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Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration: How Does it Work?

Take your operations to the next level with a Microsoft Dynamics Integration!

Canary7 - Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration

Meet Canary7
Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration: How Does it Work?

Take your operations to the next level with a Microsoft Dynamics Integration!

ERP software, commonly referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a useful tool for any company aiming to enhance operations and safeguard the basis around which their business is built. ERP becomes even more beneficial and solidifies itself as a necessary component of how you operate your business when it is combined with a warehouse management system with the help of a WMS integration. 

This is what an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics provides; and a Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration can do wonders for your company by simplifying enterprise resource planning and integrating it smoothly with your warehouse operations, allowing your warehouse and other assets to fully contribute to your success.

Want to find out more? Then keep scrolling; because on this page, we dive right into the world of ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, integrations, and of course, warehouse management. 


  • What is Microsoft Dynamics?
  • What are the Uses for Microsoft Dynamics?
  • Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics Modules and Apps
  • Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration
  • What to Expect from a Microsoft Dynamics Integration
  • Summing Up

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Let’s start by discussing Microsoft Dynamics. 

Microsoft Dynamics, also known as Dynamics 360, is a collection of integrated, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and services that are intended to alter and support the fundamental business operations involving you clients, staff, and customers day-to-day integral business processes. 

Essentially, what this collection of apps does is integrate your data, business logic, and processes and by skilfully combining the features of CRM and ERP. Therefore, Dynamics 365 delivers automated, integrated, and intelligent sales and marketing capabilities that effectively connect, prioritise, and convert leads into paying clients in place of having distinct, segregated sales and marketing activities. 

Microsoft Dynamics is constructed on Microsoft Azure, which provides a reliable platform and a wide range of service options, and hence is widely trusted by many users.. Additionally, it is directly linked with the productivity tools in Microsoft 365, providing you with a uniform method to manage people and services without having to divide your attention between different elements that require improvement.

What are the Uses for Microsoft Dynamics?

Next question: why does a business even need a solution like Microsoft Dynamics?

To put it simply, you can use Microsoft Dynamics in the following ways: 

  1. Interlinking people, processes, and data from many apps, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn, and Azure – in an effort to help your organisation work as a cohesive whole. 
  2. Using built-in AI, analytics, and guided action suggestions to make better decisions that boost your business and lead to more lucrative outcomes.  
  3. Customising the programme to suit your demands as opposed to altering your company model. The majority of programmes may be customised using Microsoft Power Platform or integrated with current systems. 
  4. For progressive company innovation, modernise your strategy by combining AI, mixed reality, social media, and mobile capabilities.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics

If you are wondering why exactly you should choose Microsoft Dynamics over any other ERP solution, have a look at three of the main advantages it provides:

Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration - Custom-fit apps

Custom-fit apps

The applications in Dynamics 365 may be tailored to your company’s demands as well as those of your individual departments. While each programme is made to function well on its own, when used in tandem, they perform even better. You select the app you wish to use initially, then add others as necessary to accommodate how your users want to operate. 

There is a wide variety of mobile applications available in addition to these browser-based apps being accessible from anywhere, on any device. Additionally, you still have complete control over how the services and apps are set up to satisfy your business and security requirements thanks to the administrator tools offered right out of the box. The Microsoft Power Platform may also be used to create unique, automated experiences based on your processes and data.

Almost no coding required

With Dynamics 365, users have the ability to create applications independently using the point-and-click interface of Microsoft Power Apps. The visual engine and workflow power are fully automated, and the entire process is best comparable to creating a PowerPoint presentation!  With power AI and intelligence tools, your company can quickly and effectively generate insights that can then be used to improve your business activity and operations. 

Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration - Almost no coding required
Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration - Stunning visualisation

Stunning visualisation 

You may apply machine learning to your business processes and insights using the AI builder, which is a feature of Power BI. With the help of the Power BI, you can benefit from robust data visualisation and analytics tools. Through the inclusion of mixed reality, you may even update how your company interacts with apps by showing information in actual settings. 

For example you are free to ramp up on-the-job training to provide your staff practical instruction and enhance their interaction with Dynamics 365 guides – this way, you can ensure that the staff knows how to make the most out of Dynamics. Additionally, you might include outside platforms like DataRobot, which can help you benefit from even better visualisation. 

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Microsoft Dynamics Modules and Apps

In this section, we will take an in depth look at all the modules and apps provided by Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration - Microsoft Dynamics Modules and Apps

Customer Insights Module

This module integrates customer data from Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and external data sources and aids users in deriving insights from the data that can be put to use in the future as well. Additionally, Power BI is included in this module for data analytics and visualisation. Predictive and forecast data may be obtained by using artificial intelligence algorithms to discover consumer behaviour trends and patterns.

Customer Service Module

As the name suggests, this module is all about streamlining your interactions with customers as a business. Dynamics 365 provides multichannel customer interaction capabilities, self-service / self-care portal tools, community engagement tools, and support agent tools – all of which are actionable in terms of enhancing the overall customer experience you offer. 

Field Service Module

Field Service is one of the most challenging aspects in business, and luckily Microsoft Dynamics covers this as well. This is the Dynamics 365 component which is utilised largely for resource planning and scheduling, contract management, inventory management, insights into items connected to the internet of things, and customer communication capabilities.

Finance and Operations Module

This module deals with finance and operations management. Through this module, Dynamics 365 provides financial management together with all the reporting and analytics options. It also offers manufacturing tools for supply chain management, warehouse and inventory control, and project, production, scheduling, and cost management.

Marketing Module

In order to deliver campaign management and targeted, tailored marketing capabilities that meet your specific needs, Dynamics 365 connects Dynamics CRM with Adobe Marketing Cloud. This makes the Marketing module quite an efficient tool for businesses that are looking to improve their marketing processes. 

Project Service Automation

With the help of this module, you get to automate resource scheduling, time and cost management, service analytics, and project planning all at once. It delivers what you require while streamlining management.

Retail Module

Best for retailers, this module by Dynamics 365 comes filled to the brim with tools for business, administration of employees and stores, management of products, and operational insights. Think of it as an all-inclusive package for retailers that can help them streamline all the integral elements of their business. 

Sales Module

The sales module offers information about potential customers’ sources, customer interaction and service personalisation data, sales productivity, and performance indicators on several platforms, including Magento and Shopify. With the help of this, you can gain a deeper insight into how well your sales are progressing. 

Talent Module

The Talent module by Dynamics 365 is meant to handle all facets of HR, human resource cloud services coupled with LinkedIn. In managing HR initiatives, this includes looking for, selecting, and onboarding fresh hires, which makes it easier for businesses to make sure that they are hiring and onboarding just the right fit for the job.

Microsoft Dynamics WMS Integration

Now, you must be wondering what’s the point of a Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration. 

Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP package, that much is true. Most of the choices you need to run your business are available within this ERP solution in itself. However, none of them are particularly focused on warehouse management. If you want to get the most out of this experience, you must connect your Microsoft Dynamics subscription to an appropriate warehouse management system, for example Canary7.

With the help of a Microsoft Dynamics integration that connects Dynamics 365 solutions to your warehouse, you can truly take your business to the next level. When you’ve connected your warehouse management system to Microsoft Dynamics, you can streamline every aspect of warehousing and fulfillment and that too in a way that actually results in success. You will be able to keep track of things much better if you keep a far more accurate record that can be examined later – all of which leads to the importance of investing in a Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration for your company. 

You may complete a multitude of jobs with only one Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration, making your investment truly worthwhile. While the ERP side will assist you with finances, marketing, and customer relationship management, the warehouse management side of the integration can make sure that the fulfillment procedures that take place within your warehouse complex are accomplished properly and that there are no delays, errors, or defects that you have to deal with (for example).

A Microsoft Dynamics WMS connection, especially the one offered by Canary7, would considerably streamline your operations and prove to be a beneficial addition to your business. With the help of this integration, you may finally provide your business with the amount of automation it deserves.

Summing Up

In the ERP market, Microsoft Dynamics is a great solution for businesses that are looking for a comprehensive resource planning solution. As discussed, it can help you achieve a lot of your goals without requiring much effort from your end. It offers a wide range of reliable solutions that may help you with your corporate resource planning problems. As such, it can become a quite a helpful tool for you if you are looking to remap the trajectory of your business success. 

But when it comes to warehouse management, it just lacks the power of a specialist solution like Canary7.

With Canary7, you can make the most of Microsoft Dynamics and ensure that your ERP and WMS systems are somewhat interconnected. Once that is done, it will be easier to steer your company in the appropriate way! 

As a result, if you want to make sure that your business is properly managed from all sides, a Microsoft Dynamics WMS integration is definitely something you need to look into. 

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