Bathshack Success Story


Belfast, Northern Ireland



From the very first moment Canary7 was implemented into our warehouses, our operations have never been the same! From doing everything manually to having automated processes is like night and day!

Aside from making our warehouse operations as efficient as possible, the software is so easy to use and understand, with very little training required for our employees. This is a huge bonus for us. Can't thank the Canary7 team enough.


About the company

Bathshack is the UK & Ireland’s best value online bathroom supplier, delivering products to anywhere in the UK and Ireland from their distribution base in Belfast. They specialise in supplying high quality designer bathrooms in the UK and Ireland at the most competitive prices. Bathshack offers an extensive range of quality products, ranging anything from showers to bathroom accessories.

As well as offering Ireland’s premier online bathroom store, Bathshack also has 6 showrooms located throughout Ireland giving customers the option to see products first hand.

The challenge and results

Due to the extensive range of products that they offer, Bathshack needs a lot of space within their warehouse to store all of their products. Before implementing Canary7, this was proving to be a huge issue as they had the space but weren’t utilising it to its fullest. Not only were they not using their warehouse space properly, but their stock was very difficult to locate. Bathshack employees would search through the warehouse with physical sheets to find the correct products for an order, which would take them hours, in turn, causing order delays.

Labour efficiency and management is an important aspect within any business, however, it was causing a major problem for Bathshack as they didn’t have an effective way of managing their staff. Bathshack was manually managing their employees and with the amount of warehouses they had, this just wasn’t feasible any longer.

Canary7 was able to offer them an effective labour management solution to manage their employees and track employee activity, which has ultimately boosted their warehouse productivity and employee performance. 

Key facts about the integration


Increase in inventory accuracy


Reduction in travel time


Increase in labour efficiency

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