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Branded Beauty


England, UK


Ecommerce & Retail

Since implementing Canary7, the efficiency of our warehousing operations has improved significantly. Orders are now processed more quickly and precisely, with fewer errors and higher levels of customer satisfaction. This is a result of Canary7's real-time inventory tracking and order fulfilment capabilities.

To any business looking for a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use warehouse management system, I highly recommend Canary7.

Branded Beauty WMS Case Study

About the company

Branded Beauty is an online eCommerce and retail store offering amazing deals on the best makeup and beauty brands. Their aim is to offer their customers the best makeup and cosmetics products at the best prices. 

The challenge and results

When it comes to managing their inventory and order fulfilment procedures, Branded Beauty experienced numerous difficulties. They first required an extensive and configurable integration with Unleashed ERP to ensure smooth data transfer between their ERP and WMS software. To address this issue, Canary7 was able to provide a configurable solution that enabled real-time data interchange and ensured that all sales and inventory data was accurate on both systems at all times.

One of the requirements for Branded Beauty was managing order flows for B2B and E-commerce customers in a single warehouse with shared zones. Canary7 provided them with picking and packing rules depending on the order type. This has allowed them to have more accurate order fulfilment processes.

Lastly, they needed to dynamically create cycle count plans. Our WMS software automatically allows Branded Beauty to generate cycle counts based on predefined rules by tracking inventory levels in real-time and generating reports, which has helped to increase inventory accuracy and avoid stock outs.

Overall, Branded Beauty has seen significant improvements in their processes. Due to Canary7’s capabilities, our wms solution has allowed for faster, more accurate order fulfilment, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. 

One of the standout features of Canary7 is the exceptional customer support that comes with it. The support team is always available to answer any questions and provide assistance when needed, which has been incredibly helpful during the implementation and training process.

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