Meet Canary7
The best 3PL warehouse automation software solutions are now just a click away.

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
The best 3PL warehouse automation software solutions are now just a click away.

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Canary7 – the latest, most cutting-edge addition to the world of warehousing and fulfilment is finally here to help you dominate the 3PL industry. By equipping 3PL businesses with just the right tools they need to improve their warehousing processes, Canary7 is your perfect partner when it comes to simplifying the fulfilment journey you offer your clients. 

Struggling with warehouse organisation and optimisation? Can’t track your inventory as accurately as you want to? Need help with order management? Want to boost employee management? No matter what your specific challenge is, Canary7 helps you fix all your problems in an affordable and of course, sustainable way. 

If you are a business on the lookout for a 3PL warehouse automation software solution that can help you get ahead in the 3PL game, then you must get your hands on Canary7. 

Improve your warehouse with seamless, advanced automation.

As the best third party logistics automation software in the market, Canary7 is focused on integrating automation in each possible aspect of the supply chain. Warehouse automation is the process of automating many tasks within the warehouse. The goal is to require as little human assistance as possible – and that’s exactly what Canary7 aims to make a reality for your warehouse project. 

Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software is bound to become a perfect part of your warehouse management plan because it will enable you to get rid of any labour-intensive duties that are hard to execute and puts a strain on not only your labour force, but also your financial reserves since these duties tend to be more costly. 

Our 3PL warehouse automation software is geared towards automating repetitive physical work, but also other things such as manual analysis and data entry. Automation in these areas as well as in many other areas of your business will evolve your business beyond any boundaries, and you will observe that the journey to success is after all not, as essentially, the 3PL warehouse automation software Canary7 provides you with is the ultimate way to ensure that your business is an active part of the ongoing digital revolution that has taken the 3PL industry like a storm. 

Open yourself to a world of perks with Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software.

The benefits you bring to your business with the help of Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software can simply not be understated. With the kind of automation we integrate in all areas of your business solidifies the efforts you are already putting in your business, and ensures that these efforts lead to fruition. So, not only do you get to vastly improve the logistical situation within your warehouse, but also streamline other aspects of your business such as sales, customer service, marketing, and accounting. 

It’s simple: Canary7 is the only 3PL warehouse automation software you need to become the number one third party logistics provider for your clients.

1. Lower Operating Costs

Dependence on 3PL warehouse automation software by Canary7 means that you are essentially working towards lower operating costs. Because you don’t have to pay your employees to do the manual tasks that can be easily automated, you are saving a major chunk of investment on that end. The thing is, our 3PL warehouse automation software can do the same jobs your workers can do, but much more efficiently. This doesn’t mean that you should dispose of your workforce entirely – it just means that their efforts can be utilised elsewhere, and you can save money by automating a large chunk of menial tasks that they have to do every day.

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Lower Operating Costs
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Better Employee Satisfaction

2. Better Employee Satisfaction

Of course, when the burden of repetitive tasks is taken off of the shoulders of your workforce, you will see a boost in employee satisfaction as well. This is why we consider Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software to be the holy grail for not only your warehouse, but also the workforce that empowers it. When your employees aren’t overburdened with the job of doing small jobs, they will do other jobs that actually require the human element with a lot more enthusiasm and efficiency. At Canary7, we believe in making all the parties involved in the 3PL process happy, and that’s exactly what we do with our 3PL warehouse automation software. 

3. Faster ROI

Return-on-Investment is an important indicator of your success and generally, you will want to get it as fast as possible. However, when you rely on manual labour more than 3PL warehouse automation software solutions, it is unlikely that you can get ROI as fast as you’d like. This is because naturally, manual labour takes more time and effort and the slower you get things done, the slower you will get the results. This is why return on investment, while relying on manual processes is hard to achieve and not the best option for 3PLs who are looking to grow quickly and as fast as possible.

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Faster ROI
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Better Equipped for Competition

4. Better Equipped for Competition

If you want to dominate the 3PL game, you have to overcome competition. You can do this with the help of our 3PL warehouse automation software as it equips you with the latest technology, resources, and the best support you need to move forward in the 3PL industry. Remember that today, there are very few businesses out there that rely on paper-based systems. If you are one of them, there is no way you can overtake businesses that have automated their fulfilment processes, and hence Canary7 should be your top priority if you want to give your competitors a run for their money. 

5. Increased Deliveries

If you want your customers to know that you are fit enough to handle their logistics as a 3PL, you need to start taking as many deliveries as possible. This is only possible if most of the traditionally manual tasks are automated, which you can now do with the help of our 3PL warehouse automation software. Automating the tasks that take up so much time on every end will free up some time and space from your workflow, which can make it easier for you to take more deliveries and deal with more orders. The more deliveries you take, the more customers you can take onboard and expand your business. 

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Increased Deliveries
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Better Quality Control

6. Better Quality Control

Your job as a 3PL becomes considerably easier if there are no reverse logistics that need to be dealt with. Although returns are more or less a solid component of the fulfilment process itself, they can be avoided if you ensure that the quality of the products being sent out is top-notch. If you rely entirely on your workforce for this element, there are bound to be some errors and setbacks since it is humanly impossible to ensure that each order going out aligns with the needs of the customer. However, with the integration of a 3PL automation software like Canary7, even this becomes a walk in the park. 

7. Lesser Environmental Impact

Socially and environmentally conscious behaviour on the behalf of a business is now a huge factor that influences whether or not a customer chooses to avail of your services. Therefore, you should try your best to make choices that will win you customers. With the help of a 3PL warehouse automation software, you can drastically reduce your environmental footprint. By simplifying and streamlining all your equipment and reducing unnecessary scrap such as paperwork and physical documentation, you are going for an environmentally friendly option. Automation is not only the right option, but will also help you save money and win the hearts of your customer base.

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Lesser Environmental Impact
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Better Strategizing

8. Better Strategising

As a 3PL, you should know that you are only as good as the strategy you have for your business. A 3PL warehouse automation software helps you create better plans. This is because the data you generate out of automation is reliable, and will enable you to gauge the progress of your business in a considerably more cohesive way. Automation also helps you account all the costs involved way more accurately, so you know exactly what to spend where. No matter what the ultimate goal of your business is, you can achieve it by a clear plan that a 3PL warehouse automation software will facilitate you to create. 

9. Warehouse Space Optimisation

Warehouse space is expensive – so why waste it on things that don’t matter. Using a 3PL warehouse automation software means that you get rid of all the unnecessary things you don’t need. Since the software doesn’t require any special hardware components, you don’t have to go out of the way to uninstall wires, modems, and other things of that sort to benefit from Canary 7. Canary7 will help you improve your business and move forward in the right direction regardless of the size of your warehouse, and that’s exactly the kind of support you need in your 3PL journey. 

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Warehouse Space Optimization
3PL Warehouse Automation Software- Convenient Integration

10. Convenient Integration

A 3PL warehouse automation software, on its own, is good – but it becomes even better when integrated with other apps that make your journey as a 3PL easier and more profitable. This is why Canary7 offers top-class API integrations that help you make sure that you are not only succeeding in the back-end but are also doing a great job at the front of your services. Whether it is courier integrations like DHL or marketplace integrations such as Etsy, you can rely on our 3PL warehouse automation software solutions to make sure that you have the support you need to succeed.

11. Better Task Delegation for Labour force

Your workforce is your most important asset. They can help you do wonders, but only if they are given the jobs that actually utilise their potential. Depending on them to get menial, trivial tasks done is a waste of their capabilities, and may even lead to resentment on their end. That is certainly not what we want for you, which is why our 3PL warehouse automation software solutions exist. By taking the burden of your employees on itself, Canary7 allows them to work where they see growth. With Canary7, you will see that your employees find work way more exciting and worthwhile.

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Better Task Delegation for Laborforce
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Increased Productivity

12. Increased Productivity

Productivity is something that is important for the well-being of any business – especially a 3PL. To maintain the general sense of productivity in the warehouse, it is important to cut back on time and effort spent on small tasks like paperwork and general checks and balances. By giving these tasks to Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software system, you get more done in less time, which is ultimately the fool-proof method for achieving more productivity. If productivity is your ultimate goal, then you know that Canary7 is the software you should turn towards. 

13. More Efficiency

In the 21st century, if there is one factor that a business can simply not afford to compromise on, it is speed. Speed is the top priority for many customers out there, especially 3PL customers that expect you to deal with their orders seamlessly and as quickly as possible. Expecting manual labor to achieve such level of efficiency by itself would be unreasonable. Their efforts paired with Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software on the other hand, will make it very easy to achieve the goals you want for your business. 

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-More Efficiency
3PL Warehouse Automation Software-Less Errors

14. Less Errors

Your human workers, as awesome as they are bound to make some mistakes along the way. Although this is something that is completely natural, in the 3PL business even a tiny error can cause massive delays and lead to increased costs for one thing or the other. This is why as a 3PL, you should understand the need for a 3PL warehouse automation software. It will help you avoid these pesky little errors, and make sure that there are no issues that have to be dealt with because of them. 

15. More System Versatility

System flexibility is a great aspect associated with automation software. A 3PL warehouse automation software, opposite to traditional paper-based warehouse management systems can help you navigate unique challenges because it is flexible. It can be retooled and customised in accordance with your particular needs, and hence does not come with the rigidity you otherwise have to deal with other kinds of software.

3PL Warehouse Automation Software-More System Versatility

Other Features by Canary7

Canary7 is your one-stop shop for not just one warehouse management feature, but ALL of them.


Worried about not being able to track your stock properly? Canary7 provides you with just the right tools that help you track your inventory, orders, and basically every other aspect of your business. With the help of Canary7, you can stay in touch with your warehouse like never before. Benefit from RFID tracking, barcode scanning, and many other ways of keeping an eye on your products and processes, only with the help of Canary7.


What business doesn’t want to grow? We are sure that your ultimate goal is to expand and grow your services. With Canary7, you can do that as well. All you have to do is trust our 3PL warehouse automation software solutions, and you will see that growing is not that hard after all. Canary7 is a software that grows with you and moulds itself in accordance with your needs, which makes it such a strong contender in the race of 3PL.

So, if you are planning to scale up and grow without restrictions, Canary7 should be your absolute number one priority. 

Cloud Technology

Businesses in the 21st century prefer cloud-technology considering how it is a better alternative to on-site software that is costly and complicated. For this reason, Canary7 equips your business with cloud technology that is safer, and hence makes it easier for you to generate data restriction-free. Save money and benefit from the latest technology – all at the same time. Not only that, but also execute your processes without being afraid of losing it all. What could be better than that?


We understand how important it is for you to stay updated with your warehouse activity at all times in order to ensure that everything is going well. That is why we equip your business with the ability to be watched over at all times. Rest assured that Canary7 will send you updates from every little to big thing, so you can be on top of your progress at all times. 

The 3PL Warehouse Automation Software Worth Investing In

So, what’s stopping you from becoming a part of the warehouse revolution? Canary7’s 3PL warehouse automation software is the only solution you need to answer all your questions about running a 3PL system. All you have to do is sign up, and our representatives will be there to help you start what is going to definitively be a journey towards success. 

You should know that your competitors are already on their way to employing warehouse automation to make their business better. If you don’t jump on the bandwagon anytime soon, you are likely to be lagging behind which, in the longer run, can prove to be wholly detrimental for your business.

Our advice? Don’t wait too long, and get started today!

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3PL Warehouse Automation Software | FAQs

What is warehouse automation software?

Warehouse automation is the process of automating all the core processes taking place within the warehouse. As such, a warehouse automation software is an application that can automate these processes. If warehouse automation software didn’t exist, then businesses would have to rely completely on their labour for everything and as we all already know, manual data entry and analysis is simply not enough for advancement in the modern market.

Why do I need warehouse automation software?

As mentioned earlier, warehouse automation is more or less a necessity in the 21st century so any business that is looking to operate successfully will have to utilise warehouse automation software. Warehouse automation software helps you remove manual processes from your strategy and replace them with automation - which, effectively, means that you are bringing more efficiency, accuracy, and profitability to your business.

It also takes the spotlight away from physical work, which means that your employees are not as burdened and instead of putting all their energy into a tedious manual process, can put them in improving core processes that actually do require attention to detail.

Therefore, Canary7 believes that a warehouse automation software is absolutely integral for any and every business, and hence we advise you to get your hands on 3PL warehouse automation as soon as possible!

What does Canary7 do as a warehouse automation software?

Everything! It has been designed to automate all the important warehouse processes within your fulfilment centre. From inventory management to order management, every single process that goes towards the proper functioning of your supply chain can be trusted with Canary7.

Canary7 brings efficiency to everything that you do, which will also translate into the interactions you have with your customers. This way, you will be able to meet customer expectations better, and hence will prove to be better for your business overall as it will help you create a considerably more impressionable customer experience.

Is Canary7 only a warehouse automation software?

The best thing about Canary7 is that it does a ton of things. It is a warehouse automation software - yes. But it is also the best inventory management system, a robust labour management software, your go-to, one-stop shop for everything order management and fulfilment and so much more. We are focused on being everything that you need, which is what makes us the perfect partner for your journey towards success. Think of it this way: no matter what your challenge is, Canary7 will provide you with a solution that helps you overcome it and be better in general!

I am not very tech-savvy. Is Canary7 still the right choice for me?

Yes! We are completely user-friendly and actually pretty simple to implement, which means prior experience with technology is simply not necessary. Anyone from you to your warehouse operators can tap into Canary7’s solutions and make sure that your business is actually benefiting from all of this.