Meet Canary7
3PL order software: the best way to maximise order efficiency within a warehouse.

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
3PL order software: the best way to maximize order efficiency within a warehouse.

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

The way to the heart of your customers is a smooth and seamless order process. As a 3PL, this may not always be easy to achieve, considering that third party logistics is a multi-layered process that revolves around a lot of technicalities and complications. 

With the help of a 3PL order software, it becomes easier for 3PL businesses to streamline their order processing and provide their customers with an unforgettable experience. Canary7, a 3PL order software designed for 3PL professionals by 3PL professionals, is the ultimate tool you need to integrate into your operations to ensure that order management is nothing but a breeze for you and the rest of your team. 

Pave the way to success with the help of a 3PL order software.

Winners always have to make sure that they are not left behind – there is no space for errors or setbacks, which means there is more burden on winning 3PLs to provide their customers with nothing but the absolute best. When it comes to order management, this can only be done with the help of a 3PL order software like Canary7.

Canary7 provides carefully-designed and curated solutions that will help 3PLs move forward in their journey and emerge as a leader in their respective industries. No matter what your order management problems are, Canary7 will provide you with a little something that can help you tackle these challenges and be a considerably better version of yourself that will even leave your competitors in awe.

What is an order management software?

Lets begin by defining order management software. 3PL order software is basically solutions that help businesses streamline their order management processes from start to finish. This type of software can be used to track orders, maintain inventory and make order fulfilment simpler and speedier.

Not only is a 3PL order management software concerned with streamlining your processes but it also helps you equip your staff with the resources they need to evolve your order processing methods. In doing so, the orders you receive are meant to guarantee that your products will find their way to your customers without having to deal with any hurdles or hassle.

1. Efficient Order Processing

Efficiency is the ultimate key when it comes to a successful order processing. Unless your order processing is fast, it is likely that your customers will not perceive you as a credible logistics provider. By bringing efficiency to the centre of all your warehouse activity including the way you tackle orders will help you prove to your customers that you can deal with logistical challenges like a pro. With Canary7, you get just the 3PL order software features you need to ensure that efficiency becomes an indispensable component of your operations.

3PL Order Software-Efficient Order Processing
3PL Order Software-Improved Customer Service

2. Improved Customer Service

What is a 3PL business without its customers? Your customers are your ladder to success, so you must invest in them as much as you can and build a strong foundation for your business in doing so. A 3PL order software can help you do this as well, and hence it becomes easier for you to provide a service that actually resonates with your customers and leaves a lasting impression on them in terms of your logistic standards. Once our 3PL order software features allow you to give your customers exactly what they are looking for, there is no going back.

3. Cost Reduction

Every business wants to save money, especially in the logistics world. Warehouse space is not cheap, and every penny counts when running your 3PL. To ensure that you are spending less on the upkeep of your business and saving more, you must turn to a 3PL order software, namely Canary7. Canary7 can help you automate all your important warehouse activity and therefore, cut down on costs. Spending less money means that you can save more, and increase your profit margins to a great extent.

3PL Order Software-Cost Reduction
3PL Order Software-Employee Productivity

4. Employee Productivity

Your workforce is your biggest asset. Working towards success means managing your team in a way that prioritises productivity but also doesn’t impose an unmanageable burden on your employees. The best way to do this is to integrate an order management system in your operations. Canary7, with its 3PL order software, can help you create just the right balance between productivity and comfort for your employees, which they are bound to value and appreciate. 

Core 3PL Order Software Features for 3PL Champions

Want nothing but the best for your 3PL business? Luckily, the best is exactly what you get with the features provided with Canary7. 

Our core 3PL order software features are designed for 3PL champions and will allow your business to skyrocket to the next dimension. With Canary7, no dream is too small and your logistics journey becomes easier, more delightful, and certainly more profitable.

Warehouse Space Optimisation

Currently, there is a warehouse space shortage going on all over the world. This means that there is less warehouse space available than needed, and this can put businesses at the risk of being run to the ground if not tackled properly and on time. 3PLs can help businesses work around this problem by taking care of the warehouse activity themselves. 

However, this also means that there is added pressure on them to make sure everything is properly sorted in the warehouse. One wrong move could cause you a client, as well as additional costs that keep building up with every setback you face. The best way to deal with this is Canary7’s 3PL returns software which will help you optimise your warehouse space in accordance with the orders you get every single day. 

Essentially, with Canary7, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary things within the warehouse costing you money and time, and that is something any 3PL business can wholeheartedly appreciate. If you want to avoid the warehouse shortage and make sure that your business is not suffering because of this fundamental problem, you have to work around it and do your best to use the warehouse space you have available to the best of its potential.

Fast Order Processing and Shipping Services

Speed is the one thing no one wants to compromise on in today’s day and age, which is why Canary7 also values speed and enables its 3PL order software to provide our clients with tools and resources that will make speed their best friend. Process your orders at the speed of lightning – without errors of any sort. 

This can also be applied to shipping services. As eCommerce grows, speed becomes even more important for all businesses to achieve. eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay are keen on providing their customers with fast shipping, because it is this factor that attracts them more than anything. So, for you as a 3PL, it becomes more important to ensure that all the orders are being processed and shipped out on time, and that your customers aren’t unnecessarily waiting long periods of time to get their hands on the products they want. 

Our 3PL order software automates many aspects of the order and shipment processes, which ultimately allows them to be a lot more efficient and hence, you can impress your customers even better. The automation features we provide you with also mean that there are a lot less discrepancies in your processing, which is another way to ensure that the order your customers order is in pristine condition from start to finish. 

Seamless Reverse Logistics

Order processing doesn’t end with the order being shipped. In fact, one very important part of the order journey is reverse logistics. Did you know that at least 30 percent of all products ordered online are returned? This means that adding reverse logistics to the 3PL process is a must if you are planning to accommodate all your customers with a returns policy that actually works towards retaining your customers. 

Yet, adding reverse logistics to your set up means additional intricacies to take care of, which can be overwhelming – but only if you are using a manual, paper-based order management system. With an automated 3PL order software, you can easily implement reverse logistics and make it easier for your customers to return any products that they don’t find helpful to them. This will not only increase your credibility as an order management system, but it will also allow you to increase your sales and expand your profits just as much as you want to. 

Canary7’s 3PL order software doesn’t only make it easy for you to send products, but also to receive them back as returns. All in all, Our 3PL order software features are the perfect finishing touch you need for your perfect fulfilment processes. 

Smart Storage Pattern

For a 3PL, smart storage is important. For this reason, there needs to be a certain level of integration between order management and inventory management. When both of these are streamlined together using the right storage techniques, you will be able to ensure that the right product reaches the customer’s destination and that no time or money is wasted during the various picking and processes required to give way to seamless delivery. 

A smart storage pattern will involve the use of data that will allow you and the rest of your team to stay in touch with your products. Not only that, but it will also involve optimising your inventory space in a way that aligns with the way your sales operate, so that no delays are caused no matter what inventory method you choose to implement, a smart storage pattern will be flexible enough to accommodate the different changes. 

Integrating Canary7’s 3PL order software means that you are able to create a storage pattern that contributes to overall profitability of your business, and hence is an indispensable part of your business. With the help of such a storage pattern, you will be enhancing not one but multiple aspects of your business. 

Efficient SKU System

Inventory tracking is a huge part of your success as a third party logistics provider, and hence, a huge chunk of your focus should be directed towards ensuring accurate stock taking and inventory tracking. This can be done by creating an efficient SKU system with the help of barcode scanning and RFID technology, both of which will help you employ an accurate SKU system. 

Canary7 allows you to utilise barcode and RFID technology through which you can assign a unique SKU to your products. This will evolve your stock counts and make them considerably more streamlined and efficient. Not only that, they will also optimise the picking lists and make sure that the picking, packing, and shipping processes are made problem-free from start to finish.

When your sorting processes are up to the mark, it also becomes easier for you to make your delivery better. These aspects weave together and equip you with the resources that allow you to enhance your delivery processes and make it more efficient, which in turn will allow you to impress your customers and enable them to trust your businesses a lot more. All of this added together will solidify the success of your business as a 3PL in the logistics industry, and is hence prioritised with Canary’s cutting-edge 3PL order software.

End-to-end Order Management

Order management is bigger than order processing – it is the complete management of your orders from start to finish, and hence requires you to equip your team with intelligent order management software if you want it to be done seamlessly. Efficient order management will involve receiving mass orders, processing them, and staying in loop with the customers throughout to ensure that their demands are being met at every step along the way. 

Order management will revolve around creating helpful reports that inform your decision-making, and for this, you need to be able to generate useful data. With the help of Canary7’s 3PL order software, you can do this very easily and ensure that whatever data you are generating with your warehouse activity can be converted into reports that improve the overall situation of your 3PL logistics journey. 

Our order management features also allow you to unify orders from multiple channels. Regardless of how many sales channels you have for your products, Canary7 allows you to centralise your efforts and manage everything from one place, instead of having to gain control over multiple elements that are scattered in completely different places and hard to keep a hold of. 

Holistic Warehouse Management

Your order processing will only be as good as your warehouse management is. This is because the success of almost all areas of your 3PL business is linked to how well your warehouse operates and is managed. The better you can streamline your warehouse activity, the easier it becomes for you to get orders out to your customers on time. 

This is exactly why Canary7’s 3PL order system will enable you to not only take care of your orders, but also manage your warehouse in the best possible way. It will ensure that all the tasks that would otherwise require lots of attention, money, and resources, are automated and hence can be executed with perfection without much effort or commitment on your side. Warehouse management will include managing your employees – and believe us, sorting out this aspect of your business will result in the most improvement, and hence is an integral part of the services Canary7 provides as a fulfilment software. 

If you are looking for a 3PL order software that doesn’t only provide the perks of a order management system but can also adequately be used to improve the condition of your warehouse, then Canary7 should be your ultimate choice. 

Scalability Support

What business doesn’t want to grow? With all 3PLs, the ultimate goal is to expand, take more customers onboard, and maybe even deal with logistics all over the world. As daunting as it may sound, this is possible if you have the right 3PL order software to support you through the journey – like Canary7. 

Canary7’s 3PL order software is a tool that grows with you: as your business expands, so do our features, hence allowing you to capture the essence of successful logistics in the fullest. The 3PL order software is a scalable solution, which means that no matter what your ultimate goals for your business are, Canary7 can help you navigate the challenges and hindrances you may face before you ultimately achieve them. 

If you are looking to cross oceans and finally make your big break internationally then our 3PL order system is the best 3PL support you need. This is because our features, in all their glory, will help you make strides in the industry no matter what your target audience is, and this will greatly simplify the feat of expanding your 3PL services to deal with more clients in different locations. 

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The best part? You don’t have to empty out your pockets to make use of our solutions. We strongly encourage you to take a free 30 minute demo of Canary7 before you commit to us, so that you can see if we are right for you or not. 

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3PL Order Software | FAQs

What is an order software?

An order or an order management software is an application that is used to automate order management processes. It automates everything - from order taking to order processing to order delivery, everything can be left to an order management software. When manual processes are replaced with order management software, you can be assured to experience more efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. This is why it is an application that can help all sorts of businesses, including but not limited to 3PLs, eCommerce, fast moving consumer goods, and the food and beverage sector.

What are the main features of an order software?

This will vary from software to software, but some main features include centralising order management, streamlining multiple payment gateways, and solidifying fulfilment points integration. Not only that, but order software also help in managing customers, integrating shopping platforms, and also managing shipping services. A good order software will also help you with managing returns, order tracking, and some elements of marketing as well. Essentially, since the purpose of an order software is to provide end-to-end integration as well as holistic ways of managing the fulfilment experience as a whole, it provides a little bit of everything to the end.

Does a small business need an order software?

Every business needs an order software - but a small business needs it more than anyone else. This is because small businesses need to streamline transactions but they don’t have enough resources to invest in multiple software pieces. An investment in a robust order management software will help you centralise all the main processes, which will make it easier for small businesses to manage everything with limited resources and cash flow. So, if you are a small business, we strongly recommend you to get an order software as it will be the best decision you make for the improvement of your fulfilment experience.

How does an order software help 3PLs?

As a 3PL, it is your job to manage the order processes of your customers. It is a huge responsibility, and can prove to be quite stressful at times. A 3PL cannot even imagine doing everything manually, hence a certain level of automation is important. An order software brings this level of automation to the table, and enables 3PLs to process their customers’ orders efficiently and accurately, leaving no space for delays, errors, and inaccuracies. In short, a 3PL can manage its responsibilities a lot more conveniently when a 3PL order software is added to the picture, which is why we believe that a 3PL can greatly benefit from a 3PL order software.

Can I try Canary7’s 3PL order software before I actually commit?

Yes! Canary7 offers a free demo, which means that you can test us out before you actually commit. We would love for you to make sure that Canary7 is the right fit for your processes before you actually invest in it. This is because Canary7 is a long-term solution and we want you to make sure that you see us being a part of your whole journey before you actually spend your money on us.