Find Out How Canary7 WMS is helping Fun Stuff during peak season

Find Out How Canary7 WMS is helping Fun Stuff during peak season

As one of the top outdoor toys suppliers in Ireland and the United Kingdom, fulfilment operations at Fun Stuff can become quite challenging to perfect. This is especially during peak season when the demand for their products is at its all-time high and they generally have to process large volumes of orders. However, Canary7 has helped them in managing their fulfilment, both during and outside of peak season, to a great extent! 

Peak season is truly daunting for Fun Stuff, and preparing for it is one of their greatest struggles. This is because in order for fulfilment to be perfect during peak season, they have to properly gauge customer demand and forecast their sales. Prior to using Canary7, Fun Stuff weren’t equipped with the right technology that could help them get that level of insight into their inventory, fulfilment, and sales activities. But luckily, Canary has enabled them to forecast demand as accurately as possible, which helps them in devising the perfect strategy for peak season.

At Fun Stuff, they strive to provide their customers with a stellar shopping experience, which is why they want the order processing to be efficient and free from any inaccuracies. Fun Stuff promise their customers lightning fast deliveries so speed is a defining factor for their brand. Due to Canary7’s warehouse and order management solutions, they are able to offer exactly that. It has allowed them to bring speed and efficiency to all their processes, and their productivity has been at peak ever since they have started using Canary7. 

As a whole, using the specialised software solutions offered by Canary has enabled their deliveries to be a lot faster because there are no mistakes, mishaps, and delays that they have to deal with anymore. This is great for their sales but it has also taken a lot of burden away from their warehouse and fulfilment teams, which is one of the best things about using Canary7. 

In addition, processing returns and refunds can quickly turn into a hassle when dealing with a large volume of orders. But using Canary7 has allowed them to optimise their reverse logistics to be smooth, seamless, and a breeze to get through. Fun Stuff can now expertly handle all the returns and refunds that come their way and maintain 100% customer satisfaction while doing so. 

What Fun Stuff has to say about our solution

“Fun Stuff can truly vouch for the fact that Canary7 is an extremely useful eCommerce warehouse order management system in every way! We were able to easily integrate it with our eCommerce platform, which made it easier for us to harness all the accurate data from our site and use it to make the right decisions for our fulfillment experience. 

Canary7 has allowed us to rethink our business processes and strategies and put in the work needed to turn Fun Stuff into a success story. It is an integral part of our operations, and we would recommend any and all eCommerce ventures to give Canary7’s software solutions a shot because they truly have the ability to take your business to the next level.”

Colleen Ballantine

Colleen Ballantine


UPDATED ON: 13th Dec 2022

Colleen is a marketing specialist at Canary7, writing in-depth blog content on warehouse management, inventory control, and logistics. With extensive industry experience, Colleen focuses on delivering informative and insightful posts

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