UDS Warehousing Success Story


UDS Warehousing, part of the UDS Group


Antrim, Northern Ireland


Logistics & Transportation

Partnering with Canary7 has significantly enhanced our warehouse operations and facilitated our entry into the e-commerce market. Their cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with major platforms, boosting our efficiency and accuracy. The implementation process was seamless, and their responsive local support team ensures any issues are swiftly addressed.

Canary7's commitment to innovation perfectly aligns with our growth strategy. We're proud to continue our partnership with Canary7 as we strive for continued success.

About The Company :

UDS Warehousing, part of the UDS Group, has a long history dating back to 1972 when it started as Ulster Distribution. Over the years, it has grown from a family-run business into a major player in the logistics industry. UDS Warehousing specializes in providing complete supply chain solutions, focusing on storing both full and part pallets for short or long periods. Recently, the company has also started offering services tailored to the growing e-commerce market, showing its commitment to meeting the changing needs of its customers.

The Challenge & Results

When UDS Warehousing was just starting out, one of its biggest challenges was finding the right warehouse management system (WMS). They needed a system that could handle their diverse services and help them break into e-commerce smoothly. Since they didn’t have experience with a WMS before, they wanted one that could handle full pallet storage efficiently and easily connect with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. They also wanted a WMS provider with customer support nearby to quickly address any issues.

After carefully considering their options, UDS Warehousing chose Canary7 as their WMS provider. Canary7’s cloud-based system, ability to integrate with e-commerce platforms, and local customer service team were exactly what UDS Warehousing needed. The implementation process went smoothly with help from the Canary7 team.

Since adopting Canary7, UDS Warehousing has seen real improvements in how efficiently and accurately they run their warehouse. The system’s easy-to-use interface and ability to track inventory in real-time have helped them pick and pack orders more quickly and accurately.

Canary7’s seamless integration with other business management systems, like transportation and accounting software, has also set UDS Warehousing up for future growth. By making their operations more efficient and connected, Canary7 has helped UDS Warehousing navigate the complex world of logistics and e-commerce, setting them up for success in the years to come.

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