Meet Canary7
Canary7: The Most Powerful 3PL White Label Software

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
Canary7: The Most Powerful 3PL White Label Software

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Are you looking for a 3PL white label software that is the solution to all your white labelling and 3PL problems? The good news is that you don’t have to look any further. 

Canary7 provides the best white label 3PL services that you can get, in addition to other 3PL software solutions that enable you to improve your fulfilment journey to a considerable extent. With Canary7, reselling products on the behalf of your customers couldn’t be easier. 

Designed by 3PL professionals, Canary7 offers the ultimate support you need to execute all your 3PL operations. Whether it is organising your warehousing and streamlining the order processing of white label products, Canary7 shows up to help you and will never let you down. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to help you navigate the different challenges associated with white labelling, and will ensure that not a single customer of ours goes through 3PL problems.

No limitations. No hidden costs. Just you and your white labelling dreams – just a few clicks away from you. 

White Labelling Basics

If you are a 3PL business, then you already know that white labelling is one of the most unique forms of branding. It refers to a fulfilment process where a product that has been made by one company, such as Ikea for example, gets re branded by another company and sold as their own product.

Of course, it’s even more complicated than it sounds. 

For a white label 3PL company, there are many layers to this process that must be taken care of. Not only do you have to receive products on the behalf of your customers, but you also have to ensure that the white labelling process is seamless and the product being shipped to the end user is top-notch in quality, packaging, and all the other important aspects that make your order processing at par with industry standards. 

Less Control

One of the biggest problems associated with the fulfilment process of white label products is that you get much less control on the kind of product you ship out. This is especially true for 3PLs who truly do not have control over the quality of the products, yet have the responsibility to ensure that they are in pristine condition and the end user has no complaints. However, where there is less control on the situation, it is likely that 3PLs will have to struggle to perfect this particular process. 

White Label 3PL Software-Less Control
White Label 3PL Software-Inconsistent Quality

Inconsistent Quality

Quality is of course a huge factor for the success of any fulfilment process. However, when you are dealing with the logistics of a white label business, there is no guarantee for the most part that the quality of products you receive is worthy of being sent out. This puts the whole logistical process at risk for 3PLs like you – because in case the quality is not aligned with the expectations of the customer, it is likely that the customer will return the products. This adds reverse logistics to the picture for you, which means additional burden on your end.

Expensive Execution

Taking on the logistics of white label business is not an easy task for any 3PL. Moreover, it is not cost-friendly either. In fact, handling white label logistics can be more expensive than one would expect. This is because the technology and digital tools you need to ensure a seamless order processing for white label products is costly, and will usually require a heavy investment from your end. Not every 3PL can afford them, which is why this may prove to be quite a challenge for everyone involved. 

White Label 3PL Software-Expensive Execution
White Label 3PL Software-Slow Deliveries

Slow Deliveries

Nobody likes slow deliveries. What’s more is that when you are a 3PL, you can’t afford slow deliveries. Your customers trust you with speedy delivery, so you have to ensure that all your processes are quick and efficient. However, since white label products involve repackaging and are slightly more complicated to ship out, 3PLs often have to face delays. Again, no one likes slow deliveries, which means that if these delays aren’t eradicated completely, they can have a serious impact on your credibility as a third party logistics provider, which is of course something a budding 3PL would never want. 

Unexcelled Benefits of White Labeling

If you manage your fulfilment processes properly, white labelling and being a 3PL that manages the logistics for white label products can actually prove to be beneficial for you. In fact, this is the only way you can reap the various benefits of white labelling, which is why a white label software is absolutely crucial and should undoubtedly work as an integral part of your 3PL strategy. 

Work With Fewer Resources

White label allows smaller businesses to work with fewer resources – which is a great way for them to save money and increase their profits. For 3PLs, this is also beneficial. When your client is spending less money on the production process, they may have more to spare for the logistics procedure, which is exactly what you need to succeed. 

White Label 3PL Software-Work With Fewer Resources
White Label 3PL Software-Faster Order Processing

Faster Order Processing

While some 3PLs may struggle delivering the orders on time, the thing about white labelling is that it really allows organisations to save time. Opting for white labelling means that you have more time to focus on your core competencies and ensure that other, more important aspects of the fulfilment process are being fulfilled properly. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

 If the white labelling processes are handled correctly by 3PLs and their customers, they can help improve the overall customer experience your clients and customers get. A smooth order process will reflect in the services you provide your customers with, which can lead to unparalleled growth and customer success.

White Label 3PL Software- Increased Customer Satisfaction

Become a White Labeling Pro with Canary7

The benefits of white-labelling can only be achieved with the help of a 3PL white label software that allows you to transform the entire process of reselling and make it even easier to go through on every end.  

Meet Canary7 – your ultimate white label logistics software partner. 

Complete Control

Canary7 grants you the control you need to ensure the success of your white label fulfilment processes. We are of the view that no matter what the nature of your business is, technology that makes you in charge of the trajectory of your success should be at your disposal. That is precisely why we connect you with the tools and software solutions you need to keep track of your white label fulfilment at all times. 

Handling the logistics of white label products may mean that you feel out of control at times. However, with the help of Canary7’s 3PL white label software, you can gain back the control you need to make sure that everything is streamlined and at par with industry standards. 

To that end, Canary7 provides multiple solutions that can help you. For example, it offers complete visibility into your warehouse, inventory, and pick and pack stations, which means that throughout all these processes, you get the ability to check in and ensure that everything is going well. So, although there is not a lot of flexibility in terms of the products that are going out, you have the complete flexibility to ensure that the actual white labelling process in terms of the packaging is implemented properly.

Reverse Logistics

Unfortunately, white labelling means you don’t have a lot of control over what products you’re getting. 3PLs are used to this, since their main job is to take care of the logistics process. However, complications arise when you realise that with white label products, there is an increased chance of you having to deal with returns. 

With Canary7, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Canary7 allows you to run reverse logistics easily, without any hassle. Even if the quality of the products does not meet the customer’s expectations and they want to send the products all the way back, you can rest assured that you won’t have to cross oceans to make it happen. 

Canary7 allows you to maintain your workflow, even if reverse logistics are added to the fulfilment process. This allows you to deal with white label order processes with utmost confidence, efficiency, and  productivity. With the help of this, you can also work towards improving the customer experience you provide in terms of logistical processes, which will ultimately help you create a better relationship with your customers. This is exactly what you need to build your reputation as a 3PL, and hence is necessary for your success.

Budget-Friendly 3PL Solutions

Money is a huge factor when it comes to the success of a 3PL – so you should do everything you are capable of to save money and work on increasing your profit margins instead. This will help you save up resources that improve other areas of your business as well. 

Canary7 is a one-stop-shop for all your 3PL fulfilment processes, which means you don’t have to spend money here and there, trying to find the perfect software. With a single investment, you can optimise all areas of your business, which is guaranteed to prove profitable for you!

Not only that, but we also offer world-class API integrations for you and your business. This means that you can connect Canary7 to different apps you use for different aspects of your business, and build a high-functioning ecosystem for your white label 3PL processes. This helps you save the time, effort, and money required to use each of these apps individually, and instead ensures that everything is aligned in such a way that it is easier to make more money. Canary7’s white label 3PL software is the ultimate way to make sure that you are not putting a financial strain on your business. 

Fast Delivery Times

Want your customers to be indubitably impressed with the customer services you provide? Then turn your attention towards fast delivery times when it comes to handling the logistics of white label products. This is because customers value nothing more than fast delivery times in today’s day and age. 

Canary7’s white label 3PL software is geared towards bringing efficiency to the centre of your business activity. We do this by not only automating your entire warehouse, but also by freeing up lots of time for your workforce in order for them to focus on the core tasks assigned to them. 

Any white label 3PL business looking to ensure that the complexity of white labelling doesn’t take a toll on their delivery timings needs to invest in our white label 3PL software. Take care of all the processes associated with maintaining your 3PL warehouse and inventory, and streamline your order processing to make it smoother, and completely problem-free. With this approach, you can ensure that you are not spending an unnecessary amount of time on fixing all the errors, and have more time to make sure that you send out white label orders ASAP. All 3PLs deserve Canary7’s white label 3PL software!

A Unique Reselling Approach for 3PLs

If you are looking to kick start your reselling dream as a 3PL, then you are in the right place. Use Canary7 and the abundance of resources it provides to ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with complexities of white label business operations. With a clean, minimal UI, Canary7 ensures that you and your team can work together and tune out the noise and focus on what matters – i.e. the progress of your business towards success. 

Are you ready to implement a completely unique approach to your business with our white label 3PL software? Then join us today and watch your business single handedly evolve to the next level. 

White Label 3PL Software | FAQs

What is white labelling?

The process of white labelling involves removing the existing brand and logo from the end product and replacing it with its own branding and labelling. This essentially means that the products you get are sold off as your own products, instead of being sold under the manufacturer’s name. White labelling is not just a thing for goods, however. Services can also be white labelled - which usually happens when the services bought from another company are presented as your own services.

What is Canary7?

Canary7 is a hub of software solutions that are aimed towards making your fulfilment and warehousing journey easier for you. We provide 5 main solutions: warehouse management, inventory management, order management, warehouse control, and labour management. All of these are designed to help various businesses improve their processes without having to spend too much time or effort. Canary7 is a must-have for businesses looking to develop their plan and grow in the right direction.

What type of integrations does Canary7 offer?

We offer a wide range of integrations in different areas. These include eCommerce integrations, courier integrations, and even marketplace integrations. That’s not where it ends - we have hundreds of integrations that help you connect your business to other apps that help you develop a better, more cohesive approach towards your business operations. These integrations help you ensure that everything on the back end i.e. your warehouse and your inventory is just as seamless as it is in other areas of your business. With the help of our API integrations, you can convert your business into the ultimate ecosystem of efficiency and productivity that contributes towards its overall success.

Is Canary7 only for 3PLs?

While our software solutions and features work amazingly well for 3PLs, they aren’t just for 3PLs. We support a range of industries including the retail sector, FMCG, eCommerce, food and beverage, and even manufacturing. To put it simply, all businesses that come to Canary7 can find something that will help them improve their operations, and that is why we consider ourselves to be a perfect fit for all businesses and not just 3PLs. However, since Canary7 itself has been designed by third party logistic experts, it can be said that it is 3PLs that find the features we provide to be particularly useful.

Is Canary7 an onsite software?

No! Because our customers find cloud technology to be more useful, Canary7 is a cloud-based software. This makes it not only cheaper, but also considerably safer and easier for businesses and their respective workforce to properly navigate and take advantage of. All in all, Canary7 is the ultimate cloud-based software that will not only allow you to abide by your budget, but also to ensure that whatever data you end up generating stays forever safe in the cloud and leads to no problems.