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It’s time to say goodbye to every manual warehouse management process ever – because now, all you need to improve the way you streamline fulfilment is a SaaS solution.

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SaaS Warehouse Management

The right SaaS WMS software will not only help you become the best in your industry but will also allow that to happen without harming your budget in any possible way. Needless to say, this is exactly what you need to solidify the success of your business in the longer run, and hence the integration of SaaS WMS solutions into your processes should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Canary7; the world’s leading SaaS warehouse management system, is here to help you improve your operations from the ground level up. And the best part? It is now just a few clicks away. 


Understanding SaaS

A lot of businesses fail to realise that they need a SaaS warehouse management system, simply because they don’t understand SaaS as a concept. 

SaaS stands for software as a service and is essentially a method of providing helpful services as a form of application over the Internet. Instead of having to install and maintain the software, you can simply log into a platform on the Internet and manage all your data there – which provides a lot of convenience to businesses. 

Main SaaS Characteristics

If you are planning to get a SaaS warehouse management system, you need to be clear on what the main SaaS characteristics are, to begin with. A few elements that make SaaS what it essentially is are:

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Understanding SaaS
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Availability

Characteristic 1: Availability

The main characteristic of a SaaS solution is its availability. It is very easily available and accessible and doesn’t need to meet any special requirements to use to the best of its ability. 

As such, anyone who wants to conveniently use a service can opt for a SaaS solution, and make the most out of it without any problems. 

Characteristic 2: Maintenance

Software that needs to be installed or an on-premise solution that requires specific infrastructure assets is hard to maintain, and that is one of the drawbacks that these solutions present businesses with. 

On the other hand, we have SaaS solutions; these are maintained by the vendor, which means that the user does not have to worry much about what should and should not be done to maintain the solution. This takes a great burden off of your shoulders and ensures that it is only experts that stay in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the SaaS solution. 

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Maintenance
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Cost

Characteristic 3: Cost

As compared to other software solutions, a SaaS solution is also likely to be a lot cheaper. This is because once you sign up and pay for the solution itself – that’s it! You don’t have to invest in any maintenance costs, which means you can save money. 

Not only that, but you don’t have to spend money on hiring any experts either; neither for the use of the solution nor its implementation and maintenance. In that regard, it is quite cost-effective and hence, a better solution for any business that is looking to cut back on its spending. 

Characteristic 4: Flexibility

A SaaS solution is also quite flexible in general. So, it can be scaled up or down on demand, following the needs of your business. If you are a business that is prone to fluctuations in customer demand or your selling activity, it is considerably better to invest in a flexible solution that can be changed following your needs. 

It is also flexible in the sense that it can be easily updated. When you invest in a SaaS solution, you are not investing in a static experience. Instead, you are investing in a dynamic experience that evolves at par with your business and industry.

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Flexibility
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Ease of use

Characteristic 5: Ease of use

Another characteristic of a SaaS solution is that it is easy to use. Because SaaS applications are targeted towards a larger audience in general, it is ultimately their goal to make the solution as easy to use for everyone as possible.

This means that there is no need to employ experts just to get the best out of your SaaS software systems. You, as well as your team, can very well manage SaaS solutions and put them to use. This way, the solution becomes a lot more beneficial for your operations. 

Benefits of SaaS

But why should you consider a SaaS solution? It’s because a SaaS solution can bring a range of benefits to the table, including:

No wait is required 

One of the best things about SaaS solutions is that you don’t need to wait around for a long time for the results to show. As soon as you implement the solution, you will start seeing an improvement. 

The best thing about this is that there is no wait involved, even with the implementation of the SaaS solution. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time in any way, and can cut right to the chase whenever you like.

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - No wait is required
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Fewer costs - more savings and profits

Fewer costs – more savings and profits

No matter what the nature or size of your business is, it is important for you to always be mindful of your spending. 

Luckily, implementing SaaS helps you with this. You can improve your cash flow, boost your revenue, and get more profits by just integrating SaaS software in your operations and as such, it can prove to be integral to your strategy and give you the leverage it deserves. 

A holistic solution with advanced integration options

In today’s day and age, if you want a solution to work for you, it has to be a holistic solution. What that means is that it should be able to connect with other applications that will help you improve your business as a whole and allow you to become more efficient in all areas. 

A SaaS solution usually allows many advanced integration options, which means that it allows you to enhance your activity on a multi-dimensional level. So, for businesses that are looking for that sort of improvement in their operations, a SaaS solution is the ultimate go-to. 

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - A holistic solution with advanced integration options
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Focus on what matters; straightforward features

Focus on what matters; straightforward features

Instead of being distracted by all the noise that doesn’t add any value to your business, a SaaS solution makes it easier for you to focus on what matters. It is likely to offer straightforward features, which means it is easier than ever for you to improve your processes. 

As such, it is more efficient than its alternatives and will bring more productivity to your business. You can also save time and make your efforts worthwhile, thanks to the kind of command it allows you to have over its capabilities, and hence makes itself an integral part of your success. 

Stay up-to-date at all times (minus the hassle)

If you are looking to emerge as a leader in your industry, you have to stay up-to-date at all times. Not only in terms of industry best practices but also in terms of the applications you are using as being a strong and effective component of your business. 

A SaaS solution is great in this sense. Since the vendor of the software is responsible for all the maintenance, it is their domain to make sure that the solution remains updated and functions seamlessly, without any problems. With automatic updating, it becomes easier to stay on top of things throughout and make sure that the solution you are investing in remains in your best interests.

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Stay up-to-date at all times (minus the hassle)

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SaaS warehouse management system: here’s why you need it

A SaaS warehouse management system has the potential to make your fulfilment more seamless and hence, more impressive, than ever. Here are a few reasons that make it the absolute best option for all businesses: 

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Thanks to a pay-as-you-go approach, you can be a little easier on your cash flow

Reason 1: Thanks to a pay-as-you-go approach, you can be a little easier on your cash flow

Warehouse management is rarely a cheap affair: you need the most advanced solutions to ensure that your warehouse processes are properly streamlined, and in case you don’t have the money and other resources needed to invest in this direction, you can see a lot of problems with your overall warehouse management strategy. 

However, SaaS WMS solutions do not pose a problem in that sense. They allow you to pay as you go, which essentially means that you only pay for as much as you need – nothing more and nothing less. This is not only a little easier on your budget but is also indubitably a great way to know exactly what it is that you are spending money on. 

For this reason, SaaS warehouse management software is a much better option for businesses that are hoping to cut back on their costs and still don’t want to neglect the operational efficiency of their warehouse processes.

Reason 2: It is completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about data integrity 

When it comes to warehouse management in today’s time and age, it is more than important for a business to focus on its data integrity. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your data, but you also don’t want to restrict your activity too much because that would harm your overall performance as a business. 

That is where SaaS warehouse management software comes in and saves the day. With SaaS WMS solutions, your data is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about it being compromised; unlike on-premise solutions that are generally less safe and more prone to malfunctions. 

What this means essentially is that you can easily do whatever you like, and don’t have to restrict your activity in any way. Moreover, because your data is safe, it also becomes a lot easier to put it to good use and make sure that it is improving the operations of your business. 

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - It is completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about data integrity
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Scale up a lot more easily

Reason 3: Scale up a lot more easily

If scalability is one of your ultimate objectives for your business, then you need to start considering bringing a SaaS WMS solution to the centre of your business – because this will be your best bet. 

If you invest in any other solution, there are chances that at one point, it will stop being of use to you. For example, if you grow and expand your operations, you could find that it is not ready to support your expansion because it is meant for small  businesses. Similarly, if at any point you decide to scale down on your operations, it could be hard to align a software solution with that. 

You don’t have to worry about any of that with a SaaS warehouse management system. Thanks to the capabilities it offers, it becomes a lot easier for you to scale up or down as you like, simply based on your preferences and the needs of your business.

Reason 4: Automate all your processes, and bring extra efficiency to your business 

A SaaS warehouse management system is a much better option than a manual or paper-based system. The main reason behind this is that it is an automated solution and as such, it works by automating all your processes and hence, making them a lot more efficient. 

Increased automation in your business also means that you are ultimately making fewer mistakes and errors. This way, you don’t have to waste time and energy in rectifying any issues that can be avoided in the first place. 

SaaS WMS software, therefore, is the best way to make sure that you are staying on top of your industry – and this is because of the automation it offers as that is what allows you to become the best version of yourself and take your warehouse a step ahead of your competitors.

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Automate all your processes, and bring extra efficiency to your business
Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Create a much more evolved customer experience

Reason 5: Create a much more evolved customer experience

One of the best ways to make sure that you stay in business, in the long run, is to be on the good side of your customers, and for you to be able to do that, you have to work on creating the perfect customer experience. 

This can also only be done with the help of a warehouse management system, especially a SaaS one. The main reason behind this is that a SaaS warehouse management software makes all the right improvements to your warehouse and that too without requiring any effort from your end. While the smooth operation this results in will impress your customers, it will also allow you to free up the right amount of time to focus on crafting the perfect customer experience, and getting on their good side in other aspects as well.


Why Canary7?

When it comes to warehouse management, there is no better option than Canary7. We are everything you want your SaaS WMS software to be: straightforward, flexible, and easy to use. This means that no matter what your business is like, introducing Canary7’s SaaS warehouse management solution will help you become a considerably better, much more evolved business. 

We offer a range of solutions: from warehouse management to order management, there is little that you cannot do with Canary7. If the evolution of your business is your biggest concern, but you don’t want to run the risk of you emptying your pockets, then Canary7 is truly the perfect fulfilment partner for you. 

Canary7 - SaaS warehouse management system - Why Canary7_

Revolutionise your warehouse management processes with the perfect fulfilment partner

Ready to revolutionise your warehouse management processes?

All you have to do is bring Canary7 into your operations, and the rest we will handle on our own. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo today and see how we can help your business transform. It is completely free of cost and will help you familiarise yourself with our functionalities before you take the leap and commit to us. 

SaaS Warehouse Management System | FAQs

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. As the term suggests, it is targeted toward providing software that can be used as a service. It is quite a popular service model that a lot of applications now utilise, and is meant to provide unparalleled convenience to a business.

SaaS can be of any nature. For example, it can be billing or invoicing software, an HR solution, or even a CRM application. The sky's the limit when it comes to SaaS. With the help of a SaaS solution, it is easier for businesses to centralise management and data, and it also makes it easier for you to manage your platform responsibilities and ensure efficiency.

What is the difference between SaaS and cloud-based solutions?

Not a lot of people are clear on this, but SaaS and cloud-based solutions are two different things. It is a little confusing, because they are both essentially “cloud-based,” considering that they exist in the cloud. However, they are not the same, and perceiving them as the same will blur your understanding of how they work separately.

Where a SaaS WMS would be on a shared infrastructure, a cloud-based WMS would exist on a privately hosted server. This is the key difference! Keep in mind that because of this, a SaaS is a lot more affordable option whereas a cloud-based solution requires a slightly larger investment. Not only that, but SaaS is easier to implement and does not take much time, whereas cloud-based software would take more time to implement.

How can I choose the best SaaS warehouse management system for my business?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind in that regard. You should be mindful of your budget, as the most important point for you to ensure should be that you are getting a solution that you can afford in the long term.

Other than that, just make sure that the SaaS solution you invest in has all the features you need, and that the vendor is willing to help you in case things go wrong. And luckily, Canary7 checks all these boxes so you don’t have to look out for longer.

Why should I consider Canary7?

As mentioned earlier, Canary7 checks all the boxes that need to be checked for a warehouse management solution to be the best fit for you. It is flexible, and allows you to improve your operations holistically, without requiring a lot of attention and effort from you.

The minds behind Canary7 are experts in order fulfilment, so we can truly help you evolve as a business - and that is why you should pick us!

Can I get a free demo of Canary7?

Yes! At Canary7, our main concern is to ensure that the customer is happy with our services. As such, we want you to ensure that Canary7 does indeed offer the functionality and capabilities you need, and that can only be done if you can test us out before you make us a part of your strategy.

For this reason, we offer a completely free-of-cost demo. You can get it today, and see what we are all about. Once you are 100% satisfied with what we have to offer, only then do we want you to go ahead and integrate us into your operations.