in line with the overarching goals of your business. 

Order picking system features for more efficient picking processes

Our order picking system features will help you achieve a more efficient picking process:

Inventory management and control

Inventory management and control is directly linked to the picking process. A well-managed inventory will lead to a better picking process. This is why Canary7 provides you with the best inventory management and control solutions. 

No longer do you have to deal with chaotic stock handling and storage; Canary7 organises everything from start to finish and makes sure that your inventory is at par with the industry standards. This way, you can speed up your fulfilment processes as well as making sure that there is a general level of organisation within the warehouse. 

Inventory management and control - Canary7
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Barcode and RFID support

Barcode and RFID support

Creating an efficient picking process without the help of barcode and RFID support is impossible. This is why our order picking software provides you with top-notch barcode scanning as well as RFID technology that will help you track your inventory from the beginning of the fulfilment journey right till the very end. 

By utilising these two technologies respectively, you can make sure that you are, at all times, aware of what is happening within your warehouse and that the picking process can be strategized properly, instead of simply being a miscalculated shot in the dark.

Automated picking lists

Picking lists play a great role in creating the right picking process. However, if you rely on manual picking lists, you are leaving space for errors, mistakes, and delays that will definitely leave an adverse impact on your picking process. 

On the other hand, an automated picking list with can easily be created with the help of Canary7’s order picking software will help you have an accurate view of the orders that need to be fulfilled, and hence make the fulfilment journey considerably easier for you from start to finish – which, after all, is everything that a business wants.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Automated picking lists
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Shipping integrations

Shipping integrations

Your picking processes must always be aligned with the requirements of your courier in order for the overall delivery to be smooth and obstacle-free. This can be achieved with the help of the carrier integrations offered by Canary7. No matter who your shipping partner is, Canary7 can connect your picking process with them which will allow you to have a considerably more well-connected fulfilment journey. 

Shipping integrations will not only boost efficiency, they will also help you strike the right balance and create a delivery experience that is impressive for all your customers, and encourages them to do business with you in the future as well.

Last-mile logistics optimisation

Last-mile logistics is important. You would be thinking it has nothing to do with picking; but the fact of the matter is that everything within the fulfilment experience is closely connected, including the picking process and last-mile logistics. 

Ideally, you should optimise your picking process with the ultimate goal of enabling better last-mile logistics. However, last-mile logistics optimisation can only be done with the help of a robust warehouse order picking software. But luckily, you don’t have to look for it; as Canary7 is the best one you can possibly get, and it will help you achieve an advanced last-mile logistics journey as well as an advanced picking process.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Last-mile logistics optimisation

Factors to consider when choosing your warehouse order picking software

But hey! Don’t let our wonderful features be your last call before you decide which software to pick. In order to make sure that your picking software is actually the right fit for your business and has the ability to help you create a wholly advanced and efficient picking process, we would recommend you to look at the below factors to see if the software of your choice fits these. 

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Customer service requirements

Customer service requirements

The order picking software should help you manage your customers better. Remember how we said that an efficient order picking process is directly linked to how your customers perceive you? In that regard, it becomes understandable that an order picking system should meet your customer service requirements. So, you really need to make choices in accordance with the state of your business. As yourself: do I have too many customers? Do I have less customers but with more niche preferences? Such questions will help you understand what your customer service requirements are precisely, and that will enable you to move forward and see whether the order picking software you pick can help you with those needs.

Physical product characteristics

The physical product characteristics matter a lot too. So, for example, an order picking software that is geared towards the food and beverage industry may not always be the best option for a manufacturing company due to the difference of product characteristics. Therefore, you need to make sure that the one you pick is actually aligned with your needs. If you are lucky, you can get your hands on a warehouse order picking software option like Canary7 that caters to all sorts of physical products; regardless of whether you are an FMCG or a food retailer, Canary7 has a little something for everyone! 

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Physical product characteristics
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Facility size and layout

Facility size and layout

Needless to say, much of the execution of your picking process is dependent on the size of your warehouse. For this reason, your picking software should also be aligned with the facility size and layout of your business. So, a small business may not need an advanced, complex solution, whereas a bigger business could benefit from something that works in a few technicalities. Again, Canary7 can help both these businesses, so if you are someone that wants the best of both worlds, our order picking system can be the best possible option for you.

Level of automation

This one is pretty straightforward, and the good news is that all order picking software can help you achieve at least a certain level of automation so there is some efficiency you can achieve with any system you pick. However, if you want more advanced automation than a warehouse order picking software solution like Canary7 should be your go-to choice as it helps you automate all areas of your business, and hence gives it a much necessary boost. Remember, the more automation you in still within your business, the more efficient you can be so it is always better to level up on automation instead of levelling down.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Level of automation
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Type of infrastructure and technology in place

Type of infrastructure and technology in place

The infrastructure and technology you already use should also be a consideration, as you will need something that can integrate with your other apps and is also compatible with your infrastructure. A cloud-based solution like Canary7’s order picking software is a the best option in this regard because not only is it easily configurable, but it can also be integrated with a plethora of other solutions and gives you an overall, well-connected environment that eventually fosters unparalleled growth and productivity, and hence can help any business climb up the ladder of success.

Specialised procedures

You need an order picking system that can provide you with specialised procedures. With the amount of variety available in the market, it may seem like all solutions are specialised. However, in this regard, it becomes important to run a background check and see whether the solutions are actually specialised or not. In the case of Canary7, it has been designed by picking professionals; which means that the procedures we implement into your warehouse are informed with years of knowledge and experience, which means that there is definitely no space for things to go askew and to cause detriment to your fulfilment processes.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Specialised procedures
Canary7 - Order Picking System - Operational maturity

Operational maturity

Operational maturity is basically a fancier term for overall consistency, reliability, and coherence of an IT system. So, you need an order picking software that provides you with consistent support and is reliable. Obviously, this is something that can only be realised once you have given a software enough time to work. However, to make sure that you are not committing to the wrong one, make sure you do your research and see whether the functionality of the software is fit enough to stay consistent with your activity over a long period of time.

Available resources and workforce

And of course, you don’t want to exhaust all your resources on picking software, so you need to choose one that fits your budget and is compatible with other resources such as your workforce. Luckily, Canary7 is not only affordable but is also bound to become your staff’s favourite tool, which means that you should definitely consider our warehouse order picking software solution if you are looking for something that can very smoothly become a part of your business, without requiring much effort from your side in any regard.

Canary7 - Order Picking System - Available resources and workforce

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