Take your business to the next level with Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions

Choose Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions, and watch your business transform into its best version.

Take your business to the next level with Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions

Choose Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions, and watch your business transform into its best version.

Canary7: the best omnichannel oms solution for success 

If you are an omnichannel business, you already know how hard it is to streamline order processing on different platforms and make sure that you are on track on all ends. Especially if you are making use of manual systems, you will find that ensuring perfect fulfilment for all channels is no walk in the park; it is a time-consuming process that comes filled with gaps where things can go wrong. 

The solution? Canary7’s omnichannel OMS. With the help of this cutting-edge, specialised software system, you can make sure that you are at par with the industry standards and are genuinely providing your customer with an order processing journey that is unforgettable. 

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An omnichannel OMS; what is it?

An order management system (OMS), helps you organise all the orders you get. It is a necessary component of your fulfilment strategy, and without it, it would be hard to sort out the orders you get on a single channel. 

So just imagine how hard it would be to do so for multiple channels! Getting orders on a number of channels refers to omnichannel sales, and this is a business model that many businesses have adopted and continue to adopt nowadays. Although super beneficial from a business point of view, it can turn out to be a tad bit overwhelming as far as the logistical elements of it are concerned. 

That is, if you are not using an omnichannel OMS. Without an omnichannel OMS, you are creating an order fulfilment strategy that is bound to fail, because it will simply not be sturdy enough to accommodate the requirements of an omnichannel sales model. 

However, if you do use an omnichannel OMS, it will be easier than ever to streamline all components of order processes, execute all fulfilment tasks with full commitment and dedication, and of course, leave a lasting positive impression on your clients. 

Why care about going omnichannel?

If you are not already an omnichannel business, it can be quite challenging to wrap your head around why exactly it is important to adopt this model. But the truth is; you can become very successful once you go omnichannel.

Benefit 1: High customer retention and loyalty

Customers like having multiple options available to them. After all, this is the era of personalised customer experience and it is only when your customers feel like their preferences are being accommodated will they perceive you as the right fit for them. If you have a single channel sales model for your business, you are essentially limiting the ways a customer can engage with you and hence, discouraging them from repeat business and being loyal to you. On the other hand, where omnichannel sales are involved, you do the opposite and allow them to choose your brand over and over again.

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - High customer retention and loyalty
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - More sales

Benefit 2: More sales

This one is no rocket science; because obviously, the more channels you sell on, the more money you can make. This is perhaps why so many businesses are opting for the omnichannel way of doing things, because it will help you sell to more people, reach your targets sooner, and build your dream customer-base. It also means more profits and better progress overall, which is a goal every brand aspires to reach sooner or later. 

Benefit 3: Instant revenue growth

More channels, more sales, more revenue: it is all interconnected. If your ultimate goal is to boost your revenue, then going omnichannel may be the answer for you. Your revenue will also improve once your image in the customer’s eyes is improved because they will come back to you for repeat business, and you can work with a truly loyal customer base and don’t have to spend much on client acquisition, which will also result in a better return on investment. In short, going omnichannel is more than likely to improve your cash flow, and you don’t even have to wait around too long to actually see the results. 

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Instant revenue growth
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - More reach

Benefit 4: More reach

Going omnichannel also means that you have considerably more reach. You can reach out to customers based outside of your locality with ease. Not only that, but going omnichannel is the best way you can make yourself a part of the international market. So, if you have a brick and mortar shop that caters to your customers in your locality, you can also incorporate a global website or perhaps an eCommerce platform like Amazon in your strategy for boosted reach, and you will see that you will get to connect with more people this way. 

Benefit 5: Better shot at becoming established

If you are a business that is hoping to make it big, going omnichannel is the only option. You can simply not wish to be a big, established business if you are not present on different channels. For the most part, it doesn’t even matter how you are doing sales-wise; just being present and keeping up with your competitors is completely integral to your strategy to become the biggest, most amazing version of yourself. Therefore, going channel is not just an option but an obligation if the growth of your business is your number one priority.

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Better shot at becoming established

Omnichannel OMS features that make it the right fit for your business 

Our omnichannel OMS features can help you not only adopt an omnichannel sales model, but also master it single handedly. 

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Sophisticated picking methods

1. Sophisticated picking methods

In order to keep up with the hustle and bustle of omnichannel sales, you need to implement sophisticated picking methods that can accommodate all your orders and that too equally well. This can happen only if you have integrated an omnichannel OMS in your processes; you can execute zone picking, wave picking, batch picking, and other types of picking seamlessly, without having to go through unnecessary hassle. 

2: Optimised packing processes

Packing is often neglected, but when it comes to omnichannel sales, you need optimised packing processes for each order that goes out. This will help you create consistency that we can assure you your customers will cherish wholeheartedly. With an omnichannel OMS like Canary7, you can make packing a breeze – cut out all the hurdles that stop you from maximising your potential especially regards to packaging, and complete all the processes with 100% efficiency. Pack slips, the right packaging materials, and everything else that needs to be handled can be handled with no effort at all, and this is how you can make sure that your customers are being served properly. 

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Optimised packing processes
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Top-shelf integrations

3: Top-shelf integrations

In order to be a true omnichannel business, you need to be well-integrated. This is something that you simply cannot compromise on. And you can only be properly integrated if you are working with an omnichannel OMS that connects you to as many platforms as possible. Luckily, Canary7 does exactly that. With us, you can connect to many eCommerce platforms as well as marketplaces, so that your omnichannel selling goals are fully supported with just the right technological support. There is little you can’t do when you have the right help available, our integrations will prove that to you. 

4: Real-time tracking and updates

The key to successful selling on more than one channel is to stay in touch with all your activity on every platform. For this, your omnichannel OMS should provide you with real-time tracking and updates. This way, you can have a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on in your warehouse and inventory, and you can make sure that the fulfilment for every order you receive is up to the mark. Real-time updates that you share with your customers will also help you take a load off in terms of consumer anxiety, which is a good way to fool-proof the success of your business in long-term. 

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Real-time tracking and updates
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - End-to-end automation

 5: End-to-end automation

When you are going omnichannel, you will find that you simply don’t have the energy to do things manually. Even if that isn’t true, it is more or less impossible to handle omnichannel sales with paper-based and manual systems, and we are sure that all members of your fulfilment team will agree with us on this. End-to-end automation is necessary so you can save time, make faster deliveries, and make omnichannel fulfilment less of a dreadful burden for all your employees. 

How the right omnichannel OMS can improve your customer journey?

An omnichannel OMS can greatly improve your customer journey to a great extent. It can help you:

Accelerate your delivery times

The speed of your deliveries matter a lot: customers value brands that can speedily process their orders, and they definitely don’t want to wait long periods to get their hands on the products they want. With the help of an omnichannel OMS, you can speed up your delivery times and promise your clients fast, efficient services that take into regard their preferences. This way, you will not only be improving your rapport with them but will also be able to develop your business in a way that meets customer requirements.

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Accelerate your delivery times
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Check product availability

Check product availability

One thing that can cause a hitch in your omnichannel fulfilment is not streamlining mechanisms that will help you check your product availability. This is because if you don’t know what products are available, your retail processes can become problematic. This is especially true when you realise that in order for product availability to be properly aligned with your channels, the channels also have to be connected together. This can only be done with the help of an omnichannel OMS as it helps you integrate all your channels together.

Seamlessly process cancellations, modifications, exchanges, and returns

With the help of an omnichannel OMS solution, you can process cancellations, modifications, exchanges, and returns altogether for each of the channels. This is an important aspect because omnichannel sales come filled to the brim with such instances, and if you don’t get on top of them from the very start, it will become hard for you to keep everything in control. However, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you have an omnichannel OMS solution to help you automate all these processes and that too without requiring too much effort from you.

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - process cancellations, modifications, exchanges, and returns
Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Streamlining communication with customers

Streamlining communication with customers

If you are creating a stellar customer experience for all your customers, you will focus on streamlining communication with them. They need to get constant updates on their orders, no matter what platform they order on. This means that you have to not only get accurate data to give them, but also form a whole line of communication based on that data – which you can do easily with the help of an omnichannel OMS solution. This will make the shopping journey a lot more memorable and convenient for all your customers.

Smart order routing

Sending out orders is the end result; behind it are hours and hours of preparation. With the help of an omnichannel OMS, you can cut back on the time needed to prepare your picking processes. This is because a robust OMS like Canary7 will provide you with smart order routing tools that can reduce delivery times and make your order processing a lot more organised. This will improve customer satisfaction and the fulfilment experience as a whole. It also helps you achieve the accuracy and visibility needed to propel you forward into developing into a better brand. 

Canary7’s omnichannel OMS solutions - Smart order routing

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Other solution omnichannel solutions by Canary7

The best part? Order management is not where our capabilities end – we can provide you with a holistic support system that can help you fully evolve your omnichannel strategy.

Best 3PL WMS Speed up your processes

1. Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management system has been designed to help you improve your warehouse in a way that makes it a better fit for your omnichannel processes. No matter how many channels you are selling on, your warehouse layout can be optimised in a way that makes order processing easier. Canary7’s warehouse management solutions are easy to use and affordable, so anyone can benefit from them in the best way possible.

Inventory management

2. Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system is also a great fit for omnichannel processes. We believe that efficient inventory management forms the basis of omnichannel selling, and that is why the features of our inventory solution enable you to sell fast on multiple channels. With us, you will never go out of stock on any of your channels ever again, and you don’t have to worry about other shrinkage problems either. The inventory management system seamlessly connects to your warehouse as well, so you can utilise your space in the best way. Maintain the perfect stock levels and impress customers across channels, only with Canary7!

3. Warehouse Control System

Want to have full control of your gadgets and equipment at all times? Canary makes that possible as well with our warehouse control system. No matter where you are in the world, you can control your equipment and make sure that your warehouse is in working order at all times. This way, you can make sure that there are no hindrances when it comes to your omnichannel order processing, so that your customers can benefit from the very best service at all times. Maintenance of your omnichannel warehouse complex becomes a lot easier with us, and that is the best thing about us. 

Labor Management

4. Labor Management System

We get that you can’t even think of moving forward as an omnichannel business if you don’t have your workforce by your side, which is why we also provide you with a solution that can help you in that regard. Our labour management system, paired with our omnichannel OMS, will make sure that your workforce can properly contribute towards omnichannel order processing, and that you don’t have to worry about low productivity as well as other problems that can arise with an unmotivated task. Our labour management system will also be of help for your staff itself, so that work is more enjoyable for them.

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As fulfilment specialists, we know exactly how much hard work it takes to create an omnichannel customer experience that is seamless and perfect. However, if you have the right technology by your side, it is possible. 

Canary7 strives to be the one-stop-shop omnichannel OMS that helps you overcome every possible challenge that comes your way as an omnichannel brand. With Canary7, sky’s the limit; and we prove that with the range of features we provide you with. 

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