Meet Canary7
Warehouse Stock Software

A simple, straightforward warehouse stock solution for businesses looking to transform their fulfilment experiences.

Meet Canary7
Warehouse Stock Software

A simple, straightforward warehouse stock solution for businesses looking to transform their fulfilment experiences.

Revolutionise your warehousing processes with Canary7; the ultimate warehouse stock software

Your search for a warehouse stock management software that can solve all the problems within your fulfilment centre is finally over. Canary7 is here to help you revolutionise the way you execute your warehouse processes by giving you access to top-class supply chain solutions that will completely transform the way you operate as a business.

What’s the need for warehouse stock control software?

When it comes to managing stock, many businesses struggle. This is because stock control requires extra levels of attention-to-detail, dedication, and effort. If these particular elements are not instilled in your stock management processes, they are most likely to fail and in some cases, may even cause more damage than you anticipate. So, it is more than important for you to make sure that these aspects are covered when managing your stock. 

However, as most business owners and warehouse operators will agree, incorporating the above-mentioned elements into your warehouse operations can be hard; especially if you are relying on manual systems. For businesses that are used to the paper-based way of doing things, achieving seamlessness and efficiency in the area of warehouse stock control can be somewhat of a distant dream. 

Here are the challenges you face without a warehouse stock software added to the picture: 

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Lack of accuracy

Lack of accuracy

Stock management is a tricky affair. Gone are the days when a simple Excel file would suffice in terms of managing your inventory – today’s fast-paced commercial setting requires business to go the extra mile in terms of accuracy, which can simply not be achieved with ineffective stock management methods and systems. If you don’t have a warehouse stock software that can help you bring accuracy to your processes, you are at a disadvantage. This is because in case you are relying on manual and paper-based methodologies, you are increasing your chances of slipping up making more mistakes; which is something that no business wants. 

No visibility

Your stock is your most valuable asset, which is why it requires extra care in terms of its management. Essentially, what this means is that you need to stay in touch with your stock at all times if you want to make sure that it is being handled properly and that there are no major problems that need to be dealt with in this area. Needless to say, this can only be achieved with the help of warehouse stock management software, as it provides the kind of visibility required to stay on top of the state of your stock at all times. So, businesses that don’t have a warehouse stock software to rely on are likely to seriously lag behind those who do.

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - No visibility
Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Demotivated employees

Demotivated employees 

Did you know that the success of your warehouse stock control is also, for the most part, dependent on how productive your workforce is? However, this doesn’t mean that all the burden of maintaining your stock levels should be dumped on your employees. In an ideal situation, a warehouse stock management software should become a part of the situation to take some of the responsibilities off the shoulders of your staff so that they don’t feel overburdened and that their productivity levels can stay intact. Without a warehouse stock software your employees will be demotivated to do better, and this can take a toll on your overall efficiency as a business.

Monetary loss

Monetary loss: two words that all businesses dread, and for all the right reasons. Your stock levels are directly linked to how many sales you make: so disorganised stock and inventory can lead to you losing sales as well as a decrease in your profit margins. And when you are relying on manual systems, your stock WILL be disorganised. On the other hand, when you have a robust warehouse stock control software helping you manage your inventory, you can make sure that your processes are streamlined in a way that boosts profitability and allows businesses to go further in their journey, and achieve all the goals they have set out for themselves.

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Monetary loss
Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Safety hazards

Safety hazards

An unoptimised warehouse layout and a disorganised inventory is a safety hazard! You really need to make sure that all your warehouse stock is stored smartly and in a way that doesn’t present a danger to anyone involved in the fulfilment processes. Warehouse injuries are a real thing, and the prospect of them exacerbated with the stock is not being managed properly. Again, manual processes in this regard will prove to be inefficient. Instead, you need an automated, optimised, and modern way of streamlining your procedures and keep that at par with the highest security standard; which can only be done with the help of a warehouse stock software.

Make warehousing more efficient and less hassle with a robust warehouse stock management software

As it is pretty obvious, in order for you to actually make sure that your warehouse is running properly and that you are facing no problems at all, you need a warehouse stock software. 

And lucky for you: Canary7 is the best one you can get!

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Cutting-edge inventory management solutions to handle your stock

Canary7’s warehouse stock software enables you to manage your inventory like never before.

Optimise warehouse storage space

Perfect stock management is not just about maintaining the right stock levels – it is also about storing them correctly. With the help of Canary7’s warehouse stock software, you can easily store your stock in the best way possible.
This is because our solutions are geared towards optimising your warehouse space in a way that is best compatible with the storage of your stock. This will allow you to make sure that your stock is safe and secure at all times, which will ultimately allow you to rest a little easily and take a burden off your shoulders.

Increase inventory

If you want to go the extra mile and make sure that your inventory activity is up to the mark at all times, you will need to improve your inventory visibility. Canary7’s warehouse stock control software can help you in this regard,
as it keeps you updated with your inventory activity throughout and makes it much more convenient for you to identify any lags and problems before they turn into bigger issues. This will give you the head start you need to stay on top of your processes, and needlessly to say, also means that you will be in control of all your inventory-related operations at all times. So, if you are looking to bring an extra layer of vigilance to your warehouse management processes, our warehouse stock software will prove to be of great help.

Tackle the excess inventory crisis

Having less inventory is problematic, but having more than you can handle is also an issue. You need to make sure that you don’t have excess inventory, and if you do, you need to know how to handle it. With Canary7’s warehouse
stock software, you can make sure that 1) there is no excess inventory to begin with and 2) if there is any, you can get it off your hands as soon as possible. Either way, you learn how to deal with it most efficiently and can simplify inventory and warehouse management for yourself to a great extent.

Maintain accurate stock

Accuracy is particularly important when it comes to effective stock management. You should have enough stock – neither too much, nor too less. Our warehouse stock software allows you to maintain exactly the inventory levels you need.
With automatic reorder points, you can make sure that every time your inventory is running low, it is already sorted to be refilled and so your stock levels are below the optimal point. Do this; and watch your revenue improve beyond any borders or boundaries.

Correspond inventory management
with data-based predictions

Want success with warehouse stock control? The key is relying on data-based forecasting and predictions. With the help of our warehouse stock management software, you can accurately forecast customer demand,
product cycles, and seasonal shifts; all of which will give you a better understanding of how to manage your stock properly. This is one way we enable you to maintain the optimal stock levels – make sure you know exactly how much you need and all that will be left to do after that is to correspond your inventory activity in accordance. Save yourself that hassle and rely on iron-clad data as provided by our warehouse stock software!

Align your stock management and order processing with leading order management solutions

A seamless stock control and management strategy will always be aligned with your order processing, which is why Canary7 also presents you leading order management solutions that make it easier for you to align your stock activity with the overall order fulfilment experience you offer.

Never miss out on an order

Many of your missed orders will be a result of inadequate stock control. If you don’t have the right stock levels, you will miss out on orders. This is precisely why Canary7’s warehouse stock software is out of the way to make sure you are maintaining optimal inventory levels; so that you never have to miss out on an order. Not only will this help you build rapport with customers, but it is also the fool-proof way of ensuring that your revenue doesn’t take a dip and you can keep making the right amount of sales and meet all the targets you have set for your business. 

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Never miss out on an order
Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Speed up picking processes

Speed up picking processes

The picking process is a crucial part of the overall order processing journey. However, since for the most part it is manual, it can be very time-consuming and may require extra effort from your end. This effort can be minimised if you use Canary7’s warehouse stock software: it will help you optimise the picking process, make it less troublesome for your pickers, and make sure it is executed with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in mind. Canary7 will also make sure that the picking process doesn’t hinder the overall speed of the delivery, and hence will help you get the orders out to your customers on time.

Ensure better quality checks

Order processing includes implementing better quality checks and making sure that the products that are being delivered are at par with the highest of standards and actually resonate with the overall needs of the customers. So, if your products are prone to spillage, damage, or breakage of any sort, you need to ensure better quality checks and even that can be done considerably better with the help of our solutions.

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Ensure better quality checks
Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Manage orders from multiple channels

Manage orders from multiple channels

Ideally, your inventory activity should be optimised in a way that allows you to take and manage orders from multiple channels. If you don’t have the right solutions, you can’t do this. Luckily, Canary7’s warehouse stock software can help you place and manage orders from multiple channels which makes multi-channel selling considerably easier and hassle-free. Boost your sales activity and take on any sales channel you want – only with the help of Canary7.

Impress more customers

You can impress more customers with the help of Canary7’s warehouse stock software. It allows you to create the perfect fulfilment experience, which can then be fed into the perfect customer experience. This way, you can reach out to more customers, create an ever-lasting impression, and make sure you are ahead of your competitors when it comes to this area. You can only hope to grow as a business when you are on the good side of your customers, and you can now do that with the help of Canary7.

Canary7 - Warehouse Stock Software - Impress more customers

Make stock management a breeze for your employees 

Stock management can be hard on your employees, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make it a breeze for everyone involved in the fulfilment process by simply relying on our warehouse stock software solutions. 

With the help of Canary7’s warehouse stock control software, you can decrease the workload of your employees. No longer do they have to spend a lot of time on optimising the storage of your stock and the best part is that the time they end up saving in this area can be utilised in other aspects of the fulfilment experience, so that their effort can be scattered across all departments.
Decrease their

For effective stock management, you also need to work on achieving perfect resource utilisation. Essentially, this means making sure that each worker is being utilised to the best of their potential and that there are no efficiencies when it comes to this. This can be made sure by ensuring that the right people are assigned to the right jobs, and that each task is being delegated to someone who can complete it productively. The entire process of doing this will be simplified with Canary7’s warehouse stock control software solutions in the picture, which is why you definitely need them.
Improve your resource utilisation

Speed is an important fact when it comes to customer satisfaction, and you can speed up properly by optimising your workforce. When your staff isn’t overburdened and has the right equipment to help them move forward and work on your processes, it becomes easier for them to put in more energy into the warehouse operations, which also means faster processes. Achieve optimal speed and happier employees all at one; only with the specialised solutions offered by Canary7. Become the best of the best; and that too with just a few clicks and nothing more than that.
Make warehouse processes more efficient

Disorganised stock is a safety hazard, and if there is one thing you definitely shouldn’t compromise on, it is the safety of your staff. By introducing Canary7’s warehouse stock management solutions into the picture, you can create a safer warehouse space and make sure that your staff is not put in danger because of mismanagement of the stock, which is much more common than one would think. This will help you increase productivity as well as profitability - so it is a win-win situation on every end. However, this can be done only with the help of a warehouse stock software.
Create a safer warehouse space

Employee retention is one of the biggest problems for many businesses, and to make sure you don’t become one of those businesses, it is important to bring warehouse stock software into the picture. It will help you make the job easier for your employees, which will obviously increase their work life satisfaction and enable them to perceive your business in a completely different light. This way, you can keep them around for longer and don’t have to unnecessarily waste time on pointless talent acquisition and hence, can achieve a better execution of all your workflows for all areas within the warehouse complex itself.
Retain your staff for considerably longer

Canary7; the ultimate warehouse stock software for champions and leaders

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Canary7’s warehouse stock software solutions, and make inventory management easy for both yourself and your employees.