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What is a 3PL warehouse management system if not the ultimate means to transform your warehouse into a hub of creativity, productivity, and seamlessness? Canary7 is the leading warehouse management system that helps businesses evolve to the next level and be perfectly aligned to meet all the goals they set for their success. 

Designed by 3PL professionals, Canary7 is the ultimate tool for you if you are trying to improve the third party logistics experience you provide businesses with. It is meant to help you navigate multiple challenges you will face as a 3PL provider, and hence makes it considerably more convenient for you to move steadily towards your dream position in the industry. 

What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System?

“What is a 3PL warehouse management system?” is a question that is asked by many 3PLs first starting out. After all, it is only if a business gets this question right that they can improve the services they provide and achieve their goals.

A warehouse management system is the only 3PL manager you need.

Perfecting third party logistics is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of time and effort, and if things go wrong, it is very likely that you are inviting irreversible chaos into your warehouses and fulfilment centres. This is because as far as 3PL processes are concerned, they are multi-layered and highly intricate, which means that they are not as straightforward to execute as other 3PL operations. 

However, a warehouse management system becomes apart of the picture and ensures that all 3PL aspects from picking right down to shipment are not only well-managed, but also that they drive the necessary profits you need to expand your services. A 3PL warehouse management system automates many of the manual 3PL processes that would otherwise tire you out, and makes them considerably more seamless and efficient, which just means that any gaps that may otherwise lead to errors are minimised to a great extent. 

Not only that, if a warehouse management system is good enough, it will also help you bring all other aspects of the 3PL journey together and ensure that your warehouse becomes a centralised spot of productivity for all these different areas. The best 3PL warehouse management system, therefore, will offer you integrations and connect the back end of your services with the forefront of different services. As such, it helps you save money and increase your profits, which is the ultimate way to ensure the long-term success of your business. 

Canary7 – a 3PL warehouse management system that makes the perfect addition to your 3PL experience.

Canary7 is the perfect warehouse management system for 3PLs – regardless of their size, nature, or financial condition. This is because the unique features provided by Canary7 help you, as a third party logistics provider, to tackle the challenges that transpire during your journey to success. Whether it is extensive data analytics or location management, Canary7 steps in and transforms your warehouse in the best way possible, making it a fit enough contender for the warehousing revolution. 

To put it simply, Canary7 is just the partner you are looking for to ensure that you are well-equipped for the 3PL world. Our solutions support you to bring your most advanced fulfilment expectations to life, and our features will help you show the world just what you are capable o.

Canary7’s 3PL Warehouse Management System Features

What is a 3PL warehouse management system is an important question… but equally important is to know the kind of features an adequate warehouse management system offers, considering how the functionalities of a 3PL warehouse management system are ultimately what should be aligned with the direction you are planning to take with your business.

1. Complete Automation

The core purpose of a 3PL warehouse management system to bring automation to the very centre of your warehouse processes. This is because if you rely on manual processes, your warehouse will never be able to get the transformation it deserves: the operations will be slow with generally low productivity. A 3PL business that is looking to grow and get more clients on board will not benefit from this state of the warehouse, and hence cannot rely on manual processes. This makes the fact that complete automation is necessary in the warehouse in order to help 3PLs manage their operations better quite obvious. 

For this reason, one of the core features offered by Canary7 is complete automation within the warehouse. No longer do you have to rely on your workforce to do repetitive, boring tasks – with Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management system, you can simply automate these actions which will not only save time, but also money. It will also make the entire fulfilment process more efficient and free from errors, which will help you convey your reliability to your customers. Boost productivity and keep everyone involved in the fulfilment process – from your clients to your employees, happy and excited to be apart of this journey. 

What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Complete Automation

2. World-Class Integrations

In order to move forward as a 3PL business in the 21st century, it is important to make sure that you are well-equipped with the best of all worlds, which can only be done if the 3PL warehouse management system of your choice offers you world-class integrations. This is mainly because these integrations will help you move forward as a 3PL and ensure that all areas within your business are receiving the attention they deserve. 

This is precisely why Canary7 is keen on providing integrations that connect your business to other apps. Whether it is eCommerce help you need or marketplace support, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management system connects you with world-renowned brands and helps you amalgamate the solutions we provide with the solutions these brands provide you with. This means that by choosing Canary7, you are also essentially choosing all the things that make brands like Amazon, Magento, and Shopify the leaders in their respective industries. As a 3PL, you are most likely to benefit from our courier integrations – with FedEx, DHL, UPS, and hundreds of other important courier services providers on board, we make integrated shipment a reality for you.

3. Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology is a great digital innovation for 3PLs and in fact, helps them improve many aspects of their business. In stark contrast to on-site software, cloud-based software is easy to set up, low maintenance, and doesn’t require a big investment. On-site software is not only complicated and hard to set up, it requires regular maintenance which of course, calls for a considerable chunk of your cash-flow – something that nobody wants to give up, at least not consistently over a long period of time. For 3PLs that have to manage hundreds of other things simultaneously, on-site software isn’t the best option which is why they gravitate towards cloud technology – and rightly so!

At Canary7, we are keen on providing our customers with custom solutions that align with their needs. Because cloud-based technology is a better option for 3PLs as well as many other businesses we deal with, all our solutions are cloud-based. As such, they make your logistical framework a lot less vulnerable to malfunctions, since your data is safe with the Cloud. Not only that, but our solutions make it easier for you to spend less money in this area – you only pay per head and don’t have to put in a lot of money towards this area to ensure efficiency.

What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Cloud-Based Technology
What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-360 Degrees of Visibility

4. 360 Degrees of Visibility

Want to know the key to efficient warehouse management? It’s visibility. Visibility is important for 3PL warehouse management for various reasons, but the most prominent one of this is that it allows business-owners to stay in control of the operations. This also means that they can have a bird’s eye view of their operations, which makes it easier to identify problems and errors before they turn into costly mistakes. Visibility is the one thing that can help you avoid errors, reduce handling costs, and easily increase the productivity within the warehouse – and it will help you transform your fulfilment centre to the best version of itself. 

Canary7 is the perfect fit for 3PLs who want to be completely in charge of their operations. With the help of Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management system, you get to have a complete overview of everything that is going on within your warehouse, which makes it beyond easy for you to gain control of everything. Not only will it enable you to zoom in on any problems that you may encounter along the way, but it will also help you delegate tasks to employees based on an informed perception of the current situation within the warehouse. With the help of our visibility solutions, you can always stay in touch with your warehouse and considerably improve resource utilisation. 

5. Comprehensive Reporting

Did you know that the data you generate from your warehouse is very important to the overall business reporting? It’s true! Your warehouse data can help you report from more than one source at the same time, enables historical reporting and trends analysis, enhances overall business intelligence and most importantly: saves time and effort on your end which can then also be used in other areas of your business. Not only that, but your warehouse data is a great way to get the right insight into your business and see where it is going and whether or not you should make any changes to ensure success in the future. 

With the help of Canary7, you can not only generate this useful data but also turn it into comprehensive reports that help you gauge the direction your business is growing in. With the help of our 3PL warehouse management system, you can understand your business better and even present your operations to other stakeholders in the perfect light. Canary7 believes that data is only as good as the reports you can create out of it because after all, it is only through these reports that you can improve your warehouse management processes – which is why you can rest assured that we provide you with all the functionalities you would need for your 3PL warehouse management system to get to the level you desire.

What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Comprehensive Reporting
What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Holistic Order Management

6. Holistic Order Management

Managing orders is kind of the whole purpose of 3PLs, which is why order management is a significant feature you need to be on the lookout for when hunting for your next 3PL warehouse management system. Essentially, you want a software that can help you deal with a large volume of orders seamlessly. The right warehouse management system will help you improve your order processing by miles and make sure that you are well-equipped to deal with it from start to finish. With the help of the right order management tools, you can make sure that not even one customer goes away angry or disappointed. 

Canary7 offers a two-in-one approach with a warehouse management system that also helps 3PLs improve their order management tactics. As soon as the customer places an order, Canary7’s cutting-edge technology takes over and ensures that your operations are carried out in a way that leaves absolutely no space for dissatisfaction. With our help, you can impress customers with quick delivery, which means that they will choose you over and over again. This is great, considering how it will help you retain more clients and consequently, improve your profit margins. If growth is your ultimate goal as a 3PL, this particular feature of our 3PL warehouse management software is the perfect fit for you. 

7. Strategic Space Optimisation

Warehouse space is expensive. If you want to save money and increase profits, then spending money on warehouse and storage space can prove to be a great hindrance. Moreover, if you don’t utilise the storage space that you already have in a much better way, then know that there is a very high chance that you are setting yourself up for great expenses that will drain your budget and not leave much for you to work with for other purposes. However, if you implement strategic space optimisation, it is unlikely that you will have to suffer with any of the aforementioned problems. 

With Canary7, it is easier than ever to have a cohesive storage plan. Manage your inventory and storage in the best way possible, so that you can use the space you have available in the best way possible instead of having to opt for more. This will help you dramatically decrease warehouse and storage costs, which means that it will also be easier for you to set a specific budget and follow it properly. All in all, Canary7 is a great choice if you are planning to improve the way your warehouse is being utilised.

What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Strategic Space Optimization
What is a 3PL Warehouse Management System-Fast and Efficient Shipping Services

8. Fast and Efficient Shipping Services

Your customers love fast delivery – which means that you should be doing everything in your hands to provide them with it. However, for 3PLs, this ideal is not always easy to achieve. With hundreds of complications that have to be tackled simultaneously, 3PLs may often find it hard to ensure that the shipping and delivery times aren’t as fast as they want them to be. The alternative, as in slow deliveries, will lead to many frustrated clients, and that’s something all businesses including 3PLs must avoid!

Canary7 greatly values speed, so speed is what we introduce your business to. From start to finish, you get to work towards creating a process that is seamless, which means that errors and mistakes are not apart of the picture and hence, don’t take any of your time. With Canary, you get to improve all aspects of your business in a way that brings more efficiency to your warehouse/fulfilment centre, and is the ultimate way to make sure that your customers get their orders at the speed of lightning.

Why Choose Us?

Canary7 will be sure to stand out in the list of the best 3PL warehouse management systems on the market. This is due to the easy controls and user interface it offers.

Canary7 is created by top warehousing experts with he needs and challenges of a 3PL in mind. Each feature of our 3PL WMS software will seamlessly align with your operations to help you take your warehouse to the next level.

Best 3pl WMS Lower Cost

1. Lower Costs

Unlike traditional 3PL WMS solutions.

Say goodbye to heavy duty tools to run your operations and say hello to Canary’s holistic one-stop approach to managing your warehouse. Canary7’s ultimate goals is helping clients to optimise their budgets and ensure they are saving money where it matters. Cut down on your spending with the help of the best 3PL WMS solutions on the market.
Best 3pl WMS Lower Cost

2. Limitless Flexibility

The key to prospering in today’s 3PL game is being

completely in control of your WMS activity.

When Canary7 was created, we kept this in mind, ensuring that each feature provided will enhance your 3PL experience by offering limitless flexibility. You will face many challenges as a 3PL, however Canary7 is flexible enough to be used in accordance with the challenges you face. As a client of ours, we will constantly listen to your feedback and suggestions on how to improve our tools so we can better with the needs of your third party logistics venture.  

Best 3pl WMS Limitless Flexibility
Best 3pl WMS Real-time visibility

3. Real-Time Visibility

No matter how evolved your warehouse ecosystem is,

Having real-time visibility of your operations can change everything! Canary7 offers you real-time visibility on all ends, through which you can keep complete track of your fulfillment processes at all times.

A 360 degrees view of your activity means that you can detect and fix problems at the speed of lightning, without having to sacrifice the efficiency of your business. Canary7 empowers you with constant updates, ensuring you are totally in control of your 3PL warehouse wherever you are.

Best 3pl WMS Real-time visibility

4. Increased Productivity

The Best 3PL Warehouse Management System Software
Will help you faster productivity within the warehouse – and that’s exactly what Canary7 does. Our unique “gamification” approach when it comes to team management, paired with the cutting-edge technology that is behind all our software solutions allow your business to be the hub of productivity! By putting the efficiency of your team at the very centre of your business, our features allow you to equip each member of staff with the ability to contribute their very best to the equation, and in turn make Canary 7 the best 3PL WMS software in the market.
Best 3pl WMS Increased productivity

Canary7's 3PL Systems

Inventory Management and More

Canary7 is an inventory software – but that’s not where our capabilities end. We offer all sorts of solutions that you expect from a leading warehouse inventory management software.

Order Management System

Canary7 provides you with a stellar order management system: it allows you to perfect your daily sales order, stay ahead of your competition, and impress customers in a way that leads to unparalleled customer loyalty. Take care of your orders efficiently, by simply eliminating all sorts of costly errors.

Warehouse Labour Management 

Our Labour Management System allows you to manage your human labour. Get insights into productivity levels of individual employees as well as groups, so you can understand your warehouse or distribution centre activity better. Gauge the allocation of your labour costs in a much more clear way and optimise your human assets for better results.

Warehouse Control System

Stay in full control of the flow of activity in your warehouse through our cutting-edge, latest material handling automation system. We offer this in collaboration with our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Together, WMS and WCS can deploy the ultimate warehouse execution and help your business grow beyond any set parameters.

What industries does our 3PL warehouse management system support?

We understand that as a 3PL business you want to serve as many businesses as possible. Luckily, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management will help you serve customers from every industry. With us, you can cater to the following industries: 

Canary7; The Most Reliable 3PL Warehouse Management System Ever

It’s time to stop wondering what is a 3PL warehouse management system, and invest in Canary7. Canary7 will not only show you what a 3PL warehouse management system is, but also show you just how good it is at its job. 

But hey! Don’t take our word for it. We want our customers to make an informed choice, and that is only possible if you try us out before you commit to our services. 

Our advice? Sign up for a demo, get your hands on your solutions, and then make your decision!

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