Expert Guide to Improve Accuracy and Reduce Costs with Manufacturing Warehouse Management Software.

Successful warehouse operations are essential for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automotive parts to succeed in the current global supply chains that move quickly. Yet, keeping costs down and accuracy within your facilities four walls comes with its own set of special difficulties.

Luckily, modern manufacturing warehouse management software offers sophisticated yet user-friendly tools to streamline workflows, gain unprecedented oversight, and make informed decisions that translate directly to the bottom line.

This expert guide explores how leveraging such a solution’s full potential can significantly improve accuracy and reduce expenses for manufacturing businesses of any scale.

Prioritize Inventory Accuracy with Intelligent Controls

Precise inventory tracking is paramount for manufacturing facilities, yet human errors and inefficiencies often lead to costly inaccuracies.


Advanced manufacturing warehouse management software tackles this challenge head-on with features like:

  • Intelligent Replenishment Points – Live inventory visibility allows designating automatic reordering thresholds tailored to each SKU’s usage patterns and lead times. This ensures the right materials are on hand without overstocking.
  • RFID/Barcode Scanning – Real-time location systems (RTLS) and automatic item identification via RFID or barcodes minimizes manual data entry mistakes during receiving, putaway, picking, packing and shipping workflows.
  • Lot/Serial Number Tracking – Full traceability of individual components through the production process and beyond safeguards quality standards with comprehensive batch and expiration date management.
  • Cycle Counting – Automated physical inventory verifications at customizable intervals identify and swiftly resolve stock discrepancies before they impact operations.

Adopting intelligent controls takes the guesswork out of inventory management. Manufacturers leveraging these capabilities of a third party logistics software are demonstrated to achieve above-average inventory accuracy rates of 98-99% while also reducing working capital requirements.

Streamline Operations for Maximized Efficiency

Inaccurate production planning or inefficient processes often force manufacturers to pay the expensive price of excessive overtime, unnecessary rush shipping charges, or costly production stoppages. Warehouse management software optimized for manufacturing facilities helps overcome such profit-draining scenarios.


For example, it can establish:

  • Intuitive Production Scheduling – Forecasting future material needs and synchronizing production line sequencing based on real sales data helps avoid stockouts and overages alike.
  • Demand-Driven Replenishment – Trigger replenishment of individual SKUs on the shop floor based on predetermined minimum/maximum thresholds rather than relying on gut feelings alone.
  • Automated Workforce Management – Assign tasks to workers equipped with mobile devices and verify completion with labour tracking. Gain oversight to better balance workloads.
  • Yard Management – Optimize trailer/container storage locations in the yard and track their contents with digital yard maps for loading/unloading optimization.
  • Pairing optimized processes with role-based mobile accessibility from anywhere transforms warehouse execution. Manufacturers report boosted productivity by up to 25% with such streamlined operations powered by retail inventory management software.

Intelligently Manage Complex Production Requirements

Beyond inventory and labour efficiencies, manufacturing workflows entail various production-centric complexities that challenge traditional WMS offerings. Thankfully, today’s best-in-class solutions intelligently support:

  • Equipment Integration – Coordinate material handling machinery, including AS/RS, conveyors, sortation systems, and robots via interactive warehouse maps.
  • Finite Scheduling – Respect sequenced Bill-of-Materials dependencies, operation durations, and set-up times when planning production calendars.
  • Quality Management – Facilitate quality inspections, audits, and certifications via integrated checklists and digital forms for full traceability.
  • Kanban Process Design – Visualize production line replenishment points and configure automatic component pulls based on preset pull signal types, including time-/count-/level-based triggers.
  • Version Control – Track changes to formulas, designs, or production methods over time with version numbering and audited approval workflows for strict adherence to compliance and safety standards.

This advanced functionality is essential for industries like pharmaceuticals with strict regulatory oversight. Empowered with such capabilities, manufacturers report fewer rejects, higher OEE rates, and overall improved flexibility to adapt production as needed.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility for Informed Decision-making

Armed with accurate, real-time data, manufacturers leveraging innovative FMCG warehousing systems claim unprecedented supply chain control and oversight. Stand-out features that empower this include:

  • Live Inventory Dashboards – Monitor stock levels, expiration dates, and replenishment triggers for all SKUs from any location.
  • Shop Floor Control – Track WIP quantities, labour allocation, bottleneck workstations, and machine downtime from an interactive production floor view.
  • Warehouse Maps – Visually navigate your facility and view current space utilization with digital facility maps.
  • Intuitive Analytics – Evaluate labour performance, order fulfilment trends, and inventory turns through easy-to-use reporting tools.
  • Mobility – Access reports, monitor tasks, and flag issues on the go from any mobile device for complete flexibility.

This real-time insight sets informed decision-makers apart from the rest. They avoid production errors, keep perfect order fulfilment rates, and gain the agility to alter strategies as markets dictate—saving time and money with every move.

Why Canary7? A Premier Manufacturing WMS Provider

Canary7 brings together the ideal combination of expertise, modern capabilities, and unrivalled support that manufacturing facilities require from their third-party logistics software. Some strengths that set them apart include:

wms provider
  • Deep Industry Insights – Their software features cater specifically to production complexities facing electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and other verticals.
  • Intuitive Usability – Worry-free implementations, mobile optimisations, and training materials get all users productive immediately with minimal learning curves.
  • Scalable Architecture – Cloud-based deployments seamlessly scale workflows as businesses expand without performance issues or costly upgrades.
  • Universal Integrations – Connect seamlessly to any ERP, equipment, materials handling systems, or 3rd party applications through flexible APIs.
  • Comprehensive Services – Expert technical assistance and warehouse optimization services guarantee a fast ROI through optimized operations.
  • Agile Enhancements – Constantly evolve the solution based on customer and market feedback to stay ahead of emerging challenges.

With 500+ global customers already achieving measurable benefits, Canary7 backs its WMS with unparalleled post-sales support manufacturing managers can depend on for lasting warehouse success.

The Wrap – Accelerate Your Success in Today’s Marketplace

The ability to precisely forecast demands, flawlessly fulfil complex orders, and efficiently manage intricate production schedules separates thriving manufacturers from the rest.
Modern manufacturing warehouse management software equips them with sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools developed specifically for these needs.

Forward-thinking leaders recognize WMS as a sound long-term investment that pays steady dividends in the form of boosted accuracy, minimized expenses, and maximum productivity. Are you ready to take your operations to the next level?

Book a live Canary7 demo today to see industry-leading capabilities in action. Their experts will work closely with your team throughout the implementation process to ensure quick, customized results. Stop struggling with inefficient systems and start excelling in today’s competitive landscape with the right warehouse management partner.

What are you waiting for? Streamline manufacturing, gain full oversight, and strengthen your competitive edge for the future. Start your Canary7 trial now – it’s risk-free, and you have nothing to lose.

Colleen Ballantine

Colleen Ballantine


UPDATED ON: 6th June 2024

Colleen is a marketing specialist at Canary7, writing in-depth blog content on warehouse management, inventory control, and logistics. With extensive industry experience, Colleen focuses on delivering informative and insightful posts

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