Canary7's marketplace inventory management system: for unmatched inventory control

Canary7: making Marketplace Inventory Management easier.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system: for unmatched inventory control

Canary7: making Marketplace Inventory Management easier.

Inventory management is one of the most difficult components of running an online store, largely because it contains hundreds of activities that must all be carried out perfectly to achieve the best outcomes. Even yet, we recognise that it is far much easier said than done. 

You are dooming yourself to failure if you just use manual processes to manage your inventory. 

What you require is an marketplace inventory management software that will enable you to have unprecedented control over your stock. And Canary7 is the best alternative available for a marketplace inventory management software.

What is a Marketplace?

First off, let’s start by defining what exactly a marketplace is. Well, by dictionary definition, a marketplace is an arena of commercial dealings, basically any place where trade takes place qualifies as a marketplace. For example, this could be a Sunday market in your local area.

Although, when we refer to a marketplace in the 21st century we are more than likely referring to online marketplaces/platforms that brings vendors together, allowing them to sell their products and services to people all over the world. An online marketplace provides businesses of every size and nature the opportunity to tap into a larger, demographically diverse customer base.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - What is a Marketplace_

Canary7 is the marketplace inventory management software that will take your business to the next level.

Canary7 is the technology that will assist your eCommerce business the greatest since it is supported by the knowledge of fulfilment and inventory management professionals. Our features are made expressly to help businesses deal with the many difficulties that they encounter in the rapidly evolving eCommerce sector. No matter what the marketplace of your choice is, Canary7 will assist you with all the features. 

Why Canary7?

Simple Interface

The last issue we want is for you to have to navigate a maze of intricate functions in order to get the most of Canary7’s marketplace inventory management software. Inventory management is challenging enough as it is. For such reasons, Canary7 uses a straightforward, user-friendly interface that enables you to define rules and automate all the necessary operations with a few simple clicks.

Inventory Precision and Accuracy

Accurate inventory data is essential for effective inventory management. It is hard to accomplish this with manual inventory procedures, and you have a greater chance of under stocking or overstocking, which is the greatest nightmare for an eCommerce company. With end-to-end automation offered by Canary7’s marketplace inventory management software, you can increase inventory accuracy, decrease mistakes, and increase efficiency.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Inventory Precision and Accuracy

Only with the aid of first-rate connections can an effortless link between your marketplace and inventory be made, which is precisely why Canary7 provides them. Canary7 may be linked with the framework of your choosing and make it simpler for you to connect two distinct data sources together for flawless performance, regardless of whether your preferred marketplace is Ebay or you have your own online store hosted on Shopify.

Data-driven Forecasts

You need to have access to data-driven insights if you want to optimise your eCommerce business, particularly your warehouse and inventory. With the help of these insights, it will be much simpler for you to make choices that will truly help your company succeed and keep it on the path to success you desire. You can ensure that your business is operating at its peak performance in this way.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Data-driven Forecasts

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Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Constant Inventory Tracking

Constant Inventory Tracking

Inventory management and the general profitability of your marketplace business both depend on accurate inventory tracking. If you don’t keep track of stock, there will be significant gaps in the processing of your orders, which might eventually have a negative effect on your total customer success rate. 

As a result, keeping track of your inventory is crucial. The marketplace inventory management software from Canary7 makes it simpler to keep track of your inventory and ensure that you never again have an overstock or under stock situation. Canary7’s technology is a crucial match for eCommerce firms like yours since it can help you combat several shrinkage issues like breakage, spillage, misplacement, and theft.

Barcode and RFID Technology

Barcode and RFID technologies are significant factors to consider when it comes to managing your stock and inventory. A very typical method of ensuring that your merchandise is precisely where it should be is by scanning barcodes. Pick and pack procedures may be accelerated, and shipping is made noticeably simpler. RFID is also utilised to better maintain your inventories and provide an organised front. 

If this is something you’re searching for, Canary7 should be your top choice for eCommerce inventory management since it enables you to make the most of each of these types of technologies.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Barcode and RFID Technology
Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Calculating Inventory Value

Calculating Inventory Value

Calculating inventory value is crucial for a number of reasons. It not only allows you to assess the present state of your company, but it also enables you to forecast how much further your sales will be able to carry you. But it would be crucial for you to determine the worth of your inventory specifically in order to ensure that you have that specific degree of understanding. 

That is not possible using manual methods. Calculating the worth of your inventory, however, is a snap because of the automation that Canary7’s marketplace inventory management software provides to the system.

Comprehensive Inventory Reporting

Because we recognise how crucial inventory reporting is for every business, we include it with the Canary7’s marketplace inventory management software. With Canary7, you can now produce customised reports that you may use as a basis for future decisions. 

Making decisions that contribute to the growth of your company will be simpler for you if you have a comprehensive understanding of where your company is headed. Furthermore, it guarantees that you have total control over your inventories throughout the fulfilment process, which is crucial for any eCommerce firm.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Comprehensive Inventory Reporting
Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel Support

The road to success in the world of eCommerce is not easy. In order to make sure that your eCommerce market takes off successfully, you might even need to experiment with many sales channels. However, the requirement for several sales channels may also imply that your inventory management procedures will need to be far more elaborate and complicated. 

Not with our marketplace inventory management software.  Regardless of how many eCommerce channels you utilise, Canary7 will help you get there you’re going since our capabilities enable omnichannel retailing.

Connection With Other Platforms

Any software you use to navigate the eCommerce world should be consistent with the online marketplace of your choosing. In essence, you want to consolidate all of your data and establish a smooth information flow between two separate data sources so that your eCommerce business’s back end and front end may work together flawlessly. 

Fortunately, you can accomplish that with the aid of Canary7’s leading integrations. Canary7 will assist you whether you want to use Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, or our marketplace inventory management software to connect to your website.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Connection With Other Platforms
Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Reliable Analytics

Reliable Analytics

In order to effectively manage your inventory and be able to swiftly respond to changes in client demand, it’s important to strike a balance between understanding your inventory’s present status and its future direction. 

Canary7’s marketplace inventory management software is intended to be your entry point to sophisticated analytics and forecasting, which are the only tools that can be used to do this. Simply to stop having to guess, forecast your revenue so that your stock activity may eventually be in line with it.

Cloud-based Solutions

eCommerce companies choose cloud technology over on-site alternatives because it requires less maintenance and is simpler to manage. We recognise this, which is the reason Canary7 uses cloud computing. In addition to being secure, yet it will also enable you to reduce your spending by a little amount and, as a result, increase your profit margins. 

If you’re used to dealing with on-site software, which is more expensive to install and maintain and takes more time and resources to operate effectively, you’ll notice that you only pay per head.

Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Cloud-based Solutions
Canary7's marketplace inventory management system - Connected Order Management

Connected Order Management

One element of efficiently processing eCommerce orders is inventory management. Inventory management has to be integrated with order management for the project to be successful. This will allow you to combine that best of both worlds into a workable approach and make it simpler to process and handle orders. 

Because of this, Canary7’s job is not complete until we have perfected every step of your fulfilment process. You can leave everything up to us, from order management to inventory management. 

Canary7: the answer to all your marketplace inventory management software preferences.

You can finally put an end to your hunt for the ideal marketplace inventory management software thanks to Canary7, which offers everything you could possibly need.

What are you still holding out for? It’s time to join the team.

Marketplace Inventory Management Software | FAQs

What is marketplace inventory management software?

A marketplace inventory management software is a software system that aids shops in expanding their online presence. It helps you to optimise the way you handle the storage of your goods while streamlining your warehouse procedures. In today's environment, using marketplace inventory management software is essentially necessary for wise financial choices. It becomes your responsibility to make sure that each and every inch of space is being utilised, especially given how costly warehouse space is. Essentially, this software system helps you connect your warehouse with the marketplace of your choice, and thus create a seamless connection between the two and takes your productivity, efficiency, and success as a brand to the next level.

Can I get a free demo of Canary7’s features?

Yes! We provide a free sample because we want our clients to feel at ease using our solutions before they commit. This will enable you to become more familiar with our products and choose if they are appropriate for your needs or not. You are under no obligation to join us if Canary7 doesn't feel adequate to you. In this approach, we guarantee that the consumers won't feel pressured into making a significant decision without the necessary information. Before deciding to work with Canary7, you may easily get to know us.

Can Canary7 help me cut down on costs?

Yes! Almost all of our features are created to increase your company's efficiency and ensure that you are taking the proper steps to save money. When you engage with Canary7, we work with you to enhance your eCommerce activity, boost sales, reduce operating expenses, and make wise financial decisions, all of which help you create a budget that is more effectively allocated.

Will Canary7 help me set up the marketplace inventory management software?

A good query! Yes, you have the support of our staff at all times. Canary7 offers to show up whether you want assistance with installing the programme or have urgent questions that must be addressed while using a solution. Our customer service professionals would be pleased to walk you through our features and make absolutely sure that your warehouse maintains its productivity and efficiency. Unlike our rivals, we are not ashamed to express how much we appreciate our consumers! We are ready to assist you with all of your enquiries and worries, so it doesn't matter what they are.