Master every retail order management challenge with Canary7

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best retail management strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Master every retail order management challenge with Canary7

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best retail management strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Master every retail order management challenge with Canary7

The retail industry is fast-paced and challenging; and in order to be able to conquer the obstacles it throws your way, you have to be nothing but the absolute best. Needless to say, getting there is a long and hard journey itself, so there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when you are preparing for it. Your choice of a retail order management system is one such thing. 

If you want to make sure that you are well-equipped for your retail journey, you need to choose a retail order management system that has specifically been designed to help you overcome retail challenges. 

And we have just the thing in mind: Canary7. Canary7 is a bespoke retail order management system that brings to you just the features you need to make your position as a business in the retail industry considerably stronger.

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Speed and efficiency - your key to retail success

Speed and efficiency are two very important factors when it comes to your retail success; and this is why our retail order management system introduces your processes to these elements. 

If you don’t pay attention towards speeding up your processes, you are putting your business at a disadvantage. This is because there is nothing that customers of the 21st century value more than fast, speedy deliveries – and fast, speedy deliveries are only a possibility if the very foundation of your processes is built in a way that prioritises efficiency beyond any other thing. 

This is precisely where Canary7’s retail order management system comes into the picture. 

With our retail management software solutions, you can not only speed up the entire retail fulfilment procedure, but you also get to make sure that there are no unnecessary delays and lags in the other aspects of your business. By streamlining and interconnecting everything that takes place within your warehouse, Canary7’s retail order management system makes everything a lot more straightforward and convenient for you. 

Canary7; retail order management - Speed and efficiency

Retail order management challenges; why it’s hard to create the perfect retail experience

We know that running a retail business is no walk in the park. It is a truly gritting job, and only the best, most organised ventures can make it to the top. Yet, even those businesses will find navigating the following challenges to be a struggle.

Canary7; retail order management - Finding the right technology

Challenge 1: Finding the right technology

Finding the right technology is perhaps one of the biggest struggles for retail, and in fact, for any business. When it comes to technology platforms that can streamline the fulfilment experience, there are endless options available for businesses to benefit from. Each of these promises to be better than its competitor – but not every piece of technology that claims to be the right fit for you will actually be the right fit for you. 

In order to find the right technology, retailers really need to put their best foot forward. They need to take an active role in not only researching the retail order management software they are going to be using, but also understand their own needs in depth. 

This way, they can make sure that the technology they choose to bring to the centre of their activity can truly fit their business model and is truly dependable in that sense, which is not always easy to get to. 

Challenge 2: Maintaining the customer base

Getting new customers is hard and costly – we all know that. But did you know that maintaining customers is also very hard, and although it is less pricey than client acquisition, winning your customers over for a longer period of time can drain you in other ways. Essentially, a lot of businesses are lacking in the area of building and maintaining a loyal customer base. This is because instead of enabling repeat business, retailers are more keen towards making sales. This approach turns out to be ineffective in the future, and is hence a problem. 

Yet, giving your customers a fulfilment process that actually attracts them into being a forever customer for you is not easy either. In order to win over the loyalty of your audience, you have to be willing to provide them with perfection, and unless you actually do that, you are on the path to failure. 

While offering discounts, promotions, and concessions are all good ways of winning over customer loyalty, none of them will come to fruition when the purchase experience itself is not seamless or ideal for your customers. It can be hard to realise this, but it is a challenge that businesses nonetheless have to face. 

Canary7; retail order management - Maintaining the customer base
Canary7; retail order management - Satisfying customer expectations

Challenge 3: Satisfying customer expectations

Retail, as it is, is a pretty demanding industry. However, it becomes even harder to perfect in sight of the evolving customer expectations of today. Customers of today’s day and age are so used to convenience, that it has now become a staple that defines their shopping decisions. Where they get convenience, they are more than happy to receive it, but where they don’t; that business fails to suit their needs and they will definitely find an alternative. In addition, the standard eCommerce giants like Amazon have set are also a contributing factor when it comes to increasing customer expectations. 

For retailers, this means added pressure. Just one mistake could impact your relationship with the customer, potentially result in loss, and set your business up for future failure. So, you really have to go to every extent to ensure that your fulfilment procedure has no inaccuracies, lags, or problems that could taint the retail experience for your customers. 

Whether this means getting the best retail order management software or revising your retail strategy from start to finish, it must be done for the sake of optimal results!

Challenge 4: Retaining employees 

For retailers, customers are not the only aspect that is hard to maintain. It’s your employees too! Retaining employees in the retail industry is very challenging. Yet, it is in your best interests to do so because getting new employees onboard will be quite detrimental on your pocket. Not only that, but training people who don’t have experience dealing with your fulfilment processes will also prove to be a long process, which means you need a lot of time to perfect it, and time is an element that most retailers operating today don’t have. 

As challenging as it may seem, retaining employees is not impossible. With just a little bit of effort, you can make the retail experience not only good enough for your customers, but also for your employees, which will enable them to be more productive and engage with your processes with more vigour. Introducing incentives and providing new training programs definitely helps. 

However, the main way to ensure that your employees are happy at work is to decrease their burdens. For example, bringing a retail order management software into the mix will allow them to rest easy, and make their job considerably less tedious. 

Canary7; retail order management - Retaining employees
Canary7; retail order management - Employing an integrated approach

Challenge 5: Employing an integrated approach

Building a retail experience in the 21st century means that you have to offer a little bit of everything. And the thing about offering a little bit of everything is that you have to have a little bit of everything. In terms of technology, this means that you need to have different software systems: such as an ERP, an accounting software, an eCommerce software – and multiple things.
The problem arises when it comes to connecting all of these together. While all of these offer something separately, it can be quite challenging to integrate everything together and get all the benefits properly. In order to do this, you need to utilise a retail order management system which not only offers these integrations, but also makes sure that no matter what software solution you are using, its ability is not minimised in any way and that you can maximise the perks offered by each of these without a doubt. Finding a retail order management system that allows this will be a challenge in itself, and at the end of the day retail businesses have to put in a lot of effort to get all of this sorted and streamlined.  

Easy, effective, and long-term retail order management system solutions

Our retail order management system is truly the best at what it does, and the features speak for themselves.

Omnichannel support

Omnichannel support is a very important factor when it comes to retail. This is because the success of your retail experience depends on how many channels you are selling on. Yet, selling on multiple channels is a high-maintenance process, and it requires a lot of effort to achieve omnichannel seamlessness. However, not when you have our retail order management system; it automates all processes, and creates a unified connection between all your channels for maximum multi-channel efficiency. 

Canary7; retail order management - Omnichannel support
Canary7; retail order management - Order management and tracking

Order management and tracking

Order management is a multi-faceted fulfilment process that has many elements to it and all of these elements must be perfected to a certain extent if you want a successful order management journey. One of these elements is tracking. Order tracking is important – not only for you in terms of keeping an eye on your consignments, but also for your customers who want to know exactly where their orders are, and that too at all times! For this reason, Canary7’s retail order management system is the perfect fit, as it allows you to perfect order management and tracking with a singular solution.

Inventory organisation 

The setup for your inventory is very important for the success of your retail venture as well. If your inventory is not optimally organised, your processes are more likely to be delayed in one way or the other, which will affect your customer experience in the longer run. Not only that, but your inventory also has a direct impact on your sales, and if you want to make sure that you are hitting the desired figures for sales, you must turn to inventory organisation – which you can’t do without a retail order management system.

Canary7; retail order management - Inventory organisation
Canary7; retail order management - Pick and pack optimisation

Pick and pack optimisation 

Picking and packing are two crucial processes of fulfilment. They are your bridge to the customer, and extra care needs to be put towards these to make sure that any order that leaves your warehouse complex is up to the mark, aligns with the customer’s order, and reaches the customer safely without breaking or spilling. With the help of Canary7, you can actually make picking and packing a breeze; bring accuracy, efficiency, and perfection to these processes and witness retail fulfilment becoming more successful than ever for you.

Reverse logistics

If you really want to outsmart your competitors, you need to start paying attention to reverse logistics. While many businesses make the foolish mistake of neglecting reverse logistics, you should know that it is a part of your overall fulfilment success, and hence, it is your job to ensure that it is perfected just as much as forward logistics. Luckily, our retail order management system provides features and solutions that can truly evolve your returns and refunds processes, and hence with us, you don’t really have to worry about any of that ever again. Leave your customers in awe, and your competitors scratching their heads. 

Canary7; retail order management - Reverse logistics

Create the perfect retail experience with Canary7

Try out the following retail strategies with Canary7’s retail order management system, and watch your retail experience transform forever. 

Canary7; retail order management - Buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS)

Buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS)

Provide your customers with a unique approach through this particular retail strategy. With BOPIS, you essentially allow your customers to order their products online, and pick them up in person at one of your physical stores. Now, this purchase is good to offer because it involves no shipping costs, and any customer that wants to avoid paying those costs will prefer this method. But it’s also a good strategy for you, because you don’t have to worry about deliveries and instead, get a chance to engage your customers properly. 

Create a stronger connection between your inventory, eCommerce platform, and brick-and-mortar shop: only with Canary7’s retail order management system. 

3PL providers

Are you a business struggling to manage your logistical processes on your own? It’s understandable, because logistics are tricky. But this is why 3PLs exist. If you feel like you can’t handle your retail logistics on your own, you can always opt for 3rd party logistics, which will make sure that your processes are efficient, fast, and align with the demands of your customers.

For best results, look for a 3PL provider that utilises a retail order management system like Canary7, because technological support is important for seamless 3PL activity. 

Canary7; retail order management - 3PL providers
Canary7; retail order management - Dropshipping


Dropshipping is another popular retail strategy that can be of great benefit if implemented correctly. Dropshipping is possible when you are dealing with a manufacturer that can ship your products directly from their warehouse, instead of you having to hold them. This is great if you are avoiding holding costs and want your vendor to manage all inventory-related issues instead. 

Build a powerful line of communication with your manufacturer via our retail order management system, and make sure that together, you both can accommodate as many customers as possible.

Pick up outlets

This strategy involves partnering up with pick up outlets. Essentially, you partner with a local shipping courier outlet. The way this works is that you send your orders to this outlet, whereas the outlet then processes your orders for you. Again, this approach is the best when you don’t want to involve yourself with the hassle of logistics and shipment, and it will be easier on your pocket as well. 

Integrate with the best carriers like UPS and FedEx with Canary7’s retail order management system, and evolve your retail activity.

Canary7; retail order management - Pick up outlets
Canary7; retail order management - Self-managed fulfilment

Self-managed fulfilment

If you are a business that wants to handle everything on its own, then we’ve got your back. You don’t need a lot of effort when it comes to managing your fulfilment on your own, but that’s only possible if you are benefiting from an automated retail order management system, as opposed to a paper-based system. As far as that is sorted and you have the required bandwidth to deal with your logistics on your own, you are good to go. 

All you need for champion-like retail management is Canary7’s retail order management system – and you can leave the rest of it to be sorted by our fulfilment processes. 

The best retail order management software: for long-term retail solutions

It’s time to let go of complex algorithms, because there is nothing better for your retail experience than our simple yet effective retail order management system. 

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Retail Order Management System | FAQs

What is a retail order management system?

A retail order management system is a software system that can help you streamline different elements of your order fulfilment as a retail business. A robust retail order management system will deal with order management, as well as warehouse management and inventory management so that all the aspects related to your fulfilment success can be wholly covered.

What is the most important feature in a retail order management system?

It depends on what exactly it is that you want to improve within your processes. However, for most, we will say that it is integration. It is important for a retail order management system to be well integrated with different apps in order for maximum efficiency and productivity, and only a software system that can promise you this will be a good fit for your business.

How can I increase customer loyalty with my fulfilment setup?

Reliable fulfilment drives customer loyalty, which is why your ultimate focus should be on making your fulfilment as reliable as possible. Get your orders out on time, make sure that they are accurate, and also make reverse logistics easily accessible to your customers. These things will contribute towards driving customer loyalty. All of these may sound difficult to achieve but with the help of a strong retail order management system, you can easily achieve all of these aspects and create a fulfilment set up that is truly a fan-favorite.

Is Canary7 only a retail order management system?

No! Canary7 offers plenty of other solutions. We are a warehouse management software, but also an inventory management system and an order management system. In addition, we also have specialised solutions available for warehouse control and labour management. Canary7 is therefore a holistic fulfilment solution that can be used for a variety of things, and that helps you improve many elements within your business. We also deal with many industries and help you navigate challenges that are associated with the industry you are particularly operating in.

Can I try Canary7 for free?

At Canary7, we are all about providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. We understand that committing to a retail order management solution can be a rather daunting process, which is why we let you try us for free in a 30 min demo. You can familiarise yourself with our interface and understand how to operate it in this demo, and we are confident that it will be sufficient to convince you that we are the right fit for you. Once that is done, you can sign up with us and begin your fulfilment journey to success.