Meet Canary7
NetSuite WMS Integration: Everything You Need to Know

Take your operations to the next level with a NetSuite integration!

Canary7 - Netsuite WMS Integration

Meet Canary7
NetSuite WMS Integration: Everything You Need to Know

Take your operations to the next level with a NetSuite integration!

What is a ERP WMS Integration?

As the name suggests, an ERP WMS integration integrates ERP with your warehouse management system. ERP WMS integrations allow you to use the helpful features of WMS in tandem, and in turn boost your productivity to the fullest. You get unified access to information from all these systems, and that too in real time. 

An ERP WMS integration is the ultimate way to boost the efficiency of all the important day-to-day tasks you are entrusted to master along the way. It brings collaboration to the centre of your operations, and ensures that your efforts are being dispersed equally amongst the different aspects of your business. When ERP is integrated with a warehouse management software, it becomes even more useful and establishes itself as an integral part of the way you run your business. 

NetSuite is the kind of ERP that does this – a NetSuite WMS integration can give your business the push in the right direction by streamlining enterprise resource planning and connecting it seamlessly to your warehouse activity, so that your warehouse as well as other assets can contribute towards your success in the fullest. 

Want to find out more? Then keep scrolling; because on this page, we dive right into the world of ERP, Netsuite, integrations, and of course, warehouse management.


  • A Look into NetSuite
  • How Does NetSuite Work?
  • NetSuite WMS Integration: Business Modules
  • NetSuite WMS Integration: What’s the Deal?
  • Summing Up

A Look into NetSuite

Before we get to exploring the role of a NetSuite WMS integration in your business, it is important to know exactly what NetSuite is. In the simplest of terms, NetSuit is a cloud business software suite for enterprise resource planning. It is a multi-functional software that can help you with a range of things including, but not limited to, inventory tracking, inventory management, financial tracking, eCommerce hosting, and customer relationship management. All in all, it provides a holistic solution to the problem of having to manage different areas of your business altogether. 

NetSuite claims to be a unique ERP solution – it goes beyond spreadsheets and other boring, old ERP tactics, and really provides its users with advanced, innovative methods of enterprise resource planning and in doing so, empowers businesses to reduce operating costs, enhance in-house efficiency, and turn the back end of their operations into the ultimate hub of productivity. 

NetSuite is also different from many other ERP software solutions because it is majorly built in the cloud, which means that instead of having to rely on on-premise solutions, you can access your information on the cloud and hence, from basically anywhere in the world, at absolutely any time. Since the accessibility of information is severely underrated when it comes to business operations, the fact that NetSuite does this can really help you realise how important it is to be in control of your data, and hence, allows you to rethink many of the important strategies for your business. 

A NetSuite WMS integration, in addition, forms the ultimate connection between NetSuite ERP and your warehouse. By bringing your NetSuite features together with your warehouse management system, you are equipping your business with just the force it needs to establish itself as a thought-leader and leave the rest of your competitors behind. 

For this reason, NetSuite is loved by thousands of businesses around the globe. After all, who doesn’t like convenience. However, in order to get the most out of NetSuite, the best approach would be to use a NetSuite WMS integration… but more about that later! 

How Does NetSuite Work?

At this point, you are wondering how exactly NetSuite works. Don’t worry; we’ve got you!

We have already discussed how NetSuite is a top contender when it comes to providing your business with the resources it needs to move forward in the right direction. This also includes real-time insights, analyses, and other performance indicators that are needed to understand the progress of your business. 

How does it do that? 

Well, by providing you with a range of applications that are interconnected and eventually allow you to run your entire business on a single platform. These applications are referred to as “modules,” and are meant to act as useful additions to the framework of your operations. 

Still not sure of what we mean? 

NetSuite gives you the chance to control your business with just one click. You enter the single sign in portal offered by NetSuite, and that’s all you need to do in order to be introduced to a world filled with business modules. Each of these modules is meant to improve a certain area of your business. In addition, you also get options to customise the whole experience for yourself. Everything from graphs, charts, and metrics to reminders and shortcuts is at your disposal. With easy drag and drop navigation, you can personalise the feel of NetSuite in accordance with your own preferences. 

Each of the business modules present on the NetSuite software shares a common database. Essentially, what it means is that information from different areas of your business is easily exchanged to and from each other, which means there is a greater level of connectivity between the two. It also means that this information is easily accessible for all departments. So, if the sales team quickly wants to check in on the warehouse activity or your customer relationship reps want to check in on the inventory so that they can better respond to customer’s queries, it is totally possible. Needless to say, this level of inter connectivity helps you save a huge chunk of time and also reduce the overall costs you have to carry in order to make your business processes more efficient. Also, NetSuite is an internet-based software solution. What this means is that all you need for the proper functioning of this ERP wonder is a steady and stable wifi connection. As long as that is sorted, it will not be hard for NetSuite to help you manage all the nitty-gritty details of your success. 

NetSuite uses a SaaS model, so you will need to subscribe to its services in order to benefit from the features it offers. Many people prefer SaaS solutions, as the cost for these is relatively less than that software which requires the user to make infrastructure changes. So, we know already that SaaS as well as cloud technology is the future of business management – and this is exactly the idea that NetSuite operates on. It seems as if the aim of NetSuite is to ensure that its users get the most out of ERP without having to invest a hefty amount in the upkeep of their business. Needless to say, this is something that sits well with many users and hence, makes NetSuite one of the most trusted ERP software solutions out there – which makes a NetSuite WMS integration even more important for you to get!

NetSuite WMS Integration: Business Modules

As mentioned earlier, NetSuite operates with the help of business modules. To understand how a NetSuite WMS integration would be involved in the scenario, it is important to understand what these business modules are and how they can help your business. 

The main areas in which NetSuite offers capabilities are: 

NetSuite WMS Integration - Customer Relationship Management

1) Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is an important part of any business. If you want to grow and expand your operations, you have to impress your customers and make sure that they are being heard. However, this is easier said than done and often, you may find that you can not get everything under control on time. With the NetSuite ERP software, customer relationship management can be implemented seamlessly across all levels.

2) Professional Services Automation

If you are in the professional services automation industry, you will understand that there is a shortage of apps and software that cater to this particular field. This means that there are not a lot of advanced technological solutions that can help you navigate the problems associated with your work. However, NetSuite allows you to do that. You can create your company plan, track your projects, and even execute the strategies you want with little to no effort.

NetSuite WMS Integration - Professional Services Automation
NetSuite WMS Integration - Human Resources

3) Human Resources

HR is also a very technical aspect of any business. Whether you are a retailer or a third party logistics provider, your workforce is the ultimate power of your business, which is why you are required to manage human resources with utmost precision and dedication. While doing that manually may not be the best option, it can be done with the NetSuite ERP software. Whether it is onboarding, payroll, employee performance, or tracking tasks – you can do it all with just a few clicks.

4) International

Who doesn’t like scalability? That’s right – everyone does! No matter what your business is, we are sure that you think of going global someday. However, often, business-owners hesitate from that prospect because it is complicated to manage a business on a large-scale, especially on an international level. Yet, with NetSuite, you can do that! It allows you to take a unified global approach when it comes to business management and hence, as an ERP software can be used all across the world, regardless of where it is in the world.

NetSuite WMS Integration - International
NetSuite WMS Integration - eCommerce

5) eCommerce

eCommerce is without doubt the most powerful industry in the world. Jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon is something that a lot of businesses are doing currently – and rightly so. After all, the ROI you get if you manage to pull off the whole eCommerce game is worthwhile. Setting up and running an online store can become considerably easier if you use NetSuite, which claims to specialise in this area and allow you to integrate your website with back end things like inventory, financials, and order management absolutely seamlessly.

6) Planning and Budgeting

A business is only as good as the plan it follows – which means it is important for you to establish a plan for your business. This plan will include an optimized budget if you are trying to increase your profits and save up on the cost-spending. NetSuite makes this easier as well, and allows you to consolidate all your plans, share them, and even comment on them as a team so that you can holistically improve them and align them with the goals of your business.

NetSuite WMS Integration - Planning and Budgeting

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A Full List of NetSuite Modules

Here’s a full list of NetSuite business modules for your reference:

The eCommerce & retail management modules offered by NetSuite ERP include:

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • SuiteCommerce InStore (Point of Sale)
  • SuiteCommerce Standard
  • Advanced Order Management

The Services Resource Planning (SRP) modules offered by NetSuite ERP include:

  • Job Costing
  • Project Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • OpenAir

The Human Capital Management (HCM) modules offered by NetSuite ERP include:

  • SuitePeople
  • Premier Payroll Service

The financial management modules offered by NetSuite ERP include:

  • Fixed Assets
  • Multi book Accounting
  • One World
  • Advanced Financials
  • Suite Billing
  • Advanced Revenue Management
  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

The inventory & manufacturing management modules offered by NetSuite include: 

  • Advanced Inventory
  • Manufacturing WIP & Routing
  • Demand Planning
  • Advanced Procurement
  • Work Orders & Assemblies
  • Advanced Manufacturing

Getting Access to NetSuite Modules

Impressed by NetSuite modules and want to get your hands on them ASAP? Well, you can – easily! All your company has to do is license modules on an individual basis, or even as a bundle. It depends on what exactly the goals of your business are. If you can’t figure those out, then you can even get your hands on an industry-based package of modules. This suite will consist of solutions that other businesses in your industry need, and hence will allow you to stay at par with universal needs of the industry you work in. Again, it all depends on where you stand as a company. You can easily pick the option that is most convenient for you, and see if it works. 

As far as the pricing of these is concerned, that too depends on your needs, considering that the cost of each module varies in accordance with the edition type as well as the functionality of that particular module. Once you get your NetSuite subscription, you can license a module at any time – so again, your NetSuite plan will be well-aligned with your needs as a business.

Removing NetSuite Modules

But what if you get a NetSuite business module and it doesn’t work for you?

Well, the sad news is that you can only remove modules during the contract renewal period. This means that if you license a bunch of modules when you subscribe to NetSuite, you will have to pay for them for the duration of your subscription. You will only be able to remove them once your contract period is over. 

This means that you have to be careful about the modules you choose, since there is no particular way to cancel them! Only pick the ones you can confidently see improving your business, and nothing else, because that would just mean additional costs for your business, and of course, no one wants that. 

NetSuite WMS Integration: What’s the Deal?

The question that remains unanswered is this: where does a warehouse management system like Canary7 come into all of this. 

Here’s the thing: NetSuite is an ERP software solution. It provides you with most solutions you need to run your business. However, none of these is targeted specifically towards warehouse management. If you want to make the most of your subscription with NetSuite, you will have to connect it to an adequate warehouse management system, preferably Canary7. 

This is because once you connect your warehouse management system with NetSuite, you will be connecting your warehouse activity with an ERP software that will help you streamline all aspects of warehousing and fulfilment. You will be able to record things in a considerably better way, with a much more accurate record that can be referred to later on. 

This is where it becomes absolutely crucial for your business to invest in a NetSuite WMS integration. You will be getting many different things done with just one NetSuite WMS integration, and hence its an investment that is truly worthwhile. While the ERP side of the integration will help you look after finances, marketing, and customer relationship management (for example), the warehouse management side can ensure that the fulfilment procedures that take place within your warehouse complex are achieved properly and that there are no delays, errors, or defects that you have to deal with. What is better than that? 

A NetSuite WMS integration, especially the one offered by Canary7, will greatly simplify your operations and will prove to be a meaningful addition to your business. With the help of this integration, you can finally introduce your business to the kind of automation it deserves.

Summing Up

When it comes to the world of ERP, NetSuite is a great contender. It has an extensive range of solutions that can be relied on to help you with your enterprise resource planning problems, and hence it has the potential to make itself an integral part of your business. However, when it comes to warehouse management, it is simply not as powerful alone as it would be with a dedicated warehouse management system like Canary7. 

A NewSuite WMS integration, therefore, is an important extension that you can equip your business with, and hence should definitely be on your radar if you want to make sure that your business is well-managed from every end.