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Canary7 is a one-stop shop for all your warehouse management and logistical needs. Our software solutions optimise your brand’s logistics at every step, enabling you to do it the justice it deserves!

Our Open Source 3PL Software Solutions

Canary7’s warehouse management systems are a set of software solutions, intensively tailored to streamline every step of the logistical and management process. Our 3PL Open Source software is designed with efficiency and quality control as top priorities. Through our all-rounder 3PL software solutions, we’ve automated time-consuming logistical processes, eliminating the possibility of errors to the maximum. 

At Canary7, we understand how important efficiency is for businesses in today’s world. And we firmly believe that a dedication to efficient workflows doesn’t have to put a dent in quality. Our software systems have been curated with years of research conducted by seasoned experts in the field.  

Our full understanding of our clients’ pain points combined with our dedication to creating a seamless warehousing system is what sets Canary7 apart from our competitors. Canary7’s software solutions are firmly grounded in years of experience working with software developers, business owners, warehouse managers and experts in cloud technology. 

And the work is never finished! much like the ever-changing supply chain, our software systems seek to constantly evolve and improve in the ways we help our customers’ businesses reach their full potential. 

Warehouse management and 3PL logistics can be highly tricky, and create more problems than solutions in the wrong hands. Our Open Source 3PL software solutions seek to tackle and effectively solve the logistical problems faced by businesses around the world.

How do we do it? 

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Streamlining Client Management

One of the most apparent pain points our customers face is client management. Warehouse management and logistics fall apart at the foundation if information gets mixed up.

Luckily, our 3PL Open Source software handles client management seamlessly and makes the ordinarily tricky process, as error-free as possible.

Here’s how we do it.

A Complete Database

Canary7’s 3PLs go hand-in-hand with our warehouse management systems. Our warehouse management software stores client information and order history which is only a few clicks away at all times. Easy search options and filters enable you to access important client information quickly, helping you stay up-to-date with the ins and outs of your logistical processes. 

Staying in touch with your warehouse management lets you stay on top of things, foresee and eliminate errors as you go. With Canary7, you can bid farewell to manual data collection and paperwork, simply enter the relevant data into our WMS and it will keep track of everything for you! 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software - A Complete Database
Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software-A Centralized System

A Centralised System

Our cloud-based 3PL management systems put everything you need in one place. With Canary7, you don’t need multiple logins and tools to manage your 3PL and warehousing mechanisms; we’ve centralised everything into one, all-encompassing WMS.

Every resource you need to effectively manage your warehouse and logistics is available at your fingertips! 

Moreover, our central database makes client information readily available to you no matter where you are. Canary7 prides itself on striving to make our WMS as convenient as possible for our customers. Our cloud-based data storage enables you to access what matters, regardless of physical location! 

Responsive Customer Service Team

We understand that you cannot completely do away with human intervention. Some problems are better left to experts! 

If anything starts to go haywire, we have an excellent team of customer service representatives available at all times. Anything can go wrong in the fulfilment process, our experts on hand will answer any queries you or your customers might have about inventory and pending orders. 

Plus, we get that no system is perfect, and at Canary7, we welcome our customers’ feedback. It helps us strive to perfect every facet of our warehouse management systems to make them as user-friendly and customer-friendly as possible. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software - Responsive Customer Service Team

Perfection is a Process

Canary7’s 3PL Open Source software strives to be the solution, not the problem. We take every piece of customer feedback and use it to further perfect our logistics management software systems. Our software is being refined by seasoned experts in the field with new features being added regularly. As the supply chain evolves, we evolve with it! 

3PL Open Source Software Solutions

 We’ve tailored our warehouse management software systems to become the best in the field. Here are some of the key features that made it happen.

Canary7 LP 3PL Open Source Software-Stock Rotation

Stock Rotation

Our smart 3PL warehouse management system meets a wide range of stock rotation needs. A smart serialisation system that attributes serial numbers to not only outbound but to existing inventory as well. This helps you keep sell-by dates and expiration dates in mind, enabling you to prioritise and manage your inventory accordingly. Being informed is the key to staying on top of things and avoiding major stock loss. Our smart serialisation mechanisms give structure to your inventory, storing valuable data that helps you manage inventory and stock as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

All the Integrations You Need

We excel in our field, but we can’t do it all. This is why Canary7 comes with a wide range of integration options. Be it push or pull APIs or FTP, we’ve made a long list of integrations available for all of our customers’ needs. Our in-house developers constantly strive to make even more integrations possible for your logistical needs and fortunately, new ones are being added regularly to the list! 

With a central 3PL WMS as all-encompassing as ours, you’ve unlocked a one-stop-shop to fulfil all your business’ warehouse management and logistics management needs. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software-All the Integrations You Need
Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software-User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

Logistics can be hard to understand to the untrained eye. At Canary7, we understand that managing your logistics and warehousing shouldn’t take years of experience and learning to do so. 

Our expert developers have helped us create a 3PL Open Source Software system with an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. With the help of our experts at the back end, our software has been developed and refined over the years to achieve maximum user-friendliness. 

This not only benefits our customers but the staff on hand as well. The software systems’ user-friendly nature combined with the expert training we provide our staff helps them know their way around the system from the get-go. 

Complete Operational Visibility

Canary7 gives you a 360° view of the ongoing operations at your warehousing facilities and fulfilment centres. Our central WMS database helps you and your team be transparent with one another while encouraging responsibility, productivity and efficiency in logistics and warehouse handling.

Canary7’s WMS gives you an unmatched level of visibility across all operations at your facilities. This helps in boosting the efficacy and fulfilment accuracy of your facilities. Our 3PL Open Source Software gives you end-to-end control and complete transparency about your warehousing and fulfilment operations. A complete overview of everything that goes on helps you stay on top of things and make timely tweaks wherever necessary. 

Canary7 has created one convenient stop for all the information you need to stay in touch with the logistics of your business.  This complete visibility also enables you to keep a check and balance on your team to ensure the most productivity across your facilities. 

An all-encompassing overview of your operations helps you and other stakeholders make data-driven decisions, analyse the performance of existing logistical mechanisms in place, and make adjustments that improve the overall operational frameworks. 

Responsive Design

Canary7’s responsive design enables users to have full access to all of its features across a variety of devices. This goes for our 3PL Open Source software as well. Our software systems are designed to be operable on tablets, laptops, computer systems, and smartphones. This enables you to access important information at the touch of a button, meaning that you’ll always stay in touch with your logistical and warehousing operations. 

With our responsive design, no matter where you are, if the situation calls for it or an emergency arises, you have every vital piece of data at your fingertips. 

Plus, not only have we curated a responsive design to work across various devices, we’ve curated it to work well on any device of your choice. Our sleek and stable app interface flows smoothly, giving you a clean-cut, hassle-free access to your warehousing and logistical data. 

We’ve worked with experts in the field over the course of years to develop applications with little to no loading times and smooth transitions to maximise user experience. 3PLs and warehousing operations are often time-sensitive, so this not only improves your experience but you and your team’s efficiency as well.

Canary7 LP 3PL Open Source Software-Responsive Design
Canary7 LP _ 3PL Open Source Software-Maximizing Automation

Maximizing Automation

We’re not messing around when it comes to integrations and maximising automation. Canary7’s 3PL Open Source software systems enable businesses to integrate other automation tools or machines they deem necessary for their operations. 

No matter what size your business is, we believe in its potential and strive to help you reach it. This means giving you resources to make sure your operations stay at par with the highly competitive supply chain, and allowing you to scale your operations alongside your business. 

Our 3PL software systems have scalability at the forefront of their frameworks. Whether you run a small scale, medium scale, or large scale operation, Canary7 is equipped to facilitate your warehousing, fulfilment and logistical needs. 

A live warehousing map helps you plan and prepare for the future of your business operations. Not only does Canary7 give you operational visibility and numerous integration options, our warehouse mapping frameworks give you plans to manage your resources in line with fluctuating market conditions in real time. This helps your business avoid possible losses in terms of overstocking and under stocking. 

Boosting Team Engagement

We can all agree that while logistics are an essential facet of any business, they’re not exactly fun to work with. Warehousing and logistical operations can get boring, losing the interest and consequently, the productivity of your team. 

At Canary7, we understand that team morale and engagement are the heart of your operations. And just because you’re working with logistics doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun doing it. Canary7’s software systems operate on a ‘gamified’ team management approach. 

Canary7’s software tracks and displays employee hours, productivity, and task progress in live updates on the team management dashboard. These performance indicators encourage a sense of healthy competition across warehousing teams. Not only do we track performance levels, our team management systems seek to give your team motivational boosts throughout the day. 

Plus, there’s all sorts of incentives such as a point system and status recognition in place to boost employee interest in the business operations. Canary7’s gamified team management is mutually beneficial for the employees and stakeholders alike. This enables your team to not only strive to meet company objectives, but remain engaged and productive while doing it. Sounds like a win-win! 

WMS on the Cloud

Our expert developers created Canary7’s WMS to be a cloud-based application. Not only does this make warehouse and logistics management easier to access, it also cuts annual business costs. With Canary7 as your one-stop-shop for warehouse management, you don’t need to worry about the infrastructural limitations. Our highly secure server digitally hosts your business, taking care of all your warehousing and logistical needs for you. 

Our wide range of features allows you to pick and choose which ones apply best to the current challenges at hand, and our cloud-based applications make them readily available to you at all times and locations. 

Canary7’s cloud-based infrastructure sets it and your business apart from traditional warehouse management solutions. Our frameworks and operational mechanisms strive to completely future-proof your business by equipping it to excel in the present. Our highly automated digital frameworks enable your business to keep up with the ever-changing and ever-evolving needs of the supply chain. 

At Canary7, we believe an out-of-the-box business deserves out-of-the-box solutions! 

Adaptive WMS

Adaptability and Scalability are top priorities at Canary7. Our 3PL Open Source software allows your business to scale bigger or scale back in keeping with its needs and resources. A growing business needs an evolved warehouse management system that will keep up with the demands and trends in the supply chain. 

Our picking, packing, and waving strategies equip you with the knowledge and data to scale your operations forward and grow your business’ capabilities. Investing in our 3PL Open Source software is a step towards investing in the growth of your business. At Canary7, we don’t simply help your business shine in the present. We provide the resources, data, strategy, and flexibility your warehouse management needs to propel it into the future! 

Team Management

Canary7’s 3PL WMS offer team management options in the applications as well. Everything you need to keep track of team progress, task completion, and overall performance is available at a convenient dashboard on your WMS. At Canary7, we realise that warehouse labour management and engagement is anything but trivial. It can make the difference between a thriving warehousing system that excels at its duties and anything that falls short of doing that. 

Our 3PL management systems help streamline your labour activities and boost team productivity across your staff. This is done by keeping daily checks and balances on the performance of your staff. Canary7’s WMS generates daily shift reports that reflect the hours a team member puts in, the completion status of their daily tasks, and their overall performance in terms of productivity and efficiency. 

Our labour management frameworks help promote a sense of responsibility and accountability in your staff that ensures maximum productivity and seamless running of your warehousing and logistical operations. It also helps that our WMS applications are incredibly easy to navigate and comprehend, enabling your staff to confidently know their way around the system off the bat. Labour management doesn’t have to be a hassle with Canary7 on your team!

What Else We’re Good At

Canary7 doesn’t only excel at third party logistics. Our years of experience working in the field with experts has equipped us to branch into many industry sectors.